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GameSpot Picks Captain Toad As Their Game Of The Month

It turns out GameSpot were pretty damn impressed with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker as they have chosen the Wii U title as their game of the month for December. There’s a number of releases this month including Resident Evil HD Remake, Dying Light and Life is Strange, which is created by the developers behind Remember Me, so it will be interesting to see what they choose for January. Anyway, check out the video embedded above.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

119 thoughts on “GameSpot Picks Captain Toad As Their Game Of The Month”

  1. Nothing really purchasable on the month of December anyway. But of course fanboys will come and say how it’s a great game and laugh at the face of Sony and Microsoft……. You know the usual that happens on this site.

    1. It’s honestly a fun game that I have been playing the last few days. It’s nothing crazy, but it’s a fun puzzle game when you feel like chilling out instead of playing something crazy challenging. I’m not gonna make fun of anything from sony or microsoft, but I will defend the game as being worth a play, if you like puzzle games. Didn’t expect it to be game of the month though lol. By the way good racing with you the other night till like 5 in the morning lol.

      1. Lol i would have replied on miiverse but I’m perm banned. They were good games though. At first I was like who this this guy? Then i saw you on my friendslist still wondering lml. They were fun even though i need to cut back on the sleeping at 5 in the morning lol.

        1. Yea lol I figured it would take a bit. Was ninja 20 or whatever (the yoshi user) your friend? She hopped in and out of our matches even when it was 1 on 1 so I figured you know her. One of my friends was playing as DK for a bit. But yea I gotta cut back on the 5am too haha.

  2. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

    The Gamestopians seems to be getting bored of the mainstream garbage but more evidence is needed…

    Captain Toad is a masterpiece and everyone should own the game of my little friend…

    And yes, filthy Xbots and corrupted Sonyans need to be laughed at and then destroyed…

    1. Now Dragon Age Inquisition is a masterpiece. I own 2 copies (one for the 360 and the second copy is for the Xbone).
      Everyone should own it.

        1. Disgusts you? They enrage me with their sheer greed and stupidity. The only reason why their ass got off lucky from being voted the worst the third time because of Net Neutrality.

                            1. Right…

                              After his stupid ass “Martin Luther King = overrated” remark when he’s actually black, I bet that self-racist motherfucker went quiet and calm afterwards pretending to “like Nintendo” as means for damage controlling himself.

                              1. Cut home some slack, he probably don’t know half the shit he was saying. I’m not saying that racism of any sort should be justified, but sometimes people who are usually “rascist” are the most ignorant people out there. Tbh I never took him seriously.

                                1. No, he does. He was just born half-retarded over the fact that since he can’t grow the fuck up in RL, he will try to play tough guy online like the right bitch he is inside out.

                              1. I didn’t say you should. I said there’s nothing wrong with that. If Jester enjoyed Dragon Age Inquisition, then he has the full right to buy it again for another platform.

                                  1. Buying them at the same time maybe. But I meant like if you lose one of your favorite games and you want to play it again. :P

                                        1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                                          We are talking about buying the same game, obviously your original would work for years after you bought it…

                                  2. Of course it’s not “wrong”, but it’s stupid! Why not spend the money for another game or something else? Of course I too bought some games twice, but generations later (like Zelda: OoT 3D, Super Castlevania,…).

                            1. I bought it for the 360 seeing how i didn’t have the xbox one at the time. And seeing how they put little bit of their time on the 360 version making it not full screen and having all the words small on the screen. I didn’t play the one version yet but i did install the game and saw that, that version actually is full screen and has a better visual appearance than the 360 version. I got the one version for Christmas so yeah.

                                                  1. Dumbass, I work from 7am to 8pm and have to wake up at 5am for work which is 8 hours of sleep. Don’t you think I would be tired as fuck by then? Idiot hypocrite with no life.

                                                    1. Now why did you just start throwing out childish insults all of a sudden? Learn how to take a joke. It’s pathetic how people get worked up over nothing.

                                                        1. If you don’t want to be called a fanboy then stop acting like one. Don’t give me that excuse. I see you trash talking Xbox all the time. Even when it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic. I don’t have a problem with people that appreciate Nintendo. It’s when you insult the other consoles for no reason that it becomes a problem. Also, that still doesn’t explain why you just resorted to insults. You can continue with all the fanboy behavior for all I care, but when you personally insult me over these video games, it’s crossing the line. How about you try having an actual conversation like a normal human being? You can get your point across without profanity and the petty insults. In no way was that necessary and it was totally uncalled for.

                                                          1. No motherfucker. You don’t get it twisted. You brand me as a “fanboy” SOLELY because I “always defend Nintendo and love Apple products” instantaneously and overlook that I do argue some negative points about them at times when necessary. I’m tired of your self-indulgence piece of bullshit. I work tirelessly for my stuff and my stance on things and if you can’t even stomach a single thing about me, then fuck off and keep your Wii U/fanboy BS stories to yourself.

                                                            1. No. I call you a fanboy because you talk stupid nonsense about the PS4 and Xbox One even though you own neither of them. You blindly trash talk games you’ve never even played before and you constantly say gamers that play games like Destiny, Watch Dogs, Battlefield, etc., ate stupid. You’re always acting as if your opinion is a fact. And you know what else? Whenever someone gets into an argument with you about Nintendo, you always bring up EA, Ubisoft, Activision, etc. You simply try to place the blame on someone else. When someone is insulting the PS4 or Xbox One, you don’t try and defend them. You agree with them. Even if they are completely stupid and spewing out false BS. And whenever someone tries to talk about the 2015 games on the other consoles, you say that most of them are “most likely going to suck”. And when they actually get good reviews you say that the reviewers are biased or that they hate Nintendo or some BS. Anyone that criticises Nintendo or anything that they do is a hater according to your logic. And they can’t say that they like any Nintendo games afterwards either because then you’ll label them as a hypocrite. You see, unlike you, I don’t take this stuff seriously. Whenever I’m talking bad about Nintendo, I’m joking for the most part. It’s all fun and games to me. I’ve laughed at all 3 consoles and I even joke around about PC Master Race. But whenever I have a serious issue, I stop joking around and I actually try to explain my problems. I don’t blindly trash talk platforms that I don’t own. Nor do I keep grudges against companies and swear that I’ll never buy their games. That’s stupid.

                                                              1. And again, you’re wrong and exaggerating. I never talk shit about PS4 except saying this obvious truth that PSN suvks by being vulnerable to hack takedowns every time and actually wanted to buy one eventually when the games are there and time/money is right. And I say those specific games are cash grab cons worked by falsely overhyping itself to draw in idiots who don’t pay close attention to what it really serves: half of a silver platter at full price. That’s unfair and BS shady practice that you degenerate fucks keep blindly supporting with thumbs stuck up your ass and then suck on it afterwards with no regard for your own dignity.

                                                                        1. Because the royal douchebags at Ubisoft dont deserve shit anymore because they’re still doing shady BS like their recent one; The Crew. Embargo the reviews of that because they know the game is shit and try to fool that hype money just like Watchdogs. You’re a fool overlooking that shit.

                                                                            1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                                                                              6-8 hours is actually the average normal sleep period for human adults…

                                                                              I can barely shut down for 4-5 hours to recharge myself…

                                                                              1. Why you getting mad at hollywoodJ? It’s not like he knew your work schedule or anything about your life. Calling him names was futile.

                                                                  1. Gamespot April Game Of The Month: Child Of Light- Available on Wii U and 3DS
                                                                    Gamespot June Game Of The Month: Shovel Knight- Then exclusive to console exclusive to Nintendo
                                                                    Gamespot October Game Of The Month- Bayonetta 2- Wii U exclusive

                                                                    1. Okay first, Child of Light is not a Nintendo exclusive plus being a..Ubisoft game, it doesn’t come close to being counted and second, knowing Shovel Knight and Bayonetta 2 were the ONLY decent choices of their own month release dates, GameSpot got nothing else to pick besides those too including Captain Toad.

                                                              2. I’m pretty sure gamespot is getting paid by Nintendo. They act like every Nintendo game is the best game ever. And they go out of their way to try to sell people Wii u

                                                                      1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                                                                        The new beginning of our empire and the end of the corrupted forces…

                                                                        They will learn the same lessons as the Atarians…

                                                              3. dont even gothere nintendo has never and will never pay for reiews dont tar nintendo with the industry brush DONT EVEN TRY

                                                              4. Pingback: GameSpot nombra a Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker como su juego del mes – Arcadiavg

                                                              5. The typical ingorant fanboy logic, “oh nintendo is paying gamespot, “oh their so bias.èé Ever stop to think the games that yall aren’t playing are acctually good? Probably not since yall rather hate, but hey whatever.

                                                              6. sasori obinna: the puppet master

                                                                didn’t the fanboys on this site hate on gamespot earlier last year. I guess people are flip flopping lol.

                                                              7. Where in my comment did I worshipped the wii u? I was just pointing out the fact that yall haters always come to this sight to try and downplay Nintendo without having any facts to back it up but yeah the truth offends the haters so whatever.

                                                                1. Yea it’s pretty fun. The only truly hard part of it is getting the Cherry boards time challenges for me. I love figuring out the puzzles and such. Color Crate Carousel I played last night and loved how it seems so easy but takes more thought than it looks like.

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