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200k Copies Of Tomodachi Life Sold In France, Best-Selling Game This Summer

Nintendo France has revealed that Tomodachi Life has sold over 200,000 copies. The company also say that it was the best-selling video game this summer in France. Tomodachi Life has also sold over 100,000 copies in Germany and performed well in the UK charts.

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35 thoughts on “200k Copies Of Tomodachi Life Sold In France, Best-Selling Game This Summer”

          1. bleemey what about MS, Sony, Capcom,EA, Sqaure-enix or activision, they can’t love enough those sucker who buy DLC via PSN or livebox. DLC = end of video game

  1. I don’t like to judge a game before I’ve played it. But no, just no. I’ve hated life simulators from the very first moment I played them.

    1. If Tomodachi Life was a much deeper game, with a story, goal and loads more things to do, it might have actually been a great game. But man……all you do is buy food, clothing and interiors and give them to the lazy Mii’s that can’t do anything for themselves. They constantly play the exact same mini games, and there’s so much of this game that’s pointless that it really makes me wonder about Nintendo. It feels like an unfinished game.

      1. I tried the demo, and it seems fun as long as you use people from your personal life. Waiting to buy it until it’s on sale again, though.

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

      People are attracted to strange, Japanese things Commander. If it helps in building our empire, I’m all for this game.

        1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

          Life simulators are on the rage at the moment, there is something about departing from your old boring life into a world of fantasy we all can enjoy.

          I would much rather play this than Sims

            1. He’s right you know, just because you don’t enjoy it doesn’t mean it’s bad, unless many share your same view until it becomes mutual.

              This game is quirky, something most games lack

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  3. Considering Animal Crossing sold like cupcakes too, it’s no wonder this game did so well. Fantasy Life and Harvest Moon will probably sell pretty good too.

  4. Take note UK, France is now Europe’s largest video game market. As a Nintendo and video gaming head for years, I skipped Tomadachi life faster than COD. Fantasy life though. That one is an RPG with a relaxed vibe, it shall be mine.


  5. Nintendo of Europe should look at France and Germany and take aim. It’s time to give these diverse gaming markets a great support network.


    1. You do realize that the headquarters of Nintendo of Europe are located in Germany ? Compared to other countries of Europe, Germany is being taken relatively good care of by Nintendo, I’d say.

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