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Get A 32GB Wii U With Super Mario 3D World And Nintendo Land for $269.99 on Ebay Via

We’ve seen quite a few good Wii U deals lately, but this one might be right up your street. You can get a 32GB Deluxe Wii U with Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land for $269.99 on eBay. The deal is via so you should be in safe hands. Price wise it’s not bad.

26 thoughts on “Get A 32GB Wii U With Super Mario 3D World And Nintendo Land for $269.99 on Ebay Via”

    1. You dummy super mario 3D world is newer than nintendoland and it is a really good mario game. That is a great deal

    1. It’s flash, not HDD, so it makes sense. I just bought a 2TB HDD, so I’ll never have to worry about place again!

    1. As long as it is much more of a time sink than my short lived Smash 3DS experience (seriously, it took me like an hour to unlock everything, and the challenges felt no where near as expansive as Brawl’s), I’ll enjoy it a lot!

  1. I really wanna get a Wii U for my niece this Christmas. And this is a tempting deal. But if I do, that means only candy bars for everyone else. I wish I was rich enough to buy something extravegant for every family member.

  2. Who thinks one of the major retailers will have a surprise Smash Bros. Wii U Bundle for like $250.00 on Black Friday?

  3. I’m actually suprised they don’t have Smash Bros. Bundles out already. They need to get them on the market as fast as possible so they can be selling. Not everybody does thier shopping on Black Friday. A lot of people get thier Christmas shopping done early now-a-days.

    1. Black Friday shouldn’t even exist. Except maybe online sales. I attempted to go to stores on Black Friday before, and I couldn’t believe the madness! So many people that it was like a human ant farm? It’s flat CRAZY what people will do just for a few percent off. I’ll never attempt to go anywhere on Black Friday again.

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