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Amiibo Wave 3 Models Will Release February 2015 For North America & Europe, Plus Trailer

Nintendo of America and Europe has now confirmed the third wave of amiibo figures. Announced earlier today for Japan, the 11 new NFC models will be available from February 2015 in North America. On the other hand, Europe will release Rosalina & Luma, Sheik, Toon Link, Bowser, Lucario and Ike on January 23, while King Dedede, Meta Knight, Shulk, Sonic and Mega Man will see retail release on February 20.

According to Nintendo of America’s amiibo trailer above, some of the figures will also be retailer exclusive. While Nintendo has yet to clarify which partners will get certain models, the company announced yesterday it had teamed up with Loot Crate to offer 10 pre-selected figures, including five from the original amiibo line-up.

28 thoughts on “Amiibo Wave 3 Models Will Release February 2015 For North America & Europe, Plus Trailer”

  1. Dang, that’s 3 months from now. Kinda disappointing, considering there’s only 1 month between the first and second wave.
    But oh well, can’t be helped, I suppose.

    1. Nevermind, I only skimmed through the article and didn’t see the majority would come out in January where I live. So it’s all good, only 1 moth between the 2nd and most of the 3rd wave as well. d:

  2. These toys will hurt Nintendo´s image in the long run, for haters it´ll be the proof as why they are kiddy and all. Nintendo should had putted the money they used for these toys to create more inhouse development teams, developers that make FPS, Racer etc. kinda games exclusively for WiiU.

    Thats what Sega did with the Dreamcast, if they didnt have 3rd party title, they created their own variant, like when they started to make their own Sports games when EA sports gave cold shoulders for them. Thats what Nintendo should do too, but no, they wanna make pointless little toys, i doubt that people bought WiiU in order to buy DLC in the form of toys anyway.

    1. Shut up lol im 27 with 2 kids.and damn i cant wait for Amiibo :-) i want them all!

      If u have a prob… Settle it in SMASH!!!!

    2. Anyone can buy an Amiibo if they want. It’s not just for kids. As for haters, they can just shut up and not buy them. Simple as that. Just because some people don’t like the toys doesn’t mean that everyone else shouldn’t get to have them. Sure, I’m only 16 years old and I will be buying these, but even if I was 25 or 30 I’d still buy them. Because I don’t give a crap what anyone says about them being childish. It’s like everyone is forgetting what the term “mature” even means anymore. Just because an adult is buying toys does not make them childish. And just because a little kid plays an M rated games does not make him or her mature. With video games, mature only means that you are not legally old enough to buy it on your own. But you can be “mature” enough to play it. You can be grown and still be less mature than some kids. Nintendo may not be known for putting adult content in their games, but they do try to cater to everyone of all ages. You don’t need to be a little kid just to buy Amiibos. I’d say that anyone saying that these are for little kids aren’t even that mature themselves. Did you know that some people even say that video games are for kids? And they say that stuff like partying and drinking alcohol is mature. Yeah, no. That’s immaturity. The point is that Nintendo didn’t “ruin” their image. They are trying to be a company that appeals to everyone. From little kids to teenagers to adults and families and even older people. Nintendo could bringout a console that has tons of rated M games and it still won’t change who they are. They’ll still be making all those cartoonish games like Mario and Zelda. In fact, those are what made them popular in the first place. Not realistic shooters and all the other M games. And they’re still doing that today so I don’t see how they ruined their image.

    3. Are you mental. Nintendo has made millions of of amiibo and making fps and racing games is what will hurt there image cuz thats not the type of company they are. Loser!

  3. Exclusive… shit. I need my Shulk, Sonic, and Megaman… Nintendo, why do you need to go doing this stuff before you’re even ensuring that they’re gonna be successful? >.<

  4. Wave 3 could cause some issues… I want most of them, but I’ll settle for Sonic, Mega Man & Shulk. REALLY hoping that exclusive retailer thing doesn’t make them impossible for me to get. I have a feeling that out of all of them announced so far the 3rd Party ones might be the harder ones to find.

    1. Wait, what? Exclusive retailer? So that means I can’t buy all Amiibo from one place? Why is there always a catch when it comes to good things Nintendo does? Smh… lol

      1. Very true lol but that’s all companies though- not just gaming ones either. Most good things in life come with a catch haha. I’d assume that this helps get retailers interested in amiibo with Nintendo being brave enough to market these things like a most-wanted toy/holiday hit and they haven’t even been released yet. I bet companies are thinking if Nintendo wants them to give up a lot of display space that could go to surefire hits like Skylanders and Disney Infinity then they should give consumers a reason to buy amiibo from their store instead of other stores or online.

        All that said I really don’t get into chasing down toys and figurines but some of these amiibo might just make me drive around town hunting them down if it’s gonna be as crazy as it’s starting to seem lol.

        1. When they mean retailer exclusive, do they mean a special Amiibo that isn’t shown on these waves? Or are they talking about the ones we’ve already seen? Because I really don’t want to hunt down Sonic. Lol.

          1. I think they mean the Amiibos not shown on any of the waves, for instance, the Shulk Amiibo will be exclusive to Gamestop, as for the others it still remains to be seen

              1. Sonic, Mega Man & Shulk are my most wanted; watch them all be retailer exclusives to different stores or something lol.

                1. Lol, I guess Shulk will be a limited edition… At least they gave a heads up with Shulk. Do you know how hopeless it would have been if it they waited until the last second to tell you it was only at Gamestop? You could probably be stuck at work or something and everybody would have rushed over there and by the time you even get off, Shulk would have been sold out forever. XD

                2. Oohh! Lucky for me I have a Wal-Mart, Gamestop, and a Target near my area! I honestly do not know where a Best Buy is around here. And even if I found out, it would probably be some long bus ride away. So let’s just hope Best Buy gets nothing. Lol. :P

                  1. Lol I can get to all 4 of those pretty easy from my house- Toys R Us is the one on the other side of town. Either way i’d love to just buy all of these online or in one store, i’m already spending a fortune on games and now these, don’t wanna have to spend a bunch on gas too.

                    And yeah the Shulk heads up was nice but they might still announce other Wave 3 amiibo as retailer-specific. They’re pretty close with GameStop, Best Buy and I think Amazon too so who knows what’s next. Lol i’m definitely not collecting all of these things.

  5. February. My birthday month. But MAN……….I won’t even have half of the first and second wave of amiibo by then. I wish they were cheaper than $13.00

  6. i wonder when they r going to anounce alternate colored amibo it asked me how interested i am on that and i did extremely interested in a bonus club nintendo survey

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