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Lovely New US Club Nintendo Physical Rewards Up


Club Nintendo members in the United States are in for a treat as the company has put two new items up on the Club Nintendo website. If you’re from the United States you can get a NES Remix 2 shirt (700 Coins) and Nintendo 3DS Game Cases (400 Coins). You can check out the lovely new items in the images above and below. Which ones will you purchase with your hard-earned coins, or will you purchase them all?



pikmin_game_case_2pikmin_game_caseThanks to everyone who sent this in.


38 thoughts on “Lovely New US Club Nintendo Physical Rewards Up”

        1. Man, it’s so funny that Americans want what Europe wants, and vice versa for Europeans. At this point, you’d think Nintendo was going ass-backwards on purpose.

      1. Wow. Just wow. Had to go there, did you? What makes you think I have a weight problem? Perhaps I am 6′ 5″ and 255 lbs. Perhaps a 2XL is my “skinny” size, ever think of that? Just because I say that not having a 2XL is a dealbreaker, automatically I am fat? Admittedly, America has a morbid obesity problem, but when you assume, you make “u” an ass. Perhaps asking why I would need that size before making such a callous statement would make you sound less like an insensitive jerk. Proceed to the nearest mountain, and jump off naked.

        1. im 6’4″ and 300lb (working on it.) used to need a 3xl for my size but now i wear mainly 2xl for the length and a couple xl shirts if they are long enough. I ordered an xl shirt anyways because the skinnier you are, the longer the shirt.

  1. Though they’re nothing I really care much about. At least these are physical rewards. It would be nice to see a BUNCH of new physical rewards. The American Club Nintendo has been like a dry lake for months. Nintendo needs to fill that lake back up again.

  2. Every time someone like Nintendo has a special t-shirt, it’s never big enough. EVER. These are more for kids and teens. Nobody caters to the big men.

  3. I already know I’m going to end up saving all of my coins for something awesome and Nintendo is going to discontinue all of their physical rewards. If only I had enough for that Luigi figurine when it was around…

  4. I would never wear a video game t-shirt and I already got one of those cases almost two years ago. Wish they would put up some new poster sets or some amiibos or other collectibles or something.

  5. Eternal Ridley Prime

    Yay! A Mario shirt! It’s not like I can’t find a Super Mario related shirt anywhere else! Oh wait! *rolls eyes* As for the game cases, they’d be perfect if I was actually buying every single DS or 3DS game that piqued my interest! I got a better idea! How about a physical reward for something awesome to put my 3DS XL into!?

    In fact! Put the prototype amiibo, fully functional of course, on Club Nintendo! Because let’s face it, characters like Link & Marth look like shit: Link looking down which makes him unfriendly for displaying since someone has to actually get up close & personal with him to even see his face, & Marth because that paint job for his face is crap!

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