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Bayonetta 2 Is Nominated For Game Of The Year At The Game Awards 2014

Platinum Game’s well received Bayonetta 2 has made it in the prolific category of Game of the Year at this year’s Game Awards 2014. Bayonetta 2 joins Dark Souls 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Hearthstone and finally Shadow of Mordor. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see if the panel award Bayonetta 2 with the prestigious Game of the Year award. What do you think to this year’s nominees?

99 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 Is Nominated For Game Of The Year At The Game Awards 2014”

    1. Dragon Age 2 should be disqualified for promoting homosexuality, if a game was promoting a religion all the bigots would be complaining. Hearthstone is a cool little card game but it’s not game of the year. The souls series has declined with every new addition, Demon Souls was the peak of that franchise so Dark Souls 2 doesn’t deserve it either. I haven’t played Shadow of Mordor but it sucks so it doesn’t deserve to win either. Bayonetta 2 is the clear winner. If not then it’s smash bros, DK tropical freeze, or Mario Kart 8.

      This was my attempt at a fanboy comment, I was serious about some of the things though.

        1. It’s none of my business if you fantasize about me being a fag. I’m very much straight so continue thinking about whatever you want, it doesn’t affect me in anyway.

      1. Even though you were only messing around, you gave explanations as to why the games should not be voted. A fanboy wouldn’t have done that. lol

      2. But at this point, Nintendo doesn’t have to bash the competition in order to shine, their games speak for themselves. I just hope they don’t go too deep into the mudslinging game with the others.

  1. I haven’t played it, nor have I played the original one, but this game deserves it. The level of detail and effort put into it, and you have to hand it to Nintendo for taking the risk in funding it. The developers did a mighty fine.

  2. It’d be great if it won! A Wii U game as Game of the Year would certainly help the Wii U and sales for Bayonetta 2 as some might pick it up to check out. I have 3 of those on the list – Bayonetta 2, Dragon Age and Shadows of Mordor. Time to get back to them…

    1. off topic, but i find pulling off combos a bit hard in Bayonetta, everytime i start a combo with X,X for Punch,Punch sometimes it does a Punch, Kick or X,X,X and it does a P,P,K, its confusing as fuck..

      1. Have you been taking your time using Practice Mode? If not, or you didn’t know it existed, press the minus button when in the loading field(?) to stay there until you feel like leaving, and the game will show you the timing for certain moves as you’re trying to do them, if you don’t wind up figuring them out yourself.

        1. not sure what that is but i’ll check it out, @AAA ive been practicing sometimes i pull it off sometimes it just does it’s own shit like ive mention before a simple 3 punch combo would turn into a 2 punch and a kick combo which then ruins the rest of the chain combo i was going for, ive beaten the game already on normal setting and pretty much ive given up on how to figure it out and just button mash through to the end game. Also ive never had this problem with the first game mind you..

  3. Why Nintendo? Why you have to under shipped this game? I want to play it day one, now I will have to get it used, why you do not want my money?

    1. I’ll help, Quadraxis. You take down the building & I’ll pick off any runners & survivors! But which Ridley form should I take..? Fuck it! I’ll take one of those poison mushrooms, shrink to a smaller size, then kill everything in site. I need to be very big to be threatening, eh? Pfft! I’ll show you little shits!

        1. I think I’ll also go Omega Ridley on them! Some will get infected with Phazon & end up helping me thin the herd of survivors! lol

  4. I just finished both Bayonetta ‘s. This game was truly amazing from boss fights to storyline. If this or Smash Bros doesn’t win game of the year. Then the game awards have completely robbed Nintendo.

    1. It happens every year. There are always a few games that miss the awards because they are released late(r) in the year after the submissions for GOTY have been received.

      Smash isn’t out yet and Far Cry 4 just came out this week. They both missed the initial submission.

      Every year games that come out later miss the awards for the most part.

          1. “There are always a few games that miss the awards because they are released late(r) in the year…”

            They did not miss the categories I mentioned. How come they will miss Game of the Year then?

  5. Ok about Bayonetta…

    I kinda want it because of the reviews……

    I just played the demo and i want to ask if the whole game is like that , is it constant action all the way through? Like set piece after set piece and endless enemies to fight
    Are there no down times or some learning curve?

    1. Its really hard to explain, bayonetta is much more harder then bayonetta 2, the game will take pratice, but most action games like bayo don’t slow down, but trust me dude, its worth it every penny for this golden gem

    2. Don’t worry about too much action as their are some down times from fighting. You can destroy some things on the field between fights if you choose to. Then there are the chests you can collect in the process. Oh & the crows that have a little red glow around their necks.

  6. This is a very pleasant surprise! Bayonetta 2 does deserve it, but to see it recognized is blindsiding! Although, maybe it shouldn’t be that surprising after it got such glowing reviews/scores across the board.

  7. I can’t really think of any game that wowed me this year. 2014 was very lackluster as far as gaming for me. Nothing left a lasting impression that would make me feel it deserves a GOTY award.

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    1. Oh come on! Smash Bros Wii U deserves a place on that list IMO. 8 player battles,10 controller options, HD, hundreds of songs Amiibo support,…etc the list goes on.

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  10. I’m with Quadraxis. While he levels the building, I’ll pick off the runners & survivors! And I’ll do it shrunken since people don’t think Ridley can be threatening if shrunk down!

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