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Here’s A Video Showing How You Can Use Amiibos And Still Keep Them In The Box

Lots of you have purchased Amiibos and lots of you want to keep them in the box unopened. The only problem is that you can’t use them while they’re sealed away in the box. YouTube channel Somewhat Awesome Games has produced a video showing how you can use your Amiibos while keeping them nice and safe in an unopened box. Be sure to watch the video to find out how it’s done.

Thanks, Khalidmr93

41 thoughts on “Here’s A Video Showing How You Can Use Amiibos And Still Keep Them In The Box”

  1. This will still lower the value of your amiibo. Now people will be looking for the ones that have the foil sticker still intact

  2. You still do need to open the box, in a sense. I can see why Nintendo did this, to stop people just returning them after using them, but it is basically impossible to keep these untouched in their boxes and actually get some functionality out of them too

    1. Yah, basically people were trying to buy some to unlock things then return them for a fill refund saying the box was never opened

  3. It seems like Nintendo would sell them from their main Nintendo site (store) without those little black squares. Then people could actually use them in the box, and never open them. They should just make a thing saying sorry no refunds when purchases from store.

    1. LOL. Thats what I keep saying. Cheap bastards.

      Remind me now to never buy an Amibo online. More than likely it will be a used one.

      1. Cheap? Do you realize how expensive these amiibo are? Sure, it’s easy for people who only want one or two amiibo to buy more than one of each. But for people who try collecting them ALL, just buying one of each is already hard enough.

        1. But are people trying to keep it in the box to preserve collective value or does it just LOL prettier in the box?

          Wanting to use the amiibo for its intended purpose while keeping it in the box is like buying a collector Spock and wanting to play with it but somehow create the illusion the box was never opened.

          Either you(not you specifically) treat it like a collectible and not open it or play with it, or you treat it as the toy it is and open the box but lose the collectible value.

        2. I never said the Amibos were cheap. But you cannot use an Amibo, and still try to keep it in collectors condition. Collecting memorabilia, especially Nintendo memorabilia, is an expensive hobby. Not everybody has the resources to do this. To try and play with your Amibo, and then try to pawn it off as “brand new” is a cheap trick, and your a cheap bastard if you do this…

      2. I know. Especially on eBay. Those fuckers are selling invisible amiibo. Invisible fucking amiibo. And people are actually bidding on it. Idiots. Just watch out from deals like those. Its a noticeable scam, that dumb fucks ignore.

  4. Wow… a trick to open the package without it showing? I used to do that with my xmas presents as a kid. Now a hole bunch of idiots will try to sell used amiibos as new on ebay. Did this really deserve to be posted here?

      1. I don’t think you have to be wealthy. To own two copies of every single Amibo can be expensive, but you don’t have to be wealthy to afford it. Anybody with 300 bucs can do this. If your calling someone with 300 dollars wealthy, than you must be REALLY broke.

        1. Lets just say, I’m very lucky to even have the money that I DO have. And I’m an idiot for spending all of it on Nintendo stuff all the time.

        2. As of right now there are 29 figures and they cost roughly $13 each. If someone were to buy 2 each that would be $754 so that is way more expensive then your $300 estimate. Not to mention there is a wave 4 with another 6 more figures coming out plus a new set just dedicated to Super Mario Bros which 6 figures in the 1st wave of that have been announced. So your assumption of them being cheap to collect is null and void.

  5. Anyone who truly cares about these children toys on a failure console really should feel pathetic…jeez. I almost feel bad for adults buying these things…

  6. It’s still opening the box so it loses any collection value. The only reason I could see wanting to do this is either you really really like the look of the box instead of displaying the amiibo somewhere, or you plan to rip someone off.

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  9. People need to pay close attention when buying amiibo from stores. Look at the packaging and make sure it’s not cut open on the back. I’ll be looking at this from now on before buying any.

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  11. I guess I am the only commenter who finds value in this, hence why I searched for it. Figures out of the box are just waiting to be thrown in the trash. If I wanna use some of my amiibo but keep them in perfect condition, displayed on the wall…well, I’m just glad there’s a way to do it. And no, I would never sell them as new at that point.

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