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These Awesome Mario Themed Golf Balls Are Up On European Club Nintendo


Always wanted some eye-catching Mario themed golf balls? Well, you’re in luck as the European Club Nintendo has added them to their catalogue. The description says that you get four colourful golf balls which feature Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi. These undoubtedly cherished items will set you back 3500 Stars. Will you be adding these rather swish golf balls to your collection?


Thanks, White Eagle

16 thoughts on “These Awesome Mario Themed Golf Balls Are Up On European Club Nintendo”

    1. Damn I wanted these! I’m boycotting NoA… lol Not really but this is fucked, Nintendo of America could care less about thier American fans..

      1. Nintendo really should stop kissing UK’s ass. It’ll all be in vain because those fuckers rather buy two new different versions of COD and all of fucking EA Sports games BROKEN than rather trying out Nintendo’s stuff and still complain the same dumbest weak BS that Nintendo doesn’t do that they blindly support with everyone else that’s worse.

  1. Nintendo… Not even able to make a website that runs on smartphones. I tried to log in for 5 minutes, keeps zooming in, useless piece of…

  2. Just want to point out to all the people saying “CN Europe needs to stop kissing ass”, CN Europe didn’t add anything to the catalogue from 2010-2013 and only then started adding 3DS stuff, NoA had much more prior to this.

  3. Lol, thirty years from now I’ll be searching for a ball I lost in the grass when I find one of these. It’ll buy me another nine holes on Ebay. :P

  4. Golf balls… GOLF BALLS?! Fuck, NA gets a whole lot of cool stuff luck shirts and 3DS games collector and we get THIS? This is BULLSHIT! We have only expensive CRAP here in EU and you guy in NA want this? I would LOVE to have the stuff you guys have and would PAY for it, but this stupid plushie, gift paper and now GOLF BALLS is maybe the worst shit he had on Club Nintendo. Fuck, why do I even collect those shity stars if we can’t get some better stuff and CHEAPER! I don’t pay 3500 stars for 4(!) dumb golf balls!!

    1. You are obviously not into sports…at all. Nerd. These golf balls are fucking awesome and I wish I could get them. I would pay a dec amount for these baby’s

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