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Minor Tweak Given To Lightweight Racers In Latest Mario Kart 8 Update

Mario Kart 8’s first DLC pack was released just last week and included new tracks, playable characters and vehicle customisation parts. But it also featured a few minor tweaks for lightweight racers such as Toad and Shy Guy. According to a GameSpot interview with Mario Kart 8 director Kosuke Yabuki, lightweight racers were given additional balance in the 3.0 version update in order to lessen the collision impact with heavier racers.

Yabuki explains that lighter characters were at a slight disadvantage due to their knock back rate, but urges players to try out these characters again since the update. The balance between character weightings have been severely skewed through knock backs, particularly in online races, so has this tempted you to play with the lighter racers once again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Here’s what the Mario Kart 8 director said in full:

“For this update, we made just a minor tweak to the way two players deflect when they collide with each other. Up until now, when two players collided, the more lightweight racers would get knocked too far away. That, combined with other overall elements we considered, made us conclude that the lighter racers were at a bit of a disadvantage. If you like Toad or Shy Guy and feel like you can’t win at all, go ahead and give them another try after applying the update. Also note that this tweak doesn’t have any effect on Time Trials when playing solo.”

45 thoughts on “Minor Tweak Given To Lightweight Racers In Latest Mario Kart 8 Update”

  1. I always hated that… Especially on the rainbow road. I’ll be playing as Lemmy and all these people be all crowded in the same area and bam i fly off the course. Some occasions when I come back, i will get bumped off again. Now I’m Link so that shouldn’t happen as much now ^_^

    1. Pfft… I get knocked around by Toads while using Larry and he’s suppose to be heavier than Toad, playing as Roy I still get knocked around by people in the same weight class as him or anyone lighter.

    1. I usually main Rosalina and baby Rosalina, and they have given me more victories than I can count. The newbs need to realize, your only going to get good with practice not luck.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        That was the case in Mario Kart 64 too and what made it better, funnier and just more hardcore…

        Stop being such a wimp…

                      1. The Dragon Emperor IV

                        lol the commander won’t go out like that. He will go down fighting until I arrive with reinforcements :P

                                  1. The Dragon Emperor IV

                                    Are you kidding me? He was literally owning every monster in the Toho Kingdom, including the sad excuse for a monster they had in the 1998 version (which was the worst one by far) lol they had to change that versions name to zilla because the american version sucked so bad >.<

                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                        The show failed because of your Xbot infected reversed country that rather watches Jersey Shore and kneel before Justin Beaver than watching a very intelligent show even though its CGI wans’t that good…

                                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                            It doesn’t change the fact that the show was better than T3 and the abomination T4…

                                            What killed T3 was the too much comical side, and T4 was just plain garbage, they should have called it Throwminator Salvation considering they never terminate anything, they just toss these silly apes…

                                            My friends at least killed a lot of humans as soon as they were able to in the show…

                                            1. Yes, Stranga. The badass Terminator from the first movie doesn’t show up til the end of the movie. The humanoid Terminators before that got their asses kicked most of the time.

                          1. I only play lightweight racers with acceleration karts and never had any problems with knockbacks, but if nintendo says there were then I can’t argue that much, can I? =P

                          2. I would say 40% of MK 8 is luck, 60% skill. Making every kart perfectly balanced gives more weight to the skill percentage. It’s like NASCAR, every car is balanced and equal, so it’s up to the drivers to win the race. I welcome balance in a competitive game.

                          3. funny they say that cause I play with wario and metal mario but for weird reason I was knock several times by any of the babies or koopa characters when playing against the CPU. I don’t rmember that leight weight characters which are fast to start with got such issue and I play with shyguy several time and I did not noticed it….

                          4. I’m a Baby Mario guy and I will say that getting big bodied can be annoying at times but that’s why you must pick your battles

                          5. Tell us that there was a minor tweak in Mario Kart 8.
                            Can’t tell us what ALL of the tweaks were in Smash Bros. 3DS. Looking at Nintendo, that is.

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