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Sakurai Talks About The Inclusion Of Greninja In Super Smash Bros

In a recent interview with Japanese publication Nintendo Dream, Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has talked about the inclusion of Greninja in the latest entry of the fast paced brawler. Sakurai also confessed that although he says he will never make another Super Smash Bros game he’s always tempted back. Here’s what he had to say to the magazine.

ND: When not you are not developing and there is a new title or character released, you are not thinking about “How about that one in the next Smash Bros?”, right?

MS: Absolutely not! I’m always thinking that doing Smash Bros. again will be impossible. Impossible, impossible…is what I always think, but I ended up making it again (laughs). But once I decide to do it, I’m very fast about creating moves and such. For example Greninja, even before his name was decided I received several illustrations. I took them home in the evening and around midnight I had already done all his actions, normal moves, special moves and pose-pictures and sent them around asking “What do you think?”.

ND: That’s incredible speed! By the way, when deciding on which characters to use, are you looking into unreleased new games?

MS: At the very beginning I did that. This time our project-proposal is dated May 2012, at that time all characters were decided already. Then as production moves on we will say “We won’t put that chracter in” and cut out low-priority-characters.

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17 thoughts on “Sakurai Talks About The Inclusion Of Greninja In Super Smash Bros”

    1. Maybe he thought the Starfox series was canceled and becoming irrelevant around that time(excluding the 3DS Remake) and removed him to save time and/or room for another character.

    2. Sakurai said that if characters in Smash didn’t get a recent game or most likely won’t get a new game they’re more likely to be cut. Maybe Wolf was cut because Starfox didn’t get a new game (not a remake) since Command on the DS. Now for characters like Ness and Captain Falco, yes they haven’t had a new game in ages, but they were part of the original 8 and Sakurai said many times that the original 8 would never be cut.

  1. For the love of God sickr, change the format of MyNintendoNews back to the previous version already. This site is bad enough with the trolls and the late news, but I still use it more frequently for the few nontrolls here. The previous interface was a major factor in keeping me here. Please, just please, change it back.

  2. I also miss wolf and Lucas
    Sure wish krystal and another sonic character were in it
    Why make two pits that’s just kind of dumb

    1. Krystal is not going to be in. Ever. They can’t make one StarFox character without making them too similar to Fox. Educated people know Wolf is much more distinct, but when it’s easy enough for people to give one glance and say the entire StarFox universe is clones, then something’s wrong. Don’t give me that “Krystal could use her staff” shit, because people said Dark Pit could use different weapons and be an entirely unique character, but of course we all knew what would really happen if he were included.
      In case you haven’t noticed, this is a Nintendo All-Stars fighting game. Only the main character of 3rd party franchises are eligible. MegaMan, Sonic, & PacMan only got in because they are gaming icons, not to mention Sonic had crossover experience with Mario already. Adding another Sonic character would take away from the fact that it is a NINTENDO fighting crossover on a Nintendo console. Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, whoever, they don’t deserve a spot in Smash.
      I will agree on missing Lucas, especially with the ongoing demand of Mother 3 AND being teased of an international release at E3. I also agree that a Pit clone is a stupid idea, especially when Pit is hard to come by competitively.

      1. I also forgot to add that Snake did not deserve a spot in Brawl. He doesn’t fit with ANY Nintendo franchise, whereas Sonic easily works out, being a platforming icon along with Mario. PacMan was more of a gift to Bandai Namco than it was for us, a reward for being the development team of the new Smash games. MegaMan was absolute fanservice.

        1. Why do people say Snake should not be in? His original game got a port to the NES, the sequel to that port was made exclusively for the NES, he got his own game on the Gameboy Colour, and the original was remade for the Gamecube.
          If you ask me, Snake is well justified.

  3. Ah Wolf, my main at Brawl, my fav character of all time… he’s gone now.
    If only next Star Fox game would let you choose him at least?

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