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Amiibo Models Can Only Store Save Data For One Game At A Time, Read-Only Titles Unaffected

Nintendo has clarified details on amiibo save data restrictions following the announcement of 11 new NFC models scheduled for release next year. According to Nintendo of Japan’s official amiibo website, which verified Toon Link, Sheik and Zelda would be compatible with Hyrule Warriors, the figures will only be able to store one game’s save data at a time due to limited space. Ultimately, this means that players will be able to save data from Super Smash Bros, but will have to erase their data to use with another game which writes to the model.

However, this does not restrict read-only data, so players will still be able to use amiibo models with Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors to unlock Mii racer suits or new weapons without affecting the model’s save data. Given that Super Smash Bros is the only title that will read and write to the models currently, there’s no nightmare-inducing losses of save data. But when Nintendo chooses to release newer titles which both read and write data, players will have to exercise caution when using the same amiibo models between games.

“If you want to write the data of other read and write compatible software, please erase the data in the “amiibo setting” of Wii U.”

39 thoughts on “Amiibo Models Can Only Store Save Data For One Game At A Time, Read-Only Titles Unaffected”

  1. Shooting themselves in the foot again. So much wasted opportunity it’s sad. They better have some sort of storage space solution on Wii U before formatting or I won’t bother buying them.

    1. Would be cool if we could swap data with the Wii U as you said. Or even trough the Mii app on smartphones that have NFC.

    2. Isn’t the only thing that actually gets saved to the Amiibo in Smash just a character moveset and stats? The 3DS version of Smash holds 10 movesets/stat arrangements for each character… in that manner doesn’t that mean the data, even if copied to the Amiibo, would still be present in the actual game save as well? So.. you overwrote your Mario moveset with data from some other game? Who cares? It’s still on the 3DS as well… I guess level might reset, but if it’s that big of a deal I’d assume someone just wouldn’t use that Amiibo for multiple games. I really don’t see the big deal. These things already have more usability that Skylanders or Disney Infinity figures. They only work with their particular games (or newer versions of those games). I can’t use my Spyro to unlock things in other games. Besides, I see people only using Amiibos with the games they have the most invested in. Smashers will use them for Smash, etc. There may be some cross-use, like if someone decides they don’t care about their Lv 20 CPU controlled Mario character as much, so they use that Amiibo for another game instead.

  2. I hope you can at least back up your data on your Wii U, though I see nothing on the Wii U amiibo setting screen to suggest that that’s currently possible. I mean right now it’s fine being as Smash is the only confirmed game to write to these things, but presumably there are going to be more and then it’s going to be a problem. Sort it out Nintendo!

    1. You can probably get different Mario’s (one pose for every game) so I don’t feel like it’s that big of a problem. It would suck if they went for generic poses and kept all their Amiibo the same throughout the life cycle.

  3. I don´t think this is a problem. So far the only game that writes information on Amiibo´s memory is Super Smash Bros. All the other games use it as unlockables. Anyway, people will want more Amiibos so we can save data in different Amiibos anyway

  4. ouch that’s a bad news!!!! I am surprise you can just store 1 data file. I mean a Data file for character must be between 256 KB and 1 MB at worst and 8 MB on one memory chip should not be hard implement on a this type of toys.

    1. no, its just because NFC is extremely space limited

      there is no NFC tag (which is what the amiibo uses in the base) that is even 1 megabyte

      NFC cannot power a high volume storage device.

  5. You guys realize they have already talked about different variants of the same character right? Like a Mario Party version of Mario, Peach, Yoshi etc..

    Before you all jump blind perhaps you want to wait and see.

  6. ohhhh
    this is not a good news.
    its an epic fail!
    stupid nintendo.
    so i need a mario for mario kart, smash bros etc.
    so at that point, i wobt buy one.
    i would pay more if there is an amibio who can save more dara.

    1. You can still use if for Mario Kart 8. MK8 only uses it to read data off the amiibo not store data. Smash Bros is the only game that stores data into the amiibo right now so it can still be used for the MK8 Mii skins and Hyrule Warriors weapons! Did you even read the article?

  7. I have been championing for Amibo becouse of the fact you could unlock all Mario content with one Mario Amibo. However that isn’t the case it seems. This is really bad news. I think this will end up being a mistake on Nintendos part. You can’t tell me it’s from a lack of space and expect me to believe it….

  8. @nintendo commander mom. Whats your problem? Besides buying your son barbie which is a problem in itself. Why so much amiibo hate. Im guessing your broke and can only afford a $5 barbie and a 12.99 amiibo is to expensive for you. Go back to the food stamp linr and quit trying to make your son a girl

  9. Sounds to me like the amiibos are better to collect than to use. Limitations are always what ruins an otherwise good thing. And they’re way too expensive to buy multiple copies of each.

  10. Nintendo should make a way to save your amiibo data so that you can put it all back into the amiibo later if you want.

  11. wow I really feel like people are either hard core trolling or either just didn’t read the article at all -.- I mean there is nothing bad about this news. Smash is the ONLY GAME RIGHT NOW that reads and writes the data. While for other games it acts like DLC. Thats exactly what I expected it to be. Sure when other games are released your gonna have to take an L.; but I’m sure the saved character will still be on the WiiU.

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  14. First the true quality of them is crap & now this. *facepalm* They better allow us to store the amiibo data on the Wii U or an SD card when more games come out that allow us to store data on them. If not, I will gladly pass on these. I can name a few indie games for around that price tag that interest me.

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