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Miyamoto Hints That Pikmin 4 Could Be In Development

Speaking during a recent question and answer session, legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto casually mentioned that Pikmin 4 could be in development for the Wii U. The news was revealed when Miyamoto was explaining about his venture creating short Pikmin movies for the eShop, which are available now.

“Continually launching campaigns after the release of software will lay the groundwork for the next iteration of “Pikmin” in the future. And needless to say, we want it to be one of the motivations for potential consumers to purchase Wii U. We are making a variety of different efforts.”

153 thoughts on “Miyamoto Hints That Pikmin 4 Could Be In Development”

    1. Wants it to sell wii u’s, there’s probably only 3-5 years left on the Wii us life, so it’d need to start developing soon

  1. I can’t stand Pikmin. It’s so boring. I got Pikmin 3 for free and still don’t feel like it was worth my time.

      1. No need to get salty. At least I didn’t say I hated it. :P It’s just boring to me. Not my type of game. I knew I wouldn’t like the game just by looking at it, but I gave it a try anyway. I think that Bingo mode is fun. Only thing that makes me really not like Pikmin is the timer. I HATE that thing. I love exploring the place but the timer forces me to stop. I can never get all the fruit and beat the main objective at the same time. Even when I constantly restart the level. I don’t like doing that. If Pikmin 4 has no timer, then I might jump on board again. Not sure though. I just don’t get any type of excitement from playing the game…

        1. It’s perfectly fine to not like a game since not everyone has the same taste in games, or anything else for that matter. The timer for me, however was one of the best mechanisms of the game since it literally forces you to be efficient. Essentially, you have 3 olimars that can all go their separate ways in order to maximize your fruit collection. Some people want to take their time and explore in order to get the full experience of the game, which is why this (and majoras mask) may not be for everyone.

          1. Majora’s Mask has a timer too? NOOOOOO! :O I really love OOT and I still think it’s one of the best games ever made, but that alone probably just decreased my chances of every getting it by like 60%. XD

            1. *ever* And that really sucks because I liked fooling around in places looking at every little detail. I even went back in that little place where Link woke up to look at everything. And sometimes I spend a lot of time trying to get to high places just to reach those few rupees! Lol.

            2. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

              Majora’s Mask does have a timer, but it is not as fast especially once you learn the Inverted Song of TIme, and you can reset time as you please, in fact you will need to reset time in order to complete it

              1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                MM is actually the darkest entry into the LoZ series and that’s what gives it it’s charm, it has a gripping story of love and tragedy .

            3. bro! you didn’t know that XD

              I got MM at launch and played it as a child (I was around 9 at the time) and it was still a blast! Note that you can slow down time which helps A LOT, but you can go ahead and figure out that one on your own :p

              I would still give it a shot since the timer isn’t quite as notorious as pikmin; it’s also one of the darkest zelda games. Don’t dismiss this gem!

            4. It’s the only game with a 3 day time limit as its part of the plot with that creepy ass moon slowly lurking closer to the earth before destruction. ^^; I think it adds so much tension to beat the game either halfway or completely before 3 days or else you’ll die. XD

                1. I have no problem with timers giving me that challenging tension to drive me to play better but in Pikmin 3, I felt that its gone by too quickly and diminishes the exploration element if the game. I want more freedom of exploration with slightly less hassel of time limits.

                2. You’re a huge prick. Somebody is allowed dislike a timer without you trash talking him/her. It may be hard to believe, but your opinion isn’t the right one…. Because IT IS AN OPINION. *gasp* shocking isn’t it?

            5. Nintendo Lieutenant Kairu

              Calm down Corporal. Using the inverted song of time gives you 2 hours 42 minutes before the world ends. And time is even slower in the dungeons. What makes Majoras mask interesting, is that there are events that happen ALL OVER Termina. And they all happen at specific times, on their specific days. So going back to each area wheter it be clock towen or that Lon-lon type ranch or ANYWHERE wields a very interesting perspective on how people in the Zelda series choose to spend their last days. Some don’t care, some are scrambling, Some are hopeful, and some are hopeless. This type of setup cant be experienced ANYWHERE else.

        2. sherlockwillfightbilbo

          That was my problem with the game, too. I wanted to explore. The game felt like an open-world exploring game but the timer proved frustrating. If there was no timer, though, I’d imagine it would be very simple.

          Bingo Battle was the best part of the game. It single-handedly made my friend, who’s never played Pikmin before and only plays Madden and CoD, enjoy the game.

        3. welcome to the world of idiot. You received a lot of abuses for not loving the game that the majority of Nintendo’s consummer love with passion cause it’s nintendo. Personally I never tried it and I can’t say a thing a bout that game expect it does seems to be wow for me. But if I get my hand on it I will have a go at it. Saying that I respect your opinion and welcome your feedback on this game (very good for someone who haven’t play it yet).

    1. I’ve really lost my faith in you over the last few

      I love Pikmin 3. One of the best games on the Wii U. I think Pikmin 4 will look alot better the 3, since Pikmin 3 was really designed for the Wii, and later passed on to the Wii U. A new pikmin title built from the ground up on the Wii U will be amazing.

      1. Well, I never really cared about Nintendo franchises until I started playing Mario games. :P I really like Mario games. Kirby is awesome too. Zelda is hands down the best Nintendo franchise imo. Never really cared for Donkey Kong. I don’t care about Metroid. Lol.

        1. Don’t like pikmin 3 or metroid? I recommend watch dogs or cod. Riight up your alley, as it seems any depth to a game scares you off.
          I can tell you now you won’t like majoras mask.

          1. Except Zelda is completely different from Pikmin and I really love OOT. I’ve played CoD before and I never cared for it. I don’t care about Watch Dogs.

                  1. Why? So I can spend 5 more hours figuring out where to go? XD lawl no thanks. I didn’t really like the gameplay anyways. It’s not really my style. I prefer Halo. Halo is so much fun. XD

                      1. Remember what I said now. If you don’t accept me, I’ll go work for someone else. Dan Adelman already did. You can’t afford to keep losing soldiers. XD

                        1. Thats what exploration is about and Metroid actually makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something and feel powerful and rewarding in the end. What other games make you feel like you’re a part of the game’s immersive world? XD

                              1. You could actually enjoy Metroid: Other M. It actually shows where to go next if you manage to get lost. Best “2D” Metroid game i have played and i have played them all.

                  2. I guess since you didn’t grow up with these franchises I could understand that. Everybody has different tastes. I enjoy any quality game, regardless of who made it.

                1. So many nintendrones on this website. If you don’t like ALL of Nintendo’s iconic franchises then you are an idiot… Is that really what y’all think? So pathetic.

              1. I got Pikmin 3 for free and I never played the series before until I played the 3rd one. I don’t believe Pikmin 3 is the best game on wii u but I loved it and played it a lot until I beat it. That final level was so hard and took very long. I can’t wait tho for the next game in the series. I really liked the photo realistic graphics.

              2. I just wish there was an exploration/sandbox mode that you could explore without the timer. These beautiful HD landscapes and I cant slow down to explore and enjoy it.

              3. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t like it. What didn’t you like about it? I enjoyed EVERYTHING about it, but I can imagine that some people might find it slow or uninteresting.

                1. The timer is my only main issue. I have to search for fruits while trying to complete the stage at the same time and just doesn’t work for me. I wish I could just go at a slower pace. I don’t like to enter the stage knowing I won’t be able to get everything I want. And it just isn’t fun enough for me to care about going back to the same stages. I did like that first boss fight though…

                  1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                    If there was no timer that would be too easy. The timer is how you strategize how to get 8 fruits in less than 12 minutes. It has the player focusing on getting Brittney going to fruit while Alpha and Charlie return to the Onion to gather more Pikmin and go to some more fruit. Not adding a timer wouldn’t cause strategic thinking.

                    1. The timer doesn’t help to “strategize” anything.
                      It’s just a sign telling players to hurry up and finish the game rather than letting them enjoy it at their own pace.

                      1. Yes it does. The whole point is to direct your three lieutenants at the same time so you can accomplish the tasks in the required time. That is essentially what the game is about. if you don’t understand this then you don’t understand the game.

                        The thing is, if you don’t collect everything in a day then simply get what you couldn’t the next day. It’s hardly rocket science to work that out.

                  2. Ok, first you say the game is boring, and now you say that the timer was your only main issue? Those are two different things XD XD XD lol lol XD XD XD XD lol lol lol XD XD lol XD lol XD XD XD XD lol

                    1. That’s because it is imo. I don’t find the enemies all that exciting and I don’t really feel enjoyment from beating a level. I know you can go back but I also said “it’s not fun enough for me to care” :P

                      1. What do you think of W101? It has a similar concept, but it actually is an action game if that’s what you were looking for.

                        1. Already played the demo. And I saw the real game. Absolutely amazing. I never got the chance to get it though…

              4. Something tells me that you either don’t know how to play it, or you didn’t give it enough time for it to grow on you. When I bought the first Pikmin game, I hated it and almost got rid of it. Thank god I didn’t. After I played it longer, and finally understood it. And started forming strategies, it started becoming fun. Soon that fun became an addiction. And I couldn’t imagine my life without Pikmin in it.

                This was the first game of it’s kind for me to play. It could have went either way. I’m just glad that it went the good way. I even turned my niece into a Pikmin fan.

                1. Are you turning your whole family into Nintendo people? Do they like it?? Are they active?? Do they socialize!? I’m just trying to Pik-min-ing it up (pun intended).

                  1. My niece, nephew and older brother are the only Nintendo fans (besides myself) in my family. I couldn’t get my mom interested in it if I paid her. She’s too old fashioned.

                1. You just name call and then leave? It’s like you trolls aren’t even trying anymore. Pathetic. Did you even bother reading my other comments?

              5. It only fits certain people that usually have played the first ones. Its a wonderful game, you just have to enjoy the little things inside it.

            1. I hope it’s more like the second pikmin game. I want to not only be able to explore big areas, but I want a long game. Pikmin 3 was too short.

              1. It was short but never boring. And sinse I didn’t collect all the fruit the first try the short story made it easier to begin again to collect everything.

                I see both negatives and positive with the short story. Even with the short story, Bingo Battle and the cbattle mode make it one of my most played Wii U games.

            2. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

              I got Pikmin 3 for free, and while it was quite nice, it’s not really my taste, the Pikmin are like toddlers and drop like flies, I feel like I am constantly at war with the timer

            3. I was not sure about the series before but after Pikmin 3 I love it. In particular I loved the challenge mode – sunk hours into it. The coop was great fun.

            4. I think Pikmin 4 will happen. It’s probably almost finished already. I also believe the graphics will be better than Pikmin 3, probably more on par with MK 8. Not that it matters or anything.

            5. For those of you who just don’t understand how good of a game Pikmin 4 could potentially be:

              Pikmin was well received by most people, but Pikmin 2 was critically acclaimed as one of the best games of the Gamecube era.
              Pikmin 2 was made reusing Pikmin 1’s already-built engine and, due to that, was made in a little under 3 years.
              Now, imagine Pikmin 4…
              Thanks to Pikmin 3, there is a Pikmin engine ready for the Wii U. Using that already-built engine, Nintendo could make a game like Pikmin 3, but expanded on in so many different ways it will be amazing. Pikmin 4, if done right, could be regarded as the best Pikmin game in the series, or even one of the best titles of the Wii U’s lifetime.

              Personally I just hope that whatever they do, they take full advantage of the amount of content a Wii U game could offer: The fact that the Wind Waker HD disc had more content stored on it than Pikmin 3 just absolutely depresses me.
              Nintendo, please make Pikmin 4 a truly amazing work of art that will be a direct homage to the loyal fans of the series that send you our undying love for the franchise and the adorable little Pikmin. That is all I ask.

              1. I agree with your statement, and as much as I enjoyed pikmin 3 it was just too short of a campaign for me, I felt like it just ends right as you start to sink your teeth into it. Hopefully the next one will have a larger amount of content.

                1. IKR! they give you all the pikmin types right before the 2nd last boss of the game. how can I utilize the fact that I have all 5 types if you give me almost no time until the final area! then in Pikmin 1 and 2 they give you all the types by the 5th Day and let you play 85% of the game with them.

                2. Yeah, and there was hardly no tasks for the water pikmin in Pikmin 3. The water pikmin came WAY too late in the game. Overall, it felt like it could have been twice as big as it was. And man, I hated that last boss. Killed almost all of my pikmin before I finally beat it.

            6. Pikmin 4 in the works? That’s interesting and I think the gameplay needs some changing. First off, the time limit of the game is awfully fast, Pikmin are weak and sometimes stupid to not listen to your commands or stay away from danger on their own. Plus the fixed top-down overhead camera needs to be changed into full 3D view adding more freedom and visual aspect.

              For Pikmin 4 these needs to happen:

              *New camera/overworld viewing
              *More non-linear exploration design with new area types like a volcano
              *More mission objectives other than collecting fruit juice which is what made Pikmin 3 boring after a while
              *Online Drop in-out Co-Op up to 2-4 players w/voice chat
              *Online Multiplayer
              *More DLC like newer chapters and characters/items
              *Miiverse integration like Stamps, snapshots, tips, messaging and such
              *Include ALL Pikmin types plus adding new ones
              *Possible 1080p/60FPS fluid gameplay

              1. NO. No stamps should ever be in any good community. Communities get ruined that way by 8 year old spamming them. MK8 and 3D world are good examples.

                1. I dont see much problem with soammy stamp messages. In fact, some stamp posts look cleverly done. You just don’t see the point in stamps. In a way, stamps are like achievements that you can actually use in Miiverse. As for the other consoles, you just show it off to a group of “nobody gives a fuck” people.

                  1. NO! I agree with him, man. Nintendo made stamps for fun and everybody just flooded the communities with that nonsense. You rarely EVER see an actual normal post in these communities. It’s so ridiculous. You post a comment and it’s somewhere on the other side of the universe 2 minutes after because 300 stamp posts come in quickly making whatever question or something you wanna ask about the game become irrelevant. I think the little feature is neat, but it should probably just go. Apparently, some people just aren’t mature enough to handle it.

                    1. So? I dont see much of such posts and how is it pissing people off when they can just keep scrolling away. You wanna know annoying spamming? Call of Duty, EA Sports and even AC on a yearly basis.

                    2. Exactly, well said. I read your comment after I made mine, but you just explained it a million times better than I did.

                      1. Adding on to what I just said, I’m SO glad the Smash Bros. community didn’t get stamps, and here’s hoping future communities take that same path.

                  2. Um, yes. I do know that they could be seen as achievements. But they have actually ruined communities. People barely bother to comment, and there’s almost nobody who cares to look at posts and answer question, yeah stuff, you name it.

              2. May I add to your comment? Bring nack all Pikmin except usless Rock Pikmin. They suck. Also seperate the onions again. Go back underground, and add more creatures. Pikmin 3 was almost creatureless. Pikmin 2, had tons and tons and tons of creatures. The boss was harder and better too.

            7. It’s awesome to think that there might be another Pikmin game on Wii U. Especially since the Wii was skipped altogether (the New Play Control series doesn’t count). I’m so happy that I’m one of those gamers who was able to understand, appreciate and love Pikmin. I’ve been hoping for more new and original IP’s ever since Pikmin 1. But nothing so far has caught my interest.

            8. I don’t mind having a limit in certain games, but when there are times that I want to just explore an area it can cause an interference. That’s one of the things I loved about SMW2: Yoshi’s Island compared to Super Mario World. I could do whatever I wanted in that game without having a timer tell me when to finish a level.
              Pikmin 3 is a decent game, but it was pretty short compared to its prequels. But here’s a serious question: No one honestly thought that Pikmin 3 was going to be the end of the series did they?

              1. I sure didn’t! I hope that they add a difficulty setting or “Casual Mode” for players who don’t like the timer at all and just want to explore, but if they do that, they would need to balance it out with a super hard mode…

                1. LOL. I see what you mean.
                  It’s not the challenge that bothered me with the timer though.
                  It’s the fact that the timer was in the way of things when I wanted to free roam during certain parts of the games.
                  I can’t do that if I have a clock pestering me to pick up the pace. XD

            9. I always had a sneaking suspicion that they would make a Pikmin 4 on the Wii U, and now if they do that, they would have sorta set a precedent for 2 Pikmin games per console, which I’m fine with.

            10. Why is there so much timer-related hate here?
              The thing was one of the gameplay elements that spiced up the game, making you try to be effecient every day, and as a matter of a fact, if it weren’t for the timer there wouldn’t be, well, days in Pikmin.
              I especially found Pikmin 3 use of days and timers, where you had to collect fruit to extend your survival deadline, and since every day was timed, you felt the need to collect at least one piece of fruit every day (especially when Louie took off with all our stuff).
              I feel like hating Pikmin’s timer is like hating Fire Emblem’s permanent deaths.

            11. It would be interesting to see how the game would play during night time. Usually when it’s sundown, that’s when it’s time to call the Pikmin back to their onions. But imagine being able to play after dark. I can already see Olimar etc. carrying a lantern (or using the yellow pikmin to conduct electricity to make light). There’s SO many possibilities that can be utilized in future Pikmin games.

              1. 2lazy2sign in (pokemonsilph)

                It would be cool if they could make your Pikmin get upgrades to do more things (such as increase Pikmin attack power or certain Pikmin types with special abilities). Also, it would be cool if there were bonus areas after the main game that are entirely elemental or challenge levels like that. (Also, we need a “Crystal” Pikmin type which can reflect light off of sunlight to stun/make available to attack enemies, or to activate switches… Just a lot of ideas I’ve come up with over the years of Pikminitude…)

              2. And I thought I was the only one that was interested in seeing how it would feel playing a level during nightfall.
                I for one would like to see how that would play out.

              3. Ok, yes, it would be interesting to play during nightfall, but you mentioned that yellow Pikmin should conduct electricity to make light. They do exactly just that in caves. There need to be other ideas instead, you are just mentioning cave material.

                1. I’m aware that they do that in caves. But I’m referring to TOP GROUND, not caves. I want to see Olimar and the Pikmin battling the hungry creatures that come out at night.

                  I’ve also always thought it would be interesting to see regular creatures like snakes and lizards as enemies. Instead of just bugs. The closest creature I can think of that’s already in the games (that aren’t bugs or mutated hybrid things like Snagrets) is the frogs.

              4. But wouldn’t the place be filled to the brink with nocturnal predators? I mean, that’s the reason why Olimar/AlphaBrittanyCharlie leve the place at night.

            12. to be honest, the way I see it is: “We make this short movie to promote Pikmin 3 cause it did not sell very well. We put some idea which did not make the cut for that version but may influence or reuse for future development if we decide to do another one”

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