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Super Smash Bros Players Complain Diddy Kong Is Too Powerful

A number of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U players have been complaining that Diddy Kong is too powerful. Criticisms against the red-capped monkey claim that he moves too quickly, deals too much damage and shrugs off too many opposing moves – giving him the edge over his opponents. One Smash Bros. player, who goes by the handle “Doom,” issued the following proclamation about Diddy’s powerful nature:

Let me preface this by saying that, in my opinion, IF DIDDY KONG’S UP AIR (up + A in the air) HAD ABOUT 25% LESS KO POWER, NOTHING ABOUT HIM WOULD BE UNBALANCED. He would still be a very powerful character, but powerful characters are hype and great to watch/play—overpowered ones quickly grow tiresome and become degenerative to the game’s competitive value.

Since a few weeks into Smash 3DS’s release,” he wrote in an email, “people started noticing Diddy was a very powerful character.” Top-level Smash pros such as “Leffen (Sweden), Jtails (New York), Edge (Japan), Cyve (Germany), and Zinoto (Michigan) [played as Diddy Kong and] were emerging with impressive tournament finishes and gaining recognition from people who had played with them online. By the time the Wii U version was released, many pro players attending a launch invitational tournament hosted by Sky Williams in Southern California decided Diddy Kong was the ticket to victory because of his low learning curve and devastating potential.

187 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Players Complain Diddy Kong Is Too Powerful”

    1. actually, it’s kinda truth

      Reason is that if Diddy manages to grab you and throw you in the air, is most certain ANY aerial will hit you, as his aerials have near to 0 lag and 2 of them are quite powerful

        1. I was playing against a pretty good smasher and he changed to Diddy and I beat him badly 3 times in a row and 2 stocked him in two matches with Fox. Diddys are pretty predictable and you can reflect his bananas and his rocket. Then I whooped him with Ness and Ganon and I switched to Marth when he switched to Ganon and whooped him. Been playing Smash all Christmas break and watching smash vids. Lol it’s 3:40 am and I was playing FG not too long ago.

          1. If you beated him badle 3 times in a row and 2 stocked him while he was using Diddy that means that he doesn’t know how to play.

          2. It sounds like you were just the better smasher. Stop bragging and address the issue. He’s fast, powerful, had good recovery, and he has a very quick side smash, not to mention his good aerials.

      1. That combo is tough, but all you have to do is quickly shift in the air. The intangibility is quicker than he can follow up with the combo except when you have very little damage. The tricky part is knowing when to roll in mid air since it leaves you vurnalbe. Also, so many people use Diddy Kong online that you get pretty used to his moves and then you can start dominating him. I’ve had the most success against him with Zero Suit Samus and Lucina if you want to consider using those characters as a counter.

    2. Ness is good but no one plays him. And I’m tired of all these 5 year olds who got smash for Christmas playing as Little Mac. When I play fg against someone who sucks I just played who they played to make them feel bad. Like this guy played Ness and I don’t play Ness that often but I wrecked him so bad that even I was surprised. That forward air and back throw.

        1. All characters in Sm4sh are good you just gotta find their potential. People tend to join the band wagon when new things are discovered. No character is better than the other, just gotta play good.

          1. Ha ha ha so funny! You probably dont play smash bros at a competitive level dont you? Please dont speak about something you dont know!
            Obviusly if i play my pichu agaisnt a marth (in melee) and marth is controlled by a casual to the game i cam beat him but agaisnt a pro who mainly control dk even if he pick up marth i wont be able to beat him same goes to meta knight and ice climbers in brawl. There are characters that are stronger an easiest to make damage o get a KO thats a FACT so dont speak stupid things if you dont know. I dont really care if diddy is op because i dont play profesionally so my whole live isnt around smash (thought i have won some national minitournaments) but saying that there are no stronger characters is just being ignorant there is NO fighting game perfectly balance keep that in mind.

            1. I’m talking about Smash 4 you dumbass prick. Known as “Sm4sh. Wanna battle me? Smash 4 is pretty well balanced. Do you even play Sm4sh at a competitive level? The other games are unbalanced because they were never PATCHED. Sm4sh gets patched.

              1. Smash 4 got ONE balance patch and there’s been no talk of one since then. The community’s consensus is that Diddy is stupidly powerful. When the numbers are crunched Diddy’s worst match up is against Sheik where it’s 5.1/4.9 in favor of Sheik. Almost dead even. It means Diddy wins 49 matches out of 100 matches against a Sheik of even skill. Diddy’s worst match up is against what is practically a dead even split.

                That is not balanced. And while Smash 4 is the most balanced of the series so far its balance is not perfect. No fighting game’s balance is perfect. One patch to bring the 3DS version in line with the Wii U version does not make difference. When Smash 4 gets a patch that does some actual balance come back with your argument again. Until then you haven’t got a leg to stand on.

      1. Ness is actually really good in this game and I was surprised. That being said, I never feel too distressed when fighting him because all of my opponents eventually resort to either spamming his PK Fire or Thunder attack so I quickly dodge and counter. I can understand why playing against Little Mac is frustrating since most of his players just spam the C stick for the super armor, but I love playing as him…he’s my go to character!

            1. Ahahahaha, are you even serious?
              Do you know how much more often Nintendo sites are filled to bursting with Xbots and Ponies looking to take the mic out of Nintendo gamers?
              Granted, it doesn’t make it any less wrong when a Nintendo gamer does it, but considering the fact that they get far more crap from the other two than the other two get from them, I don’t see why anyone’s got the right to complain about it.

        1. Cool! If you can win with a little mac i definitely want to play agaisnt you!! : ) i like to play agaisnt tough smashers! Would you accept the challenge? : D

  1. He is not. People who play online just spam the down throw and his back/up air, and a banana peel for good measure. It’s easy to counter. I haven’t got beat by any Diddy while playing online. Stop whining because you don’t know how to use a controller. This is Little Mac all over again.

    1. Maybe because you played against a horrible player and not a skilled one. It’s like meta knight from brawl. He’s only hard to beat if the player knows how to work with them.

          1. No, Brawl Meta Knight wasn’t just a character who was GOOD when used strategically, he was unbeatable. Diddy Kong is very beatable.

    2. This is not about people who play online, but people who actually know how to play the game and go to tournaments. I haven’t been beaten by any Diddy in FG either, but I know that he is indeed OP. Go to a tournament and play real players then say the opposite.

  2. I just witnessed Diddy’s power today. He is ridiculously overpowered in this game, he is very fast and his attacks goes off very quickly, it’s nearly impossible to preview his moves.

    1. No, it’s really not impossible to predict his moves.
      Also, his projectile game is weak. Use that against him and gimp his recovery into the dirt.
      He’s got some great combos and a couple of powerful kill attacks, and he could definitely use a bit of a nerf, but he’s not the monster people are making him out to be.

  3. I use him a lot and while I fairly good with him I dont think hes that over powered. I have much better luck with Toon Link.

  4. From my experience, diddy kong is no match for the larger characters. I main diddy until I get in a match with someone who is good with a large character. I have to switch to another large character to beat them.

          1. The amount was crucial to some of his most powerful techniques back in Brawl.
            If they had kept his ability to use two at once, he would most definitely be overpowered in the right hands.
            So in this case, it kinda IS about the amount.

  5. Are you fucking serious? This is not news. This is what a few people have said. You’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one: You might as well make an article when something goes on Suspect Testing on Smogon or whenever a new Pokemon card is leaked. I followed My Nintendo News because the articles were informative. Now I’m considering going elsewhere; somewhere that posts NEWS.

  6. I have to say. I’ve only faced one Diddy Kong fighter in my hundreds of battles online. He was EXTREMELY good and destroyed me too. I am glad that the Little Mac fad has died down a bit. Most people don’t use him anymore in 1 v 1’s. He is pretty common in 2 v 2’s, however.

    As for most popular characters. I am really sick of the Marths, Lucinas, Links, Captain Falcons and Megamans. They are used WAYYY too often. In 2 v 2’s ZSS is used a lot as well as Ike and Villager (Villager is the MOST annoying character to play against in 2 v 2’s. They spam the prjectiles and bounce off the edges all day long and hide behind that stupid tree).

    I try to use everyone on the roster from Donkey Kong to Wii Fit Trainer, to Jigglypuff. I use them all and I wish other people would do the same.

    1. I use a lot of people myself, I “main” quite a few, but some people I barely use, but I do try to give everyone a shot here and there just for fun. And yea villager can be quite annoying lol.

        1. I played onlne yesterday and remembered why I hate it so much, nothing but spammers and runners! Shulk fighter always back slash and counter, nothing else. I played for fun and for glory teams and free for all, one guy used samus and sat back charging her blast andrunning away til I had enough and did the same thing, so he switched to link and spammed til I had enough and chose link and kept beating him. I don’t have fun when I have to resort to pussy tactics to win in a four way match. And does charizard have a move besides flare blitz??? EVERY charziard I’ve played spams the hell out of it, and in a four way match it’s soooo annoying.

  7. If you think Diddy is okay.. you should try fighting an opponent who actually put some hours into this game instead of your 4 year old brother.
    His banana game is stupidly good, and his grabs have guaranteed followups.
    With a 86% winrate the last 100 matches on the Wii U version, all I come across are fucking Diddy, Yoshi and Rosalina players.
    Sakurai already said there will be no more balance patches, so this is it for me I suppose.
    Everyone knows Fox is the best character in Melee, but you don’t hear anyone fucking complain about it because he’s also one of the hardest characters to play in the game and it requires a sick amount of effort to master him. Diddy? Just throw bananas and dthrow uair. Fucking boring. But yeah, this game is a fucking campfest. Defensive trumps offensive yet again, encouraging people to play retarded and spam projectiles all day.

    Fuck smash 4, praise Melee.

    1. I agree there are tons of spammers, however I have yet to see Diddy’s banana game in this version. In brawl having two was great, in this one it seems pretty useless to me as a Diddy player. But I never rely on one move with anyone, I just use the best move at the best time to counter something if needed. I hate players who use two moves on a fighter and that’s it.

    2. Catch the banana and throw it back, follow up with more of your own projectiles.
      Not that hard.
      This game is far less campy/defensive than Brawl was, and Diddy is not the monster people are making it out to be.

  8. Good to see other people noticing. Obviously Diddy can still be beaten but he is WAAAAY too easy to destroy people with. He’s not even fun to use anymore to me because he overwhelms people too easily, and seems like most of his attacks have priority. Every time I run into a good Diddy player they spam the same couple of combos dragging the fight out for about the whole 5 minutes. I usually win but that fight is always annoying and never fun.

    1. Yet it keeps winning “Fighting Game of the Year” from gaming outlets… seems professional gaming outlets don’t agree with you.

      Why can’t a game be Fighting/Party. You know, kind of like how you can see Romantic Comedies, and Suspenseful Horror movies.

      Genres mix.

  9. I let my five your old nephew 5 played smash against all level 9 Diddy in a team battle and he won so the argument…….. Get better in smash

  10. I honestly feel Diddy was better in brawl, and so was his “banana game” people are speaking of. They disappear much quicker if I’m correct, and you only get one, and if I’m also correct, they disappear after one hit. I never even use them really in this version cause my friends aren’t idiots and can jump over bananas.

  11. People think that someone playing Diddy automatically becomes unbeatable lmao, no. At high level play, in the hands of people who really know how to play with fundamentals its OP. Not any for glory scrub you find while playing online.

  12. People favorite character has a weakness to other characters so they complain.

    See if you people actually played with more than just the same characters than maybe these “over powered” characters wouldn’t be so over powered. This is all I see online, as soon as one character is determine to be top tier or over powered then everyone and their grandmother starts using it. Then the smart people find a weakness against that said character and the cycle begins. -_- instead of complaining how about using other characters and finding weaknesses for all of them.

  13. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

    Once again the civilian cattle masses complain about another thing because they cannot play the game as good as their opponents…

    If it’s not Diddy it’s Little Mac, Rosalina, Pit, Paluttena, some stage, lag, random tripping or being unlucky with items…

    The only thing that is annoying for real are the spammers that cannot do anything else but one single move for 2 minutes…

    Predictable civilian garbage…

    Learn to play or stay out of my way…

  14. The game is broken in general. When I block sometimes it doesn’t block. The online lags. It’s by far the most overrated game this year and also the most overrated Nintendo franchise.

    1. It’s either because you release the shield to quickly or your opponent shield poked. The online is kinda laggy though.

  15. Mario Kart 8> Super Smash Bros Wii U.

    Even Mario Kart 8 is broken. The item balance is terrible. Sometimes when you’re in last place you’ll get one mushroom and people in front of you will get better items.

    1. True, but shouldn’t you get used to it? I got blue shelled, 2 red shell comboed, and had a banana thrown on me in a lap. Was still fine after that

  16. I don’t know how ANYONE can get good at this game? I can’t even beat my niece no matter who I pick, unless I luck out. Most of the time I keep killing my own self because I lose track of where I am all the time. That’s what I always hated about this series.

    1. 1 why are you here if you hate the game?
      2 From experience, you just have to find a character right for you, I’ve been a Bowser user for a while now and I’m better than I’ve ever been at Smash Bros, I have only beat the full 3DS all star as Bowser and almost all my accomplishments have Bowser in the title.
      3 (for any complainer out there) Don’t try to dampen him or I will get even and try to dampen one of your faves.

  17. Ok, this is just starting to sound like a repeat of meta knight last game, from playing as diddy for even a little bit you can tell that not all of his moves are strong. Mainly the up b, but it’s actually more difficult to master than said. Give a total noob the reigns and they wouldn’t know how to 100% use it in a year. If it were Kirby’s up b then yeah low learning curve. But because of losing to diddy too often people have to try and dampen him. Is this what Smash Bros will become? Just people whining because they lost to a character and blame it on the character being OP. Meta knight was more believable because of the glide but diddy doesn’t have that. He just has a powerful move. And if you try to say all his moves are powerful, I have one last word, BANANA.

  18. First it was Rosalina, then Duck Hunt Duo, now Diddy Kong. It’s not like Brawl where I figured out on Day 1 that Metaknight was easily the best character. The game is definitely more balanced than that.

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  20. I really wish people would fucking LEARN how to use the word “hype” correctly. “Powerful characters are hype”…? That makes no fucking sense you dunce.

          1. Bullshit. Everyone mainly uses him for cheap quick kills dur to his OP punches, even his simplest attacks are too powerful. Diddy Kong and Meta Knight is overpowered to these idiots? lol Fucking morons. I’m beginning to wonder if its the same morons who play COD and don’t bitch a out its obviously glaring flaws…

    1. You don’t need to be so stubborn. Listen to what others say or someday shot will hunt you down. Just like when hollowgrape said ps4 outsold wii u. That’s all he or she said, nothing else. on the side note, little mac is not op. Only when you have a stage where you can’t fall off he is. Get your shit together on what’s truly OP :)

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