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Looks As Though A Web Version Of The Nintendo eShop Could Be Coming

NeoGAF member L-A has done a bit of digging and it looks as though a web version of the Nintendo eShop is currently in development at Nintendo. It isn’t too surprising considering Microsoft and Sony have similar offerings where you can pre-purchase content online and download it to your console. There aren’t any hints as to when this is coming, but it could be announced in a Nintendo Direct.

Thanks, Kallum and TheDuke4711


31 thoughts on “Looks As Though A Web Version Of The Nintendo eShop Could Be Coming”

      1. i agree with “in lulz”. Nintendo is so late (but in my opinion, a web version will be welcome) and sometimes is like they are living in the stone age. they could bring it some years ago!. I remember Iwata mentioned something a few yaera ago, i do not know if it was 2012/13.

  1. It seems Nintendo are starting to do things right now, they’ve added a few of their games on the app store for Smartphones and now they’ll be doing a Web version of the eShop. Next thing you’ll know, Nintendo will announce a new Wii U with a boost in performance and has similar specs than that of the PS4.

    1. Now this is a good idea, kinda like Google Play where you can buy digital content but also hardware. They can also make more money of their devices as they don’t have to go trough a store and they can sell all their games physically and digitally so everything can go trough there.

      (Dreaming mode, also a lot of cool exclusive mercy that you can buy using money that’s on your Nintendo Network id (so you can basically buy stuff using gift cards from the store etc.))

          1. No. I see a lot more freemium crap thats potentially filled with Malware then original and exclusive contents in Apple’s App Store. Trust me. I wasted $430 on the Note 3 to know exactly what I’m talking about. Google Play is as trash as G+ and Android OS.

  2. Well, we’ve heard this for quite some time now (Iwata mentioned this in a financial briefing some years ago), so this isn’t *really* news…

  3. Correct me if im wrong but didn’t they say a couple years back that you would be able to buy a game on your smartphone and it would turn on the Wii U console and start downloading the game.

  4. The code you entered cannot be used on this website.

    Please confirm whether the code you entered is meant to be used here.


    putting in a valid redeem code into the eShop website produces this … this might mean that you have to specifically purchase cards for the website? … it recognizes invalid codes as well … i’m still digging

  5. the eShop thing is strange … it has a lot of reference to “app” and seems to be a plugin of sort for the purpose of redeeming eShop Points Cards … i couldn’t find anything related to game listings and the media, styling, functionality of the point-card redemption seems heavily developed already.

    so … this could be a plugin for the Miiverse-anything … or a plugin for anything-nintendo which lets you redeem point cards for your account. the Authentication seems global … so although you would be using the eShop domain, you wouldn’t be authenticated through the eShop domain … again, that lends itself to this being a plugin … Authentication is modular and this “eshop redemption” module is modular … so, Authentication can be attached to different things much the same as the redemption.

    an example of the usage of this device could be an upgraded ability for the Miiverse website allowing an option for you to redeem point cards.

  6. Very good news and its about time they implement this. Now fanboys would stop complaining about Nintendo behind over outside use of their shops and PS doing it first and better. It doesnt matter because now its being done. Got nuts and shut up. lol

  7. I tested this out by redeeming some Club Nintendo coins for the Wii U Virtual Console version of Wrecking Crew. Once redeemed, I entered the download code given to me into the eshop web page (which I was already somehow logged into via my NNID) and it told me that the game would start downloading immediately. Long story short, i got home and it worked. The game was ready and waiting for me on my Wii U and I am happy. Can’t wait for this to be officially launched.

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