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Miyamoto And Bill Trinen Discuss Nintendo’s 2015 Lineup With Rosanna Pansino

Popular YouTuber Rosanna Pansino recently had the opportunity to talk with the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen about the upcoming Nintendo games for 2015. Be sure to watch the video to see footage of the gorgeous Yoshi’s Woolly World, Mario Party 10, Mario Maker, and plenty more. Enjoy.

Thanks, RetroGamingLord and lamatsucubo

55 thoughts on “Miyamoto And Bill Trinen Discuss Nintendo’s 2015 Lineup With Rosanna Pansino”

  1. Man what retarded girl, she doesn’t even look glad to see Master miyamoto on her side. too bad I don’t have this pleasure.

    1. Miyamoto is overrated, he has been surpassed ever since N64 era. Now dont get me wrong, i like his games and respect him, but using the term “Master Miyamoto” is just stupid, if theres a developer that should be described as a Master thats Hideki Kamiya for ya.

        1. Haw Haw! no im here checking if there happens to be more news about DevilThird,XenobladeX or ZeldaU.

          And no im not Xbot, sry, i game on all systems, because that way i wont miss out on great games, i feel sry though that the lack of games other than Nintendo ones mostly have turned you so agressive though.

      1. Miyamoto may have not made some best ideas of these years, but no game dev, or studio, has mad a character as Iconic as Mario, Donkey Kong or Link. He pretty much made the book of how to make a game, because pretty much every designer looks at Mario or Zelda for inspiration. He did other things that led to bigger things that push things forward, like Star Fox pushed 3d graphics for one one the first time. Are there devs out there that need more spot light, hell yes, but call Miyamoto to many is not overrated, and many of those guys are game designers

  2. I envy people like Bill Trinen. He’s got to be the luckiest person I know. To be able to work with Miyamoto on a regular basis (and even speak japanese) must be amazing. I’d be happy if I could just meet Miyamoto at least once in my lifetime.

  3. Does miyamoto understand english. Not once did bill translate for him. Rosanna is so fucking lucky. I remember she first started that youtube channel. Plus I love her witty, goofy personally. Shes the girl of my dreams.

  4. BlazeStudiosXY (YouTube)

    *chanting* Where’s my Star Fox! Where’s my Star Fox! Where’s my Star Fox! Star Fox’s my Where! Where’s my Star Fox!

  5. All that, plus Majora’s Mask 3D, Codename S.T.E.A.M., more amiibos, Xenoblade X, and more announcements coming with E3. I’m still expecting that when E3 rolls around, they’ll show more Zelda stuff, announce Smash DLC, and they’ll announce Metroid U coming Holiday 2016. Here’s to looking forward to a fun-filled year on the way!

  6. Nah, I’m not watching this. I’ll just wait until GameXplain uploads the game footage; I don’t need to see some lady the age of my mom try and act all cute.
    Nintendo should have just released a mini-direct with the games shown here. <_<

      1. No kidding, you must be really young if she is the age of your mom. She is probably still in her late 20’s. Early 30’s maybe, but i doubt it..

  7. Ok, if people will pay 2,500 dollars for a one legged amiibo, imagine what they would pay for a 3ds signed by Miyamoto. Not only signed, but he actually drew a picture of Mario’s face on there too… She could sell that for like 50k probably..

  8. What the fuck are they doing on a cooking show, I don’t get it. Cool stuff anyway.
    Also, I kept hearing sexual innuendos everywhere.

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