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Nintendo’s Stock Has Sky Rocketed After Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros Edition Reveal


Today GungHo Online Entertainment and Nintendo Japan announced that they’re teaming up for Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition. For those not familiar with the Puzzle & Dragons franchise this is a huge move for Nintendo as it’s one of the most popular series in Japan. Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom where mystical Drops appear. Mario’s arch-enemy Bowser uses their power to kidnap Princess Peach and it’s down to Mario to save the day. You can watch the trailer below. Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition is coming to the 3DS in Japan on April 29th.


Thanks, Satan and Khalidmr93



    1. Just go play the free mobile version of puzzles and dragons right now, you nintendrone. This is ridiculous that one shitty looking game can affect sales that much.


  1. “Thanks Satan” I guess we know why their stock went up. You guys remember that after Mario kart 8 released in the uk their sales went up by 666%? Then Iwata got sick. I wonder if he made a pact. Nintendo’s fortunes have slowly improved since then. There’s one for the conspiracy theorists. Illuminated ones are devil worshipers, the ruler of this world. Say it ain’t so Nintendo…


      1. I wanted to write some chant in latin ;). The only thing that stopped me was thinking of you all reading such thing. Fyi, chants in latin are way more dangerous than one in english. Nice to read good news


    1. Considering how much Nintendo is selling out, probably. Literally more non-Nintendo companies are using Nintendo IP’s than Nintendo itself. Hyrule warriors, Shin megami tensei x fire emblem, and now this. Not to mention all the nintendo easter eggs in games such as monster hunter and bayonetta. Stupid nintendo can’t develop a good game itself anymore, it can only sell its body via iconic characters. Might as well go 3rd party.


  2. I guess maybe the cutesy motif fits Mario better, but the title would seem to lend its self better to Zelda… Maybe Toon Link would have made for a better fit than Mario? Cool though, looks interesting.

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  3. Honestly I was actually expecting a Pokemon crossover. When you think about it the concepts of P&D and Pokemon are pretty similar, since in both you collect elemental monsters and have a turn-based battle system.


  4. I am quoting phazon here ” Details are forthcoming, but an overseas release of Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Edition via Nintendo has been announced”



      1. Oh, no. Quadraxis. Remember: Nintendo needs games for every taste, even if you or me think x game is garbage


      2. Ah, is have an interest in media beyond Nintendo not allowed here? No one was talking about anime, I don’t know what brought that on. The RPG/Puzzle thing is a little interesting but I just don’t think that this game looks that good, it was my opinion. I didn’t think it would upset people.


      3. what the fuck is wrong with anime as long as it’s not fucking fan subbed bullshit then its cool duubbed is the way to go i dont want to hear ching, ching chong ching every sentence and read what a fan has put. I’ll wait for an official version in my native tongue


      4. Only Nintendo matters in this base, you want to glorify Anime?, go somewhere else or be silent…


  5. Can’t wait for this to come overseas, but I can imagine how much Nintendo is profiting off of it, this game is HUGE in Japan.


  6. Looks good but P&D has thousands of “card” monsters to collect. Are there enough mario bros creatures/characters to keep people playing for a long time ? regardless , love Mario, love P&D, hope this comes to us though if not , I got my Japanese new 3ds ready ;))


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