Here’s How Banjo-Kazooie’s House Could Look Like If Made Today


Banjo Kazooie is one of those franchises that everyone loved on the Nintendo 64 back in the day. 3D artist Neil Goodman loves the game so much that he’s decided to recreate Banjo’s house using the state of the art Unreal Engine 4. Goodman says that he created the project to give more detail to Banjo’s house to give the impression that it was lived in. There doesn’t seem to be a video for the Banjo Kazooie remake so you’ll have to make do with the screenshots, here.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida


    1. Keep dreaming because they already buried Banjo with that POS Nuts and Bolts and now Conker with that Project Spark “make your own game” bullshit.


      1. Such a shame. Who knows, Phil Spencer has been making pretty good decisions since he became the head of the Xbox devision. We’ll see at E3.


      2. lol Right. He chances to convince me to slightly consider that flammable cable box with hidden DRM is about the same as getting the SARS. And if he’s making good decisions, why did he let his star studio 343 nearly destroyed their ONLY decent IP Halo to become a broken, piece of an excusable exclusive with Halo: Master Chief and also Halo 4? All I see out of them is desperation to keep pushing an enlarged turd out of the door by dropping its price twice in a year and only decided to ditch that forced crap Kinect 9 months later instead of launch day like every delusional Xbot wanted?

        I’m not a fool over his ruse. He’s kissing so much more ass than a lapdancing hooker in Atlantic City.


      3. Halo was a mistake, yes. He admitted that. He removed the Kinect, cut the price on the X1 and has done that again. Something Nintendo still hasn’t done with the Gamepad even though they have no fucking idea how to use it. So dropping the price is and admitting that the Kinect was a mistake is also bad, but being stubborn like Nintendo is good? What?

        Nintendo made a billion times more mistakes than both Sony and MS combined.


      4. What kind of mistakes have they done with the Gamepad besides its “restrictive” requirement nature? And from what I experience, Sony lost billions from PS3 solely because they wanna mimic Microsoft’s BS “powerful specs” trend that bit them in the ass or what about their DOA Vita with its orgy of watered down PS3 ports as well as their expensive ass memory cards instead of using SDs and as well as not putting any fucking security in their online services even today which explains how N. Korea and Lizard Squad got to them without a problem. They expect me to pay $50 for that BS to keep happening every week? Kiss my ass Sony.

        Xbox..oh boy, IDK how your ass forgot about 360’s Red Ring plague or their embarrassing X1 reveal and E3 2013 where they tried to shove DRM up everyone’s ass which is dictatorship of gaming and then tried to damage control out of their black, selfish hearted souls to make you think family sharing is a legit reason to bend over and take their BS. As for Kinect, ol goodie two shoes Spencer should’ve killed Kinect before that Xbox release so that it would’ve had a fighting chance to compete PS4 at $400 if he had the brains back then but decided to keep it in and forced $500 out of 3-4.3 million retard’s wallets worldwide until June 2014 so he can say to those early adopters “thanks for that extra meaningless $100, now fuck off”. Oh and before I forget, he removed paywall from X1 but what about 360? No love for the majority of Xbox fans that still remains on that system? lol

        I agree that Nintendo sometimes makes strange to stupid decisions (Other fucking M…), but when it comes down to level of ignorance, M$ and Sony are much worst, combined or solo.


      5. I won’t adress everything that you said, because most of those things are true and we agree on that, but N64’s cartridges, lack of 3rd parties, Expansion pack, selling Rare, Gamecube’s small discs, lack of 3rd parties, Wii’s lack of power and almost complete focus on casual gamers, lack of 3rd parties, lack of online infrastructure, Wii U’s lack of power, inclusion of the Gamepad that raised the price and they now only use it for maps, missing key features like cross game chat, N64 and GCN game support, messaging outside Miiverse (who wants to go through 30 seconds of loading to answer a message every time?), Lack of online in their games, lack of games in general, Amiibo microtransactions like MP10 entire fucking game mode, Pay to win Kirby….you really only found Other M? WHAT!? I could go on, but I don’t feel like it.

        Delusional people are the worst people, because they are so delusional that they don’t know that they are delusional.

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      6. *Cybernetic facepalm*

        You still don’t get it after all this time, no wonder you apes are so laughable…


      7. You always try way too hard to trash talk Microsoft. You’re just wasting your time with these rants of yours because everything you say comes across and childish, and annoying.


      8. Windows Vista, Zune, Surface’s high pricing, Windows 8 RT bullshit, Windows 8 pointless Start button change to shitty and basically flat Xbox Dashboard design, the fucking Kinect…, Xbox One DRM, paywall, $60 for online play that’s free everywhere else, lack of real exclusives, Microsoft killing Rareware as well as my top two of their favorite IPs Banjo and Conker, monopolizing the gaming industry?

        I have plenty of reasons to dislike those greedy bastards right now as well as Sony and Nintendo in some areas.

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    1. Actually, they killed Banjo like they killed Conker. Like I said as usual, Rare is dead and Microsoft is the one that killed them.


  1. Here’s the thing with Banjo Kazooie. Like many Nintendo 64 games (and here I’m particularly looking at Super Mario 64), it is heavily overrated due to nostalgia goggles. Good game, but has not aged well at all.


      1. *facepalm* Is that seriously all you got for an argument? FPS action game? That’s pretty pathetic and waaaY overplayed. P.S: My favourite game is Super Mario Galaxy and I don’t even OWN a PS4 or Xbox One. It’s my opinion, get over it


    1. I’ll agree with you about Super Mario 64 but I recently played through Kazooie and Tooie on XBLA and both of them hold up to me. Especially Kazooie, that game defines the high point of traditional 3D platformers.


      1. I just don’t think “traditional 3D platformers” have had a real stand-out game for me. They’ve yet to have their Super Mario Galaxy, and given that no one seems to be making them anymore, I doubt they ever will. As I said, the Banjo games are fun (SM64 is fun too actually) and were great for their time, but for me the control and camera problems that have always beset 3D platformers are really there in full force in these games. As well, for one reason or another, even with platformers being my favourite genre Kazooie does not make me keep going back for more. I can’t define why that is, but just compared to Mario’s recent outings it doesn’t do it for me.

        Rayman 2 was the best 3D platformer on the N64 in my opinion. However, that’s a game that REALLY doesn’t need to be remade again!


  2. I got really excited when I saw the Banjo Kazooie image, thinking that maybe there is at least a rumor that Nintendo was going to by back Rare and revive Banjo Kazooie and Conker on Wii U. I was disappointed to find that it was just a ‘here’s what this would look like if remade in HD article.’
    One can dream right???


  3. Ive been waiting for a new banjo kazooie game. If the game goes back to its platform roots, and if the game gets high reviews, i would seriously consider buying an X1 just so i can play the game.


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