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Here’s This Week’s Nintendo Downloads For The US

Wondering which games you’ll be able to download this week from the eShop? Well thankfully Nintendo of America has detailed exactly which games will be available on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShop. The Swapper and Disney Infinity 2.0 are the big games on the Wii U while there’s a Sonic Boom demo to download on the Nintendo 3DS. Here’s all the games you can download this week on the eShop.

  • NintendoeShop on Wii U
    • Sportsball – In this fun local multiplayer game that entertains a room full of friends, up to four players take the reins of exotic birds that flap, tackle and dunk balls into the net for points and glory. Play against your friends in more than seven game modes, or customize options to create your own. Call up all your buddies, hop on your birds and play Sportsball! Click here to watch a trailer for the game.
    • The Swapper – In this atmospheric sci-fi puzzle game set on abandoned space station, solve puzzles by creating clones using the Wii U GamePad controller. Click here to watch a trailer for the game.
    • Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) – Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) allows you to conquer a game universe with endless opportunities to create stories and action-filled adventures featuring new Super Heroes, characters and powers. Enjoy up to four players in online multiplayer, use your Wii U GamePad controller to create your own worlds in the Toy Box, activate missions or unlock toys in Play Sets. Click here to watch a trailer for the game.
  • Virtual Console on Wii U
    • Super Mario Advance – Play the Game Boy Advance remake of two NES classics, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Mario Bros., offering hours of running, jumping, lifting and POW action.
  • NintendoeShop on Nintendo3DS
    • Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal – Free Demo Version – Try it before you buy it. Download the free demo version of Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. Sonic must team up with Tails, Knuckles and new friend Sticks to rescue Amy from the clutches of Lyric and his robot army. Click here to watch a trailer for the game. The full version of Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal launches exclusively for Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 11.
    • nintendogs + cats: Golden Retriever, nintendogs + cats: French Bulldog, nintendogs + cats: Toy Poodle – The fun of thenintendogs games returns, with multiple breeds to choose from, accessories for your puppies and kittens to wear, and the ability to let your puppies and kittens train and compete in different challenges and activities. Plus, get a free nintendogs + cats theme for your Nintendo 3DS system when you buy one of the nintendogs + cats games in the Nintendo eShop. You’ll find the download code for the free theme on your Nintendo eShop receipt. See the game information page for offer details. Download codes are available while supplies last and expire on Dec. 31, 2015.
  • Virtual Console on Nintendo3DS
    • Pokémon Puzzle Challenge – Journey to Johto for the ultimate puzzle challenge! With the help of many favorite Pokémon, you will take on Gym Leaders like Jasmine, Pryce and Falkner on a quest to become the Pokémon Puzzle Champion. Use lightning-fast reflexes to form chains and combos that will help clear all the challenges that await you. Click here to watch a trailer for the game. Plus, you’ll get a code for the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Special Demo Version with your purchase of thePokémon Puzzle Challenge game. You’ll find the free demo code on your Nintendo eShop receipt. Download codes are available while supplies last and expire on May 31, 2015.
  • NintendoeShop on Wii U and Nintendo3DS
    • PIKMIN Short Movies – Watch the colorful antics of Pikmin as they jump into three short movies: The Night Juicer, Treasure in a Bottleand Occupational Hazards. Directed by Shigeru Miyamoto, the three shorts are available in HD for Wii U and in 3D for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Get all three in one pack in the Nintendo eShop. You can also download a free demo of the Pikmin 3 game in the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. You will be able to transfer your data to the full game if you decide to buy.

Nintendo eShop Sales

  • NintendoeShop on Nintendo3DS
    • Siesta Fiesta is more than 30 percent off (reduced from $5.99 to $3.99) until 8:59 a.m. PT on Nov. 13.

Price reduction:

Also new this week:

14 thoughts on “Here’s This Week’s Nintendo Downloads For The US”

    1. Just got Shuttle Rush and I must say, the game is amazing! And that soundtrack! O_o It’s just epic lol
      Not an easy game thou. But I love a challenge!

  1. I’ll probably pick up The Swapper. Downloaded the Pikmin movies last night. Not really impressed but, meh. Oh well.

    1. * Well, to be honest, I probably should watch them again… I wasn’t really paying attention last night. :p So I retract my Pikmin comment.

  2. Haha, the Pikmin shorts were ok. Nothing amazing.

    Pier Solar on the other hand is amazing and a must buy for any oldschool RPG fan, or any RPG fan in general. I’m so glad it’s finally coming out.

      1. DC only cares for justice league aside from that. What other characters get the proper treatment or spotlight if it aint them?

  3. Tried to post this before so it may end up a double xD
    But I had to tell you guys about Shuttle Rush! Just downloaded it and it’s really a fun 2D platformer. Very challenging thou. But I love a challenge! And the soundtrack is just sooo good!
    Other then that, I downloaded Pier Solar but haven’t tried it yet. But it does look awesome! :)

  4. I tried out the Sonic Boom demo and it’s pretty good, but I honestly hope there’s more control options when the full game comes out. They will definitely take getting used to considering the control scheme felt awkward playing it the first time.

  5. I’m going to be honest people. I didn’t see much footage of The Swapper myself. I asked my friend today and he said his friend had really high comments on this game. I knew what the game was about. I just bought it today on Wii U and I can easily say, it’s the best damn Indie Game this year, hands down! Just a phenomenal experience for me. And I especially cannot wait for this to come FREE on PSN in January which the saves will continue over from PS4 to Vita and even to PS3 if I’m correct. I may even buy this on PC! Perfect indie game. Beautiful visuals and stunning musical atmosphere in the game. Having the Wii U gamepad is a huge bonus and the map really helps. By the looks of it, the Wii U has the best experience for this game. It’s just incredible! It’s a clever puzzle game that really has you thinking. Please bring this to the Nintendo 3DS!

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