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Flipnote Studio 3D Will Be A Free Download To Club Nintendo Members

Nintendo will be offering all Club Nintendo members the opportunity to download Flipnote Studio 3D for free following its rewards programme closure. For Club Nintendo members in the US and Canada, Flipnote Studio 3D – a software which allows users to create three-dimensional animations and exchange them with friends – will be available to download for free in February. The application will be offered as a free download until June 30, and will also be available to newly registered Club Nintendo members before registration closes on March 31.

But for Club Nintendo members in Europe, Flipnote Studio 3D will still be offered as a free download though it will come much later in the year. According to its website newsletter, all users who sign up to the new rewards programme during the launch period in 2015 will be eligible to download the software for free on a Nintendo 3DS system. Nintendo of Europe will provide more specific information at a later date.

Earlier today, Nintendo announced its worldwide closure of the Club Nintendo rewards programme. Members in North America can still redeem their coins on download software and physical products until June 30, while European members must redeem all their stars within the stars catalogue before September 30, 2015.

42 thoughts on “Flipnote Studio 3D Will Be A Free Download To Club Nintendo Members”

    1. Fu**ing FINALLY NINTENDO!! I’ve lost count of how many years we have been waiting for such a simple app! That stupid delay excuse about the servers being too full in JP was such Bull Sh8t.

      1. And I thought this game was already announced free to download for anyone (when launched). And Payments are monthly subscription fees when using the online functionality.
        I hope Nintendo means that the app will be fully free with no monthly payments. I was proposing this for Nintendo’s apology for the long damn wait.

      2. Yeah, it’s been a very long time!! maybe 4-5 years! I don’t know but it’s been painful to wait this long. I thought Japans servers being full was very dumb excuse.

  1. This new programme will likely have better Nintendo Network integration, paving the way for better, more integrated online system overall

      1. Huh.
        Must be because of the timeframe that this story is hitting in. I expected there to be, like, dozens upon dozens of comments about how glad people are that it’s actually coming.XD

  2. I have been waiting for this game my whole life! I’m sick of this delay. I thought that this game would never come, but a bright light shone before me and made this happen. Thank you Nintendo for finally releasing this game in North America.

  3. They’re CLOSING THE CLUB NINTENDO REWARDS PROGRAM? Seriously? I finally get over 2,000 coins (and even register my niece on Club Nintendo, and helped her reach Platinum Status), and there’s nothing to redeem my final coins for? I feel so ripped off and cheated. Will Club Nintendo even exist anymore? What will the point of it be now? Does this mean there will be no Platinum Status reward for 2015? I reached Platinum earlier than ever this time, and was wondering what the reward would be. *sigh*

    And no, I will NOT use my coins on digital games. Those are out of the question.

    1. you will have somting new rewards are being added next month. and there will be a platnium reward but it will be like last years

  4. It’s sad that Nintendo is doing this but look at it this way. Better things are coming. Which is good and we finally get Flipnote 3D after a year or so being announced.

  5. I’ll never use this, but I’ll probably download it since it’s free. My niece will get more out of this than I will, since she’s obsessed with drawing.

  6. This application was far better on the Nintendo DSI. Thanks, Nintendo, for ruining a great community with this terrible, and late, application.

  7. I added a ton of game’s code’s and 3 3DS’S this year and there’s nothing on club nintendothat stands out to spend them on. Can these point’s /stars be used on the new site? Why can’t we use them to buy game’s on 3DS or WII U Like the other’s??
    If I’d known a couple of weeks ago I could’ve saved them for the New site!
    Bit unfair to announce it now and not the beginning of the year! Think of all the people getting Nintendo Christmas gifts and then adding the point’s only to find out they have to spend them no matter what and them that don’t quite have enough loose them..
    Totally Unfair Nintendo

  8. Wow. I never thought I’d see the day. I was not expecting Flipnote to be revived. Well, I will certainly spread the news to the former Hatenians that have continued their art career in DeviantART. Nintendo, thank you for not giving up on the project.

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  10. Are they actually kidding!? And what if I have an odd number of stars so i can’t spend them all!?Hopeless. Absolutely hopeless, Nintendo are.

  11. i dont think im a club nintendo member..can is still download it??shit i wanna have it so badly but im european and i dunno if im a member >_>

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