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Third Wave Of Amiibo Coming This Week In Europe?

NeoGAF member L-A has received an email from Amazon France stating that his third wave Amiibo figures will be arriving this Saturday. The third wave of Amiibo figures are actually scheduled to be released on January 23rd. It’s very rare that Amazon would break the street date, so we can probably assume that they are releasing a little earlier than expected in Europe.

Thanks, Adam


  1. Sigh… I don’t get how people can still not know about this but i’ll explain it again. In Europe ”wave 3” is divided in two seperate waves. On Januari 23rd we’ll get Toon Link, Rosalina, Ike, Sheik, Bowser and Lucario. On Februari 20th we’ll get the rest (Shulk, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Mega Man and Sonic.) Nintendo announced this last month the same day they announced which amiibo would be in these waves but nobody seems to know about it.


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