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Geoff Keighley Teases Possible VGX 2014 Date

Geoff Keighley has teased a mystery date on Twitter which is widely thought to be day of this year’s VGX awards. The date mentioned is the 5th of December which is around the same date as it was last year. We saw a few surprise announcements at last year’s VGX so hopefully this year’s event won’t be an exception.

18 thoughts on “Geoff Keighley Teases Possible VGX 2014 Date”

    1. LMAO. You really believe Bayonetta 2 would get game of the year on the VGX? Bayonetta 2 probably deserves goty, but that doesn’t mean anything. The VGX is the most corrupt and monopolized awards show in the history of award shows. Whoever pays the most money will get GOTY. And if you want your game showcased? Money. Pay up, and they might even make a small segment advertising it. VGX is one big commercial. Plain and simple. Hell for all we know Microsoft owns the VGX.

  1. Nobody watches the VGX apart from fanboys and posers… Sorry guys, but this show is shitter than The X Factor and Britain/Americas Got Talent… that bad

  2. Last year was terrible pretty sure the budget will be the same as last. I really hope bayonetta gets a award so far one of the few games that lived up to the hype, or didn’t over hype. Yeah assassin and far cry are still coming, but i dunno ubisoft has kinda been low this year in terms of quality to me aleast.

  3. So HE’S still running that thing?
    I could name plenty of people with infinitely more charisma who would do a better job.

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