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Luigi And Peach Star In Bizarre Mercedes-Benz Adverts In Japan

Those bizarre Mercedes-Benz adverts are back and this time they star none other than Luigi and Princess Peach. The commercials contain footage of the free Mercedes-Benz Mario Kart 8 DLC and also real life actors dressed as Luigi, Peach and Mario. Watch them if you dare.

Thanks, Khalidmr93

34 thoughts on “Luigi And Peach Star In Bizarre Mercedes-Benz Adverts In Japan”

      1. that dance was awesome and definitely fit the style of the ridiculous commercial. luigi rubbing his win in his brother’s face- ha. also, these cosplays are freakin awesome.

    1. there is nothing special about that peach. y’all must closet pervs who can’t help but whack it to anything resembling a nintendo girl. or maybe you’ve never had a girl look at you intensely before. or maybe it’s just the music talking to you, making her look somewhat attractive. probably all three- the advertisement is catchy and blended a lot of elements well.

  1. I’m happy they didn’t use the death stare. As much as I love Luigis stare, I’m happier with Nintendo (or someone advertising nintendo) being a but more original.

    Okay, so slipping on a banana isn’t original, but you get my point.

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  3. They need these type of commercials in the U.S… Except not promoting mercedes, but Nintendo. Could you imagine a reall life Mario, Luigi, and Peach in a Smash commercial? And maybe even throw in a real life Ganondorf and Donkey Kong for good measure. That would sell systems no doubt.

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      They did back in the 90’s. Live action was all they did because the idea of the game was more impressive than the visuals themselves. My favorite being the original Smash bros commercial for n64. hehe.

  4. Why the f*ck does everyone say she looks hot!? She looks like some kind of austere reptilian human avatar. I mean her skin is freakin’ yellowish/olive colored and looks sickly!

    One thing she certainly doesn’t look like is a fresh, blond, gleaming faced, happy, bright eyed Peach! A better girl could have done the part, how about Lia Marie Johnson?

  5. Dude….fucking amazing…..I don’t know why you guys would hate on the top notch cosplaying done here. Cosplaying done right, and with style.

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