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Watch Dogs On Wii U Will Have Some DLC On The eShop

Despite Ubisoft saying that DLC will skip the soon to be released Watch Dogs, it now appears as though some DLC content will be released via the Wii U eShop. It doesn’t appear that it’s going to be the Bad Blood downloadable content so we shall have to wait and see if that content will eventually be made available for Wii U owners

Via the Nintendo eShop, players can download the Conspiracy DLC, which is an in-game augmented reality mission where AI enemies are hunted down. The second add-on pack is Access Granted, which is a compilation of the pre-order bonus content that shipped across all versions. It includes new outfits, skills, and a trio of contract missions.

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76 thoughts on “Watch Dogs On Wii U Will Have Some DLC On The eShop”

  1. Ubisoft really wants this to fail so that they can say it’s the wii u’s fault. They are releasing it at the same time as super smash and they are not giving us some sort of season pass or bad blood dlc… They aren’t giving any information about it either and they are not advertising it… Shame on you, Ubisoft…..

      1. Same way as Rayman was delayed and released right before GTA5 and look what happened. Same BS will happen again in this garbage port but this time, they’re staging more blame on the fans THEY pissed off too many times.

  2. I’m still going to buy it, but not the DLC. I’m seriously only buying it because open world games are my favourite gene, next to fighting games, and the Wii U desperately needs some more open world games. The Batman Arkham series is the only good one I know of, but there really isn’t that much to do in the actual world after you complete the objectives, no cars or guns or anything lol.

    1. “and the Wii U desperately needs some more open world games”

      Seems you have the wrong games? Lego City Undercover is also an Openworld-game.
      Monster Hunter 3U is semi-open. Zelda is the next openworld-game and Xenoblade Chronicles X.

      Does PS4 have 10 openworld-games? No it doesn`t. Final Fantasy 15 does not even have a release-YEAR yet. There are even some more old Ports which are openworld-games.

  3. After Unity I don’t trust the framerate to not be shit, maybe it will run at a “cinematic” (can I increase the size of those quotation marks by any chance?) 24 FPS.

    1. If you’re saying they’ll fail because of Nintendo, don’t bother. Most 3rd party games this year is a whirlwind of fucking embarrassment. It’s released unfinished, broken and falsely advertised and documented before hand. This POS is one of them, followed by Sonic Boom, Destiny, Advanced Warfare, Assassin’s Creed Unity, DriverClub, the list keeps growing. All they are after is you money and don’t give a single fuck about making quality games anymore.

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              1. yea seriously, we’ve been waiting since brawl for smooth online, and the 3DS let us down. apparently it’s peoples bad connections, or our own fault for playing in a room with too many electronics I’ve read. I shouldn’t have to be in a certain room in my home to play my portable handheld online smoothly. and for fucks sake, I’ve played matches with my roomate and friend IN THE SAME ROOM in a LOCAL match, and STILL had terrible lag. NO excuse for that. We use u-verse, not their best offering, like 1 or 2 steps below (not my choice, not my house) so maybe if we got better that would help, but still in the same room lagging? No excuse. My other games don’t lag, so I don’t think our connection is bad. Obviously not the best, but not bad either.

                  1. Yea not my choice, my roomates lol. And I don’t think we can get comcast in our area, not sure. Is att bad for internet gaming?

                    1. For the games that I do have with online play, I don’t have any trouble with AT&T. Of course, every few months, the internet goes full retard on us. The last time it went to shit was… shit. I can’t remember the last time. I’d say somewhere between 6 months to 1 year ago. Maybe more.

  5. It’s nice to see the admin has a great appreciation for Sasori. kudos to you admin, Sasori is a kid with a bright future, i see why Sasori really enjoys your friendship.

  6. LOL.
    People were bashing the game when it lacked DLC.
    Now DLC finally gets announced, and the exact same hatred is still being displayed toward it. XD

    1. Ubisoft lied about the game. It’s nowhere near as good as the 2012 E3 demo. Not even on PC. Almost every one of their games about to release has a season pass or DLC. They’re worrying more about money than the actual quality of their games. After what they pulled with this game, it deserves all the hate it gets. Especially from PC gamers.

      1. I totally understand where you’re getting at.
        I won’t lie.
        As much as I love Ubisoft and their games I can truthfully say they have been doing shady stuff from time to time, so I honestly can’t blame people for showing disappointment toward them.
        Ubisoft seriously needs to get their act together because it is such a huge letdown seeing a company that was once solid slowly falling apart.

    2. It’s pretty sad, especially when the hatred here is based in 3rd party envy anyway! I’m buying the game, because only children will be acknowledged if only children are buying games. There are some mature Nintendo gamers out there… I hope ;-)

    3. This is all a ploy to either fool more sales out of idiot Nintendo gamers with their continuing sick notion that supporting them will still make a lint of fucking difference or they’re further staging the false “blame game” on Wii U fans by sneaking in some DLC as an excuse to say “hey, we still care” and when the sales still suck ass, next they’re gonna say “hey look, they still don’t buy our games and therefore it’s still their fault for not liking 3rd parties despite our promises being nothing but lies and we do all of this BS gimping and delaying because it’s our sick way to show our care for gamers”

      :| Seriously, don’t buy into their BS. It’s all a bait no matter how you look at it. Donny buy this game now that they decided to BS about DLCs at the last minute.

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    1. It’s gonna be $60 for a gimped late version that’s $50 on other consoles and has far more content. Fuck this crap of a port and Ubisoft’s lies and bait traps for your money and then still shove dumb blames up everyone’s ass.

  8. It’s a step in the right direction for sure- but considering how much they’ve already made it seem like an after-thought and how many awesome games I need to buy (and that i’ve already bought in the last few months) i’m not sure when i’d even get around to considering this. Smash Bros. is my next purchase.

  9. I think if GTA 5 didn’t exist, and Ubisoft didn’t hype the graphics up, this might be a pretty decent game. However, GTA 5 does exist, and they did lie about the graphics. It’s not worth buying on the Wii U unless the Wii U is your only console. Otherwise i’d advise getting it on the PC pr Ps4. But it’s worth a bargain bin buy in my opinion…

      1. Well, when I say a bargain bin buy I mean like ten bucs tops. Never for full price. It’s not a horrible game, it’s just made by horrible developers.

      1. You mean on other versions?
        Because IIRC, those packs that are on the shop, at least one of them started as pre-order content.
        The article seems to be backing up my hazy memory on that point…

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  11. *facepalm* The people that still look forward to buying this on the Wii U must be really desperate for games if they are going to buy Watch Dogshit even after Ubishit took a huge ass shit on their heads. Scratch that. On their faces… then they proceed to eat said shit as they actually buy the game. xD I really hate to use this term but you guys are sheep.

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