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Bayonetta 2 Averages 91 On Metacritic

Reviews for Platinum Games latest title Bayonetta 2 have begun pouring onto online review aggregation site, Metacritic. The game has received an impressive Metascore of 91. IGN were particularly impressed with the game and gave it a stunning 9.5. The publication said that Bayonetta 2 builds on everything that made the original great, and delivers one of the best action games of the year.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

194 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 Averages 91 On Metacritic”

              1. At this point I couldn’t really care less about your childish comments so I’ll just leave it at that. Don’t worry, reply to me if you have that strong urge to have the last word. No one’s gonna care :)

          1. Let’s not forget, this is coming from the guy who loves to pose as Yoshida as a joke even though its not funny.

            1. Just like the Playstation jokes. Oh wait, I’m sorry, did I tickle your fancy? At least you are getting Yoshida’s Grand Buttocks Adventure to make it all better
              But its been delayed for another week ;)

      1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

        I’ve seen his twitter. He’s unusually forward when he talks to people. Seeing someone act humbly and mean at the same time is hilarious. Then again, he has to deal with a lot of idiots online. People who dont understand that; Just because you own an expensive console, it doesn’t give you instant access to everything you want to play.

      2. Honestly people have no right to complain right now, they had two years to get a Wii U If they didn’t then people have no one to blame but themselves

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

      Has anyone here made any attempt to talk to Kamiya yet? I’m gonna give it a shot today! Speaking normally and calmly (and in Japanese) I’m gonna see how long it takes before I get blocked. Though, he probably has more flexability than Miiverse. I just have to avoid being an idiot… And not use the words “mother” “thoughts” “think” “port” “XB1,PS4,” and other words that make Kamiya-mad.


        And 3rd parties do not matter until they are on the Wii U, and if they are exclusive, they are the most important thing to Nintendo fanboys.

      2. Just like when Ign gave wonderful 101 a 7.4 and then the fanboys were complaining about Ign doesn’t like Nintendo blah blah

    1. No one can hate on Bayonetta. They made an exception this time… but they’ll be back to conspiring soon enough.

    1. I was going to get both games anyways but after having Smash on 3DS, I really don’t see a good reason as to why having it on Wii U too. Hopefully Nintendo will do another direct dedicated to the Wii U version and show some new exclusive features.

        1. I should make it clear however, that I did pre-order the bundle of the game, adapter, and GCN controller. I’m still getting the game, I’m just not that excited for it anymore and am wondering if my purchase is justifiable.

          1. Hey now, Nintendo has made some much larger mistakes than making Smash Bros. on 3DS. VGX Awards, pissing of youtubers, region locking consoles, overpricing their systems, launching Wii U with a huge dry spell of games, little to no marketing at all, etc.

            1. Exactly, that’s why I said “one” of the biggest mistakes. d:
              And considering that SSB is one of their biggest series and a whole lot of people look forward to it every gen, putting it on the 3DS and so, gimping a game with a great amount of potential, is a damn huge mistake. The 3DS version hasn’t only harmed the WiiU, but also the consumers who were looking forward to the ultimate SSB experience.
              But you’re absolutely right, the things you have mentioned are quite bad as well.

              1. How is it a mistake? Even if the 3DS version gets more sales than the Wii U version Nintendo as a whole is still gonna benefit from it big time and besides why wouldn’t people buy the Wii U version of Smash Bros even while the 3DS version is available? Does the 3DS version have the same graphics as the Wii U version? No. Is the 3DS version in HD? Does the 3DS version allow you use various types of controllers? No. Also the Wii U has exclusive stages and modes, a better online infrastructure, local co-op play and much more. Personally I think Nintendo was wise to put Smash on the 3DS but the only gripe I have is that maybe they should’ve released it after the Wii U version

                1. I think Nintendo would have larger benefits if they finally managed to get the WiiU out of it’s worrying state and boost its disappointing sales. And SSB could have easily helped them with that if it was exclusively for the WiiU. The 3DS is already a success and it’s selling well anyway without much help from Nintendo, which, unfortunately, can’t be said about the WiiU. The fact that both games are so similar to each other doesn’t give people much reason to go for the WiiU version instead of the 3DS one. The latter coming out nearly 2 months earlier isn’t helping the situation either. People will just go for the cheaper version because
                  1. it’s cheaper
                  2. it came out earlier so they won’t have to wait for the game
                  3. the games are almost identical to each other in terms of content. HD, version-exclusive trophies or more controller options aren’t going to convince many people to wait 2 months longer + pay more money. At this point, local multiplayer is the only thing that speaks for the WiiU version. But for someone who doesn’t have friends who are interested in video games, that feature won’t be of any importance for them either.
                  All the 3DS version did was harm the WiiU version, in relation to both sales and content. If Nintendo wouldn’t have been bound to the 3DS’ limitations, they could have offered us a much better game. Also, working on two versions on two different platforms most likely was time-consuming too and required more resources. What do you think, what’s more efficient: Working on two games and having to focus on two things at the same time, or focusing on one single game and giving it your all ? You tell me. In my opinion though, that explains why the game seems rushed and missing quite a bit of content. On the 3DS version at least, not like Nintendo is even telling us anything about the WiiU version, so I can’t say much about it. But considering they’re going that “We want to offer everyone the same experience, no matter which platform they’re playing the game on !!!”-route, I actually doubt we’ll get to see much more on the WiiU version, in comparison to the 3DS version’s content.

                  1. Hardcore SSB fans will get the WiiU version no matter what. I don’t see how 3DS will have that big of a negative impact. WiiU is a Nintendo Fans only console, only Nintendo fans and some outliers will be getting it. Look at sales, at this point any hope and dreams of casuals and other core gamers increasing WiiU sales significantly should be thrown out the window. The best move Nintendo can make is to stay afloat this gen, if not make some profit, to make a return next gen.

                    Also, What was “gimped” exactly? From the top of my head only Ice Climbers come to mind, but what else? Most of it is just speculations. We don’t even know enough about the WiiU version, but already you are more worried about what you think could be rather than what is already in front of you.
                    Idk, why you think 3DS version lacks content, no professional review ever mentioned it, in fact most say the opposite. The 3DS version already has more content than Melee and probably close to brawl, and has more customization choices, keep in mind that’s at a Handheld Price point. And that comparison to the previous higher priced console version isn’t even fair.

                    1. If it was exclusively for the WiiU, not only hardcore SSB fans, but also a lot of other people who are interested in the game would have gotten it for the WiiU.
                      I’m not sure what you mean by “Look at sales, at this point any hope and dreams of casuals and other core gamers increasing WiiU sales significantly should be thrown out the window. The best move Nintendo can make is to stay afloat this gen, if not make some profit, to make a return next gen.” ? Are you saying there’s not much hope left for the WiiU and that they should basically focus on making profit otherwise ? Correct me if I’m wrong. But if that’s what you mean, I doubt many people would consider supporting Nintendo again, not next gen, not anytime after. The WiiU has been out for two years only, way too early to drop support for it.
                      And gimped as in, not getting the amount of content it could have gotten if Nintendo had used all their time on one single version, instead of two. And the lack of content I was speaking of is the lack of special matches, event matches, Break the Target, a stage creator as the one in Brawl, a story mode, things like that. I know it’s been said that a story mode like SSE wasn’t included because Sakurai wasn’t pleased with cutscenes being shared on the internet, but that sounds like bs to me, honestly. That is in no way a valid reason of cutting a whole mode out a game, in my opinion.
                      And you’ve said it yourself, Nintendo is sharing barely any information about the game, even though the release is getting closer and closer. I’m basing my speculations on statements from Nintendo though. They did say they’re trying to give people the same experience on both versions, they did say they want to make both versions similar to each other. So I personally believe I have all reason to worry about the game turning out not as good as it could have been.
                      Also, you’re right about it not being fair to compare both games because the handheld version’s lower price point. And that’s the problem, if people are paying less for the portable version, they should get less content. But from the looks of it, even though people will be paying more for the WiiU version, they won’t get the right amount of content. Again, only speculations based on Nintendo’s previous statements. Of course we’ll see about it all once the game is out, or once Nintendo finally bothers to reveal some information.

                    2. No, I don’t mean for Nintendo to drop support. I meant we should be looking at realistic lifetime sales. WiiU will not sell more than Gamecube, anyone who knows GC, would know it was basically just Nintendo fans that bought it (yes there were kids and multi-console owners, but mostly core Nintendo fans). And we can expect a similar situation with WiiU.
                      Most core Nintendo fans will get a WiiU regardless if SSB is on 3DS or not. And I doubt casual mobile gamers and CoD-bro-gamers will get a WiiU for SSB or other Nintendo franchises. So, I’m saying even if SSB was WiiU exclusive, hardware sales boost will be minimal.

                      It sound to me like you are complaining about the types of content, rather than the amount of content. As for WiiU version getting gimped it’s too early to say.

                    3. I see, my bad then. You’re probably right about that.
                      I disagree with you on the second part though. There are more types of gamers out there, other than Nintendo core gamers, CoD-dudebros and mobile gamers. Even thought it’s most likely true that the majority of WiiU owners are core Nintendo fans, I believe that SSB has a fanbase across all types of different gamers and that it would have been capable of bringing in different types of gamers into the WiiU’s install base.
                      And no, it actually is about the amount of content, considering the last entry of the series had all of the things I’ve mentioned. And seeing how those things got cut from the successor of the game, even something that had been part of the series ever since its debut, is disappointing. It’s not like the things I’ve mentioned got replaced by other things, they’re simply missing. So it actually is a question of amount of content, not type of content.

          2. Nintendo Will probably sell and profit more SSB copies combines, than if SSB was WiiU exclusive. So from a business standpoint it is not a bad decision.

            1. In the long run, it probably isn’t. The WiiU needs some serious support right now, the 3DS doesn’t. If SSB had been exclusively for the WiiU, I believe it would have helped incredibly well. Sure, there are other games on their way to the WiiU, but none of them are even remotely as big of a deal as SSB is. The series has a huge fanbase and it’s a quite big thing every gen. Without question, it would have moved a significant number of WiiUs if it was an exclusive title.
              And more hardware sold -> better support for the console, which wouldn’t be profitable for Nintendo only, but also would it pay off for the consumers as they would get more games in the end.
              Nintendo has to be ready to make some sacrifices, in this case give up on some 3DS sales, if in the long run it means it will please the consumers of a console that at this point barely has any support from anyone.
              Not to mention how the game most probably would have turned out to be something much better if Nintendo had focused on a single version only.

              1. What kind of sales and hw boost exactly are you expecting?
                Surely, it will certainly be no more than MK (a bigger franchise).

                Brawl sold a lot (12 million) because of Wii’s success, but the core SSB fans roughly equals Melee owners (4m). It’s just like with MK, MK Wii sold 32m, but it core fans are in the 4-8mil range (base on MK sales before Wii/DS casual boom). Those core fans are my baselines, they are the minimum on not-so-successful consoles.

                MK8 will sell atleast 4m, most likely closer to 5-6m.
                I’m expect the same with SSB WiiU atleast 4million. Those core fans will get the games regardless of which console they are on. And atleast 4million on 3DS, considering it already hit 3million, I expect closer to 5m lifetime.

                Gamecube sold 21m (?) Melee over +4m = ~20% attach ratio
                Wii sold +100m, brawl sold +12m. = ~12% attach ratio
                Since WiiU is looking like the next GC (actually less but who cares), I’m expecting similar numbers. Without SSB 3DS, maybe add 1 or 2 million to that (see my previous post as to why only add 1-2m), keep in mind rarely do attach ratio go over 30%. So, thats 1-2mil hardware boost for exclusivity.

                1. Hmm, considering we have 2 versions at the same time now, I think it’s a little different to compare the sales of previous instalments of the series to them. But if it would be like you said in your last paragraph and exclusivity really boosted sales by 1-2 million, that would still be significant, honestly.
                  And it would have boosted hardware sales as well, without question. The WiiU has major titles like Mario Kart now, and people who are on the fence about getting a WiiU would have had one more quite big reason to go for it, if SSB was an exlcusive. I was indecisive about getting a WiiU myself because MK8 alone hadn’t fully convinced me yet. But if SSB had been exclusively on the WiiU, I can assure you that I would have bought one. The fact that I had the possibility to just get the game on the 3DS made me decide against it. The only reason I have a WiiU right now is because I got one as a present. And I would very well call myself a “core Nintendo fan”. But you see, no matter how big of a fan you are, if the games don’t convince you, you won’t buy the console. SSB definitely had the potential to convine people to buy a WiiU though, Nintendo missed a huge opportunity. That’s what I believe, at least.
                  I’ve seen a lot of people say that they were going to buy the WiiU version but changed their mind about it now that they have the 3DS version. So now, a number of core Nintendo fans will pass on it as well. So yea, as I’ve mentioned in the beginning, the fact that we have 2 versions now makes the comparison with older entries of the series sorta pointless, as it creates different circumstances.

                  1. Well, SSB is also boosting 3DS hw sales, so the boost works both ways.And another thing also works both ways, even with little info, there are people who are expecting the console version to be better and calling it the definitive version to get.
                    I think some of those holding out because they think the 3DS version is enough will eventually get the WiiU version if it reviews just as well i fnot better.
                    Well, anyways I guess we’ll have to wait and see, until then we can agree to disagree on whether or not Nintendo made the right decision.

                    1. It’s the WiiU that desperately needs the hardware sales though, the 3DS is selling quite well on it’s own either way.
                      But anyway ! You’re right, all we can do is wait for now and hope for the best. (:

      1. Well, we already know the online is going to be better, the 3ds can only handle smash in very causal way( broken circle pads no want) stages are looking better, more music, GAMECUBE controls( don’t care if other software don’t use them its my fighting stick) and most likely more modes. We still know very little about the gsme, but pretty sure the wii u version will handle more

      2. I actually was gonna get smash for 3ds and I enjoyed playing the demo, but in the end I decided not to get it. I might get smash 3ds one day but right now I want the superior version of the game. I also think that if I owned smash bros 3ds, I would abandon it and just play the wii u version, except for maybe on the go.

      3. Smash Bros on 3DS is going to be FAR inferior to the Wii U one. The fact that it doesn’t support the gamecube controller is a huge reason to buy the WIi U one. I CONSTANTLY make mistakes, because I have to use the circle pad instead of an analogue stick. I’ll accidentally use flare blitz as Charizard and fly off the stage when all I really wanted to do was use rock smash of flame thrower.

        Or I’ll try to use Sheik’s down B to recover to the stage and accidentally use her over B which sends me to my death…

        Gamecube controller is a deal breaker for me. The controls are just not nice enough for me to kick the kind of ass I want to online. One of my most favorite characters, Jigglypuff, is unplayable on the 3DS version, because if you mess up even once, you are sent flying. Jigglypuff requires the precision that only a gamecube controller could provide.

    1. yeah you know whats hilarious though, all three console are already obsolete! 4k tvs have a lot of trouble with running1080p. especially videogames. Even though hardware wise they both are more advanced than the wiiu None of them will run properly on a 4k tv! XD

    2. The console itself isn’t really “terrible,” though. What’s terrible is that the console gets no sales. Doesn’t mean the console is bad.

  1. After trying the demo, I have to say it’s a solid game. Sadly, just not my type of game. Looks like I could like it better than W101, but the only game I’m getting this winter is Smash. Already have Hyrule Warriors and Smash 3DS!

    1. Aww I’m sorry man. It looks like you are going to be missing out on two great games. I hope you can muster $60 at some point to get this game.

  2. Hopefully this motivates more people to pick up a Wii U and the game.

    After playing the demo at E3 and then the one that came out last week, I honestly couldn’t find anything about the game that really made me want it.

    With that said, I still plan on getting it to support the Wii U and the devs.

    1. It more than likely will not. The Wii U install base is full of idiots that don’t like good games and the West is too consumed with games like FIFA, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, and (as of right now) Destiny. I’m afraid with the little to no marketing Nintendo has done, this game will fly under the radar. It’s October 13th, the time to advertise has pretty much ran out.

      With that being said I didn’t really mind the demo. Sure it was kind of dry at parts but it’s a free demo never the less. The game is doing quite well on metacritic compared to other games such as Shadow of Mordor and Alien: Isolation. I think this game will well be worth the purchase (especially because you get a free game as well).

      We’ll just have to see how this all pans out in a couple of weeks. I hope that I am wrong.

  3. I’m just going to assume the demos have been a terrible misrepresentation of the full game.

    While the demos weren’t bad, they just didn’t sit well with me. *shrug*

    1. That’s my assumption as well right now too. I didn’t think the demo was terrible it just felt repetitive and not all that graphically pleasing for Wii U standards. With that being said, the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate demo sucked and look how good that game turned out. I think there will be plenty of twists and turns in this game for it to deserve the high scores it’s getting. Plus, the gameplay felt pretty solid imo, but then again I’m a fan of Wonderful 101’s controls as well.

  4. guys… Not saying, this as a nintendo fan, nor as a fanboy…but as gamer, listen. Out all the games this year, bayonetta 2 deserves GOTY, so far. Watch Dogs, Destiny, Titan Fall didn’t fully live up to the hype. Now, i don’t follow review score, but I know this platinum doesn’t fail gamers, they give gamers what they wanted. Please…just buy the damn game

      1. I don’t think a remaster should ever be counted as Game of the Year in my opinion. My list of Game of the Year contenders as of now are:
        Bayonetta 2 (can tell it will be good after the demo)
        Mario Kart 8
        Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
        Shadow of Mordor

      1. A.) The bayonetta fanbase isn’t as big as what people may think.
        B.) It’s the Nintendo fanbase that needs to prove their worth by finally proving they can support mature-rated third party games.

        1. 1 The size is irrelevant; we should still be asking the same of them.
          2 Zombi U sold 700k to an install base of around 3m. If that’s not selling well, then standards for selling well are really screwed up.

          1. And what third party mature rated game has sold that well since? ZomibU had hype going for it since the Wii U was new. Outside of that no other third party mature rated game has reached those sales. It’s just stupid stuff like JustDance.

            1. And you can thank third parties for that, because the quality of their multiplats went rock bottom soon after launch.
              No one is going to support a multiplat that has tons of content missing, especially when it arrives late.
              Zombi U is a good enough example. Mature games can sell on the system.
              They just need to be done right, and supported by more than just the limited fanbase of the console itself.
              If Bayonetta 2 is going to sell big, it’s going to need the help of BAYONETTA fans, not just Nintendo fans.

              1. We’ll see soon enough when we get the sales of Bayonetta 2. It’s an EXCLUSIVE. It’s not a third party game and it wasn’t gimped and it isn’t missing content. Absolutely no reason for it to bomb. If it fails, then that just proves that Wii U owners don’t know what they’re talking about.

                  1. That’s not the point. The point is it needs to sell to show Wii U owners DO buy M rated games. Do you really want to prove Ubisoft right? Of course not!

                    1. We’ve already proven them wrong with zombi U, though!
                      That was a nature title, and it sold well.
                      If Bayonetta 2 flops in the west, it will be for two reasons;
                      1: all the bad third party multiplats broketrust third parties on general on the system.
                      2: the million or so Bayonetta fans from the time threthe first game launched, were just a bunch of fickle whiners that only cared about the game because it was on the other systems and didn’t care enough about the sequel to make it more important than their hate of Nintendo.

                      1. I don’t think you understand. 700K out of 7 million Wii U owners is terrible. Did Zombi U even break a million yet? It’s been nearly 2 years now. Most of Ubisoft’s other games make that in less than half a year. Hell, Watch Dogs is 5 months old and sold over 8 million. I know it’s a multiplat, but the PS4 version alone probably outsold Zombi U. :/

                          1. About 90% of the ZombiU sales were at the time the Wii U was barely 6 months old and then the Ubisians called it a failure like 2 months after they released the game, even though there were about 3 million users at the time…

                            1. It isn’t all about Zombi U. It’s about all M rated games. The install base is bigger now so games like Bayonetta 2 BETTER not flop. And then there’s Devil’s Third. I wonder what people will say if that flops… “The game isnt that good”? Lol.

                            2. “That’s not the point.”
                              So the point is that it is Wii U owners fault? There several factors that affect the sales of game, M rated or not, but I’m not going to bother listing everything because it be pretty tedious to explain every point, so I’m just going to say, “its solely up to the developer, the consumer has little to do with anything other than buying the product. If they can’t get enough to buy it, it is they’re fault, not the consumer.”

                              “Do you really want to prove Ubisoft right?”

                              Read my comment. Do I give a fuck about Ubishit? Other than the fact that I talking about them right now because you brought up the subject?

                              “I >could give zero fucks< if its a success or not. A good game is a good game."

                            3. “700K out of 7 million Wii U owners is terrible.”

                              There wasn’t 7 million wii u’s sold at that time! *facepalm*
                              Also does Zombi U look like a AAA game too you?
                              Does it have to be like “ultra AAA blockbuster release sell more than 10 times the bullshit amount” for it to be success?

                              1. Ok, it’s pretty clear that you don’t agree with me, so I’m just going to agree to disagree. No one knows the true reason why M rated games don’t sell on Nintendo platforms, but my guess is that Nintendo gamers just aren’t into them.

                            4. And about the “there weren”t even 7 million Wii U’s sold at the time” I will ask this again. Did Zombi U even break a million yet? And I would like you to give me the link where the proof is. ;)

                              1. *facepalm* This isn’t about selling one million. I didn’t even say it sold a million, I am implying it sold enough. So I will ask again. Does Zombi U look like it costs over a million dollars to make?

                                1. But that’s exactly what’s wrong with what you’re trying to say. You are implying it did well enough when Ubisoft said it DIDN’T. We don’t know what they’re expectations were. For all you know they probably wanted 3 million. Lol.

                  1. I’ll probably buy it for both reasons. The devs look like they put a lot of passion and effort into it (I like them anyway, the more I listen to them talk); buying it would encourage 3rd party releases not only for Wii U, but for the future; and the game does look like a big bundle of flashy and colorful fun.

                1. lord ghost : king of the federation

                  i played the demo and it’s nothing special. just hack and slash with cut scenes. the game is repetitive unfortunately to me. the angel enemies were barley even trying to attack me.

                  1. The demo is set on easy mode with healing items, weapons and movesthat you get way later on the game, do not judge a game just by the demo, the monster hunter 3 demo was horrendus but final game Was really good, the same goes for The Wonderful 101

                    1. Most demos hurt the game actually. I can name several demos that did not represent the game properly, Mh3u, Bravely Default, and now Bayonetta, just to name a few. Demos have always been shit, thats why I never get them anymore. People shouldn’t base the entire game off of five minutes of gameplay.

                      1. I just hope the frame rate is good( goingto be good game)the most. I know its 30FPS , hopefully it doesn’t drop

                        1. Indeed it’s going to be a huge year. Zelda U, Star Fox U, Splatoon, Devil’s Third, Batman Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Halo 5: Guardians, Sunset Overdrive, Monster Hunter 4, Witcher 3, and so much more. I’m so hyped!

                      1. Ehhhh uncharted isn’t a action game in the terms of bayonetta(its a action game still, but Drake didn’t fight the creator of universe, and throw her into the sun lol). Zelda to me isn’t much of action game, but thats just me

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                1. How does it feels being butthurt?
                  because the people on that list are the ones who kicked you everytime and you forgot to add the anonymous guys who post the futurama burn and scott pilgrim k.o videos.

                2. “valve glados (no one will miss you)”
                  Wait, so first you said you cared about your foreign pornstar and now you don’t care? Flip flopping exposed!

                1. BEHOLD! Ultimate ignorance! Prepare yourselves guys! We’re in the presence of the most retarded person in the world!

                  1. Let’s look at the top selling Wii U games

                    1. New Super MARIO Bros U
                    2. Nintendo Land
                    3. MARIO Kart 8
                    4. Super MARIO 3D World
                    5. New Super LUIGI U

                    I don’t see how he’s being ignorant when all the facts are there

                    1. So, because those are the top selling games it’s all Nintendo players play? So, I guess that means all every PS4 owner plays is Destiny. They play no other games. Okay. Yeah, that makes sense. Why am I even typing this. There’s no getting through to fucking retards. I’m done. There’s no point.

                2. Funny, I own only Nintendo consoles, and I’m getting Bayonetta 2 and I don’t own any Mario game for Wii U yet, HAHAHA! XD

              3. Doesn’t surprise me after playing that demo. I wasn’t really interested in this game, but playing the demo has made me want the game really badly. And now I’m just counting down the days til it’s release.

              4. lord ghost : king of the federation

                i’ll give the demo a second chance, am just not feeling the goodness. ouch am sock that gamespot gave this a 10/10 but 8/10 for shadow of mordor.

                1. I don’t know if B2 is a ten, but bayonetta is one of those games thats totally different from anything else to date. The diversity is enough to make me want it for my wii u collection.

                  1. Yeah and listening to a blogger who doesn’t even have a blog makes more sense than someone who just has a name yet doesn’t even roleplay with makes sense.

              5. Why post the crappy 9.5 score from IGN and not the awesome 10 from GameSpot which is only the 8th 10 score given in that site’s history, the first 10 in 4 years there since they gave it to Super Mario Galaxy too back in 2010, and the first 10 since they changed their review and score system.

                Come on! Post it!

                1. Cause a lot of people look to IGN for the site’s opinion. It is the largest most influential gaming site.

                2. Because when they have DK Tropical Freeze a 6, everyone said their opinion was irrelevant. But now it matters all of a sudden. Riiiight…

                  1. People nowadays tend to freak out whenever any review/rating for an overly hyped game gets a bad score, and will often disapprove of everything unless it’s something positive.

                3. edge should also be mentioned since they’ve only given 13 straight “tens” in their lifetime and rate 8.8 points lower than other publications on average (according to metacritic statistics)

                  also they’ve been around longer than gamespot but that’s just nitpicking^^

              6. I’m even more pumped for this game. And I agree with what someone said above, 2015 is going to be the best year probably of all time for video games. Here are my purchases next year.

                Arkham Knight
                Far Cry 4
                Zelda U
                Xenoblade Chronicles X
                Mario Maker
                Final Fantasy 15 (crosses fingers)
                Witcher 3
                Dragon Age

                Thats 600-700 dollars right there, And that is just the games that I know about. I’m sure I missed something too, but the amount of quality games next year is second to none. A great time to be a gamer.

                  1. The Witcher 3 will be amazing. I have seen that 30 minute play-through, and i was impressed. I’m a big fan of Japanese rpg’s, but I still need my western Skyrim type rpg fix too.

              7. Hard to believe that a game I felt was boring (when I played the demo) could get such high ratings. But it’s not the first time. I guess with so much casual crap and stuff that game companies are dishing out lately, it doesn’t take much to impress most people.

                1. or maybe you’re simply wrong and it’s just not your type of game

                  it isn’t mine either but i wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to claim i know better than everyone else

                1. Lmao, do you even realize how many Nintendo fanboys bitch and moan whenever a third party game skips the Wii U and they use the excuse “it’ll suck anyway”? It’s WAY more bruh

                  1. And I’m not using the “this has more shit than that so this can justify its mistakes” shit, I’m just saying that you make it sound like the Nintendo fanbase is some kinda calm, civilized community when it’s not

                  2. Call of Duty now sucks. Watchdogs is a disappointment and a pathetic GTA knockoff. Destiny is another disappointment. I think I rather stay away from the dumbass 3rd party hype train because they’re only good for one thing: Conning your money’s worth for a slap in the face stunt for overhyped AAA games that’s no original or better than the other game they draw adaptions from.

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