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Amazon France Lists ZombiU 2 For Next Year

Despite Ubisoft saying they weren’t planning to release a sequel to ZombiU due to poor sales of the original on Wii U, Amazon France is now listing ZombiU 2. The listing on Amazon France has since been removed but it mentioned that the game will be set in New York and is set to be distributed by Bandai Namco. Let’s hope something comes of it as the original is looked upon fondly by Wii U owners.

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77 thoughts on “Amazon France Lists ZombiU 2 For Next Year”

      1. How come exclusive Sunset overdrive aint sold 500k at launch since it has a bigger install base than Wii U? When you find out then come talk to us.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        This would be an even bigger insult than the delays and the obnoxious treason by the Capconians when they announced Resident Evil Revelations 2 for the other 2 abominations…

    1. But the game is called ZombiU… doubt it would skip the Wii U, and it’s being distributed by Namco so I think we’re in safe hands

      1. I hope so Nameco helped with Smash Bros. And that game outsold Sunset Overdrive and has a smaller unstallbase than Wii U.

    2. Considering it was Ubisoft best selling game on the Wii U (more than any of the Just Dance series), if any game would come back to it the system it would, other than Tetris but hey some corporations don’t like money. But I can’t say it makes allot of sense the listing.

    1. You should really pick up the full game of ZombiU. It is sort of a short game once you know what you’re doing, but the first play through is pretty long because of the difficulty. Rushing through it will get you killed, so you have to pace yourself and conserve ammo and weapons. It’s a great game. I still play the offline versus mode when I have friends around.

      Loads of fun. A nice mix between RTS and FPS. (The versus mode I mean.)

      1. The demo highlights the one decent part of the game- the rest of the game ranges from mediocre to shitty. And this game is ridiculously easy, there is no reason to ever run out of ammo. I would ignore 80% of items found because I never had room. Only died three times on my first play through, zero on my second.

  1. It wasn’t the best game. The Wii mote controls were pretty bad. And the multiplayer could have been a bit stronger. But my family still played it and had a fun time with it. My Dad played through the story mode (he regards it his favorite Wii u game, thus far), my brother & Mom played a lot of the zombie spawning competitive multiplayer, and my grandparents even got a kick out of the zombify yourself gag. The game has a bit going for it (the looting of bodies/key code entering was particularly memorable), and I really hope that there is a sequel on the way. It would make my family members pretty happy, honestly.

  2. I thought ZombiU was pretty decent and it’s a shame it didn’t do so well. I’ve read before that it’s thought the location was a cause of the poor sales. So it would be interesting to see if more Americans got the game because it’s based over there…

    Apparently Ubi have a finished Wii U game on the shelf but are waiting for more units to sell… doesn’t stop them releasing games on the XB1 which has sold less than the Wii U so far!

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      If the location is the main reason for most Americans to why they didn’t buy it, it only proves to the rest of the world the typical ignorant mentality they have there…

      1. The game didn’t sell bad anywhere. It actually sold rather well. (Around 700,000 thousand units, when the Wii U was barely at 3 million.) There is no way Ubi did not make a profit off the game.

          1. Do you know it? That game was suppose to be rabids remember? Also the texture wasn’t that high either. It was a low budget game. They have made profit….. just accept it and done bro.

    2. Really?
      I actually love the setting because a Zombie game set in London was very refreshing but I would like to see it set in New York. Also, I think the only reason that it was based in London was because the previous project, Killer Freaks from Outer Space, was set in London.

  3. This actually might redeem Ubisoft to WiiU owners. Especially since they are dwindling with the mess that is assassins creed Unity.

  4. ZombiU was not perfect and it could have been way better but still it was one of the best survival horror experiences I have ever had. I really hope this is true.

      1. i think the problem with zombi u was not its budget but the fact that it was originally supposed to be an entirely different game (killer freaks from outer space)
        then, shortly before the wii u’s release, ubisoft suddenly presented a totally different game that was supposed to take its place (and was probably built on the same framework as killer freaks)

        i’m not sure why they changed their minds on such short notice but it couldn’t have helped the quality of the game

        1. I seen the killer freaks gameplay video when it was still new. They used the same location as zombiU no joke. The only thing they added was zombies and a cricket bat. 700K for that was a damn good sell rate.

    1. Nintendo fanboys, never playing games unless they are on Nintendo consoles. No wonder you think it is a great horror game lololol.

  5. Namco are developing the game now?… Does that mean Nintendo actually owns the rights to ZombiU or does Namco have the rights? Either way I hope that this will happen. Also, on Wikipedia it says the game will release next year as well and Amazon France has been very accurate before with Dead Rising 3 being on PC.

    1. it says that on wikipedia because it was listed on amazon france… why are people so obsessed with stuff that’s written on wikipedia.. it’s not the holy grail of knowledge, it merely aggregates already available information and some of it is actually incorrect

      1. And why do kids like you go Ape Shit when someone only MENTIONS Wikipedia…. seriously? You think I go their for all my answer? Get a life

  6. Reasons for potentially true- Bandai Namco have an extremely great relationship with Nintendo and have even helped out on Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros on Wii U ahd 3DS, so they know how to use the system to most of it’s true potential and Zombie U is an IP that has only received a release on Wii U.
    Reasons for potentially being false-No really confirmation from either sides of the deal(Nintendo and Bandai Namco) and Zombie U was created by Ubisoft, so they may not allow Namco to release a sequel on Wii U.
    Whether this is True or False remains to be seen, we will find the truth out eventually. It would be good if it was real, so that there will be one more title to look forward to on Wii U next year, but we shall see in the near future…

    1. I think that it’s possibly true because Amazon France has been very accurate with the Killzone Trilogy, AC Collection (Exclusive for Europe), Call of Duty Black Ops 2, GTA V on PC and so on.

      So I feel pretty set on this being true, if not, I’ll freaking develop it on the Unity or Cryengine.

  7. I hope so… For me, it was a great game and I need to replay it because although I got to the end, I was hobbling and all sort of fucked and died right before I got to the chopper or whatever and then it was over… Unless that is supposed to be how it ends, I am not sure… but I need to play that again and would snatch up the sequel in a minute and hope it is a longer, more intricate game.

    1. You get three endings, you must have gotten the bad ending because if you live and download the files and make it to the Tower of London then you’d get the good ending.

      1. Then I DEFINITELY need to play that again… all right, I am going to buy it today then. That is it… I was at the tower but just died. That was one of the more difficult endings of a game I played in a while

    1. not bad its amazing considering wiiu only just released ubisoft are total nintend haters

      lol they report loss nintendo reports 100s of millions in profit THERE BUTT HURTS




  9. If they had only hyped it like The Last of Us, gave it a better box cover and not called it ZombiU, it probably would’ve done much better. It was a great game and a real return to survival horror that everyone ignored.

  10. well actually most amazon leaks are true
    for example
    Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the Killzone Trilogy, the European-only Assassin’s Creed Anthology, Grand Theft Ato V on PC and a PS4 bundle for The Last of Us: Remastered
    +amazon usually leaks wrong publishers like back in hyrule warriors pre-orders were up it said bandai namco was responsible
    so theres’s hope #hype
    oh and plus amazon leaked an earthbound game on amazon uk
    it wasn’t took down
    and we heard nothing of rather than the amazon leak
    but this was took down
    so comfirmation?

  11. i might believe this if someone bought the franchise off of ubisoft (doubtful?) but i won’t believe for a second that ubisoft would do that.. not unless they confirm it themselves

  12. WOULDN’T find it surprising With he rise in wii U sales and the fact that zombiu was mostly critically praised, why wouldn’t they given the zombiu another try

    1. Well you remember it… so do all the Wii U owners… it’s actually a great game, it was only a disaster because fanboys like you were too argent to buy it because you seen the Wii U as a Nintendo only console and only games from Nintendo were allowed on it.

  13. Zombie U is the only Ubi game left in my collection, I sold the rest, because I enjoyed playing it. So if Bandai Namco really do come out with Zombie U2 (not the band), I’d be willing to wait even if they release it on 2016…

      1. Yup.

        Gaming companies, not only Ubisoft, and even Nintendo sometimes, are more worried nowadays in making quick cash stuff instead of really good and memorable gaming experiences.

        To be pretty honest, I don’t like Amiibo at all, I see this as quick cash stuff from Nintendo, I know about a bunch of people that will buy these things not because of the NFC funcionality but because of being mere toys to place on the desk, on the shelf, over the TV, etc. Luckily, Nintendo still invests in making good games, like Super Smash Bros.

  14. This is probbly not real but godamn atleast this gives me hope, this game was the first game i’ve seen in ages which actually seems to know what survival horror is. claustrophobia and a very grimey atmosphere, every enemy is a threat, ammo is scarce and while alot of people did’nt seem to like it I loved that the cricket bat was shitty(imo intentionally so because if you figure out how to lure zombies it can be very effective).
    The game was a bit rough around the edges, like most launch games are but it was amazing where it counted and all the little details clearly showed that the people who worked on this seemed to love it.

    I think this one if real and advertized right might sell really well for wii u standards, zombiu selled pretty decently considering what it is and what console it’s on AND the fact that is was a launch game, ubi were just being greedy, the game has a cult following now and is more well known so it’s doubtful it would’nt sell atleast a bit more.
    I’m not sure about the idea of it being in new york, I think that areas been overdone(though perhaps the claustrophobia of zombie could breath new life into it) and I loved the britishness of the last game it was a nice little nudge at the amount of zombie related media our country produces now.

      1. Well also look at the failed Kickstarter game, “UCraft” & how the company behind it hasn’t changed its name yet, despite seeking other consoles to launch on. It hasn’t happened now, but it most likely will. IF it’s even confirmed as a soon-to-come sequel.

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