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Analyst Says Nintendo’s “Core Business Is In Bad Shape And Worsening”

The weak sales outlook for Nintendo has investors running scared that the company will struggle to find that next big hit with their games consoles. A number of analysts have chimed in and given their thoughts as well. CLSA analyst Atul Goyal has said that Nintendo’s “core business is in bad shape and worsening. Goyal says that the most alarming thing is the Nintendo 3DS sales which have previously kept the company afloat. Things haven’t been looking too great for Wii U with Wii U hardware and software sales plunged “47 percent and 43 percent on year, respectively, in the third-quarter.” Goyal says Wii U is the “weakest console in the history of Nintendo, and it is getting worse.”

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133 thoughts on “Analyst Says Nintendo’s “Core Business Is In Bad Shape And Worsening””

      1. when they say that 3ds sales are bad, it´s like admiting it´s bullshit. 3ds sales destroy its closest competitor (Vita), and still is the best seller device of this console generation. If Nintendo is doing bad, then all the market is doing bad.

        1. It’s not that 3DS sales are bad, but are getting worse. Which means Nintendo is losing its cash cow, unless something positive happens.

          1. The 3DS went non stop as a beast, now it’s catching it’s breathe and taking a break, Nintendo is fine for the most part, not to mention Amiibo’s gave them a big chunk of money. Nintendo has survived for 125 years, they will survive another 125 years. Once again just more doom and gloom for Nintendo, while Sony who is next to death gets ignored.

      2. I agree with the analyst for once. Nintendo is only really making money because of amiibos right now. Smash Bros U will only sell a few more copies over the upcoming months and then the only game that will boost console sales again is Zelda U.

      3. naw i call bull one minute Nintendo Amazing Next They suck. Amiibo- print money Zelda-print money and so on an son this is bullshit article. <_< Seriously do you even read the news about Nintendo im thinking no…

    1. I’m so glad they are failing. Greedy pieces of shit. I’m also glad that Youtubers like Totalbiscuit and Boogie torn Nintendo apart.

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      1. It’s a different era for one, and Nintendo as a whole is doing fine when you look at the 3DS sales and others, and the Wii U is always going up in sales, not declining so things are looking bright and one new console can change things dramatically for the positive as well. Wouldn’t put too much stock into this

        1. Total Dreamcast consoles sold in its enire lifetime (1 year and 7 months): 10.6 million
          Current total Wii U consoles sold up till now (2 years and 3 months): 9.2 million

          P.S: You used hipster wrong. Whoops.

  1. Quit the panic! Nintendo is controlling the situation just fine. Look at their Q3 report. Iwata has announced more unannounced titles to be revealed. They’ve planted their feet, and they’ll weather the storm. So be it if Nintendo is a more exclusive insulated company. Forget about it.

    1. Even their internal people have admitted the company needs to change things. The ex head if their indie relations even said the company takes to long to evolve and has meeting over meeting, and then have more meetings to finally make a choose about something…..

      1. Companies as a whole should just stop with long meetings. They’re the ones always making me get home ridiculously late. Sometimes a whole day of meetings. It’s terrible management

      2. While that’s true, if they were to simply change almost completely all of a sudden you people seem to think it would guarantee success? However it has just as much of a chance of KILLING Nintendo by changing, they are slow and stubborn, however they have lasted 125 years, not many companies have ever achieved that. Obviously Nintendo knows how to survive, and if survival means doing things that piss off investors then so be it. Like it or not Nintendo runs Nintendo FACT. No matter what anyone outside of the company says, Nintendo will last another 125 years.

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    1. ignoring the fact that mk8 is still the worst selling Mario kart game. lol. also ignoring the fact that only polygon reported that. double lolz

      1. Ignoring that the 3ds is the best seller console this generation. Ignoring that Sony has been getting huge financial losses for years in a row, ignoring that Microsoft is still selling XboxOne with a loss, ignoring the total failure that Vita is. Are things bad for Nintendo? They´re not good for its competitors also, but media outlets only want to talk about Nintendo. That´s just lame

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    2. Bruh this site isn’t only about positive news, it’s about anything that has to do with Nintendo whether it’s good news or bad news doesn’t matter… Either you’re being a blind fanboy or you’re just stupid

    3. I’m very confused by this article only because it was recently reported that nintendo had their strongest year with the Wii U and software. It was also reported that nintendo was the best company for games in 2014 by many gaming outlets. They 3DS sales did go down, but the new system will change some of that. The Wii u went from 3 mill to 9 mill from 2014 to 2015, so am I missing something?

      1. >strongest year in wiiu
        still not selling as well as the rest
        >Wii u went from 3 mill to 9 mill from 2014 to 2015
        no it didn’t…

    1. so what’s wrong with anything he said? He provided information provided by Nintendo, calculated it, and posted and analysis. It’s called a job, and he done it well

  3. analyst are highschool drop outs that dont know their head from their ass. like patcher is such a pathetic joke lol they are payed by competition for bad press they are just pissed that nintendo wont save sony’s ass from going bankrupt lol gaystation 4 is so boring :( o prefer to play games on my wii u and laptop

  4. How are they doing bad when they did better last year it was a great year for them someone just trying to shoot bs let’s get a name to the source before you report it and some numbers to go with it.

  5. Prophets of profit… Faith in analytics… Welcome to the Nostradumbass effect.

    Still, Nintendo’s struggles do show how bad the industry has gotten. If gameplay, imagination, & tried-&-true genres & franchises are faltering (not just w/ Nintendo), it’s a hollow industry indeed. Hardware selling for no other reasons than hype & power is ass-backwards. & software is less about gameplay & polish; hardcore audiovisuals @ the expense of solid, lengthy gameplay.

    Gaming is now more akin to the movie industry, which has also become increasingly vapid.

    The population isn’t just growing, but the gap between the mainstream & the purist has become increasingly disproportiante. Would be interesting to see how many gamers retired after the 6th gen; not many of us left.

    1. Do you even know what you’re talking about? You gotta be kidding me if you think last year was some golden Nintendo year. Smash and MK8 were the only things floating Nintendo’s Wii U boat. ZERO other games.

      Also with the fact that Nintendo’s marketing was terrible, it’s not hard to guess why consumers didn’t buy Nintendo games- NO ONE EVEN KNEW ABOUT THEM.

      And finally people are waiting for a better inevitable Wii U with more storage space better online infrastructure et cetera

      Don’t just try to ignore Nintendo’s mistake and blame it on the gamers.

      1. I’m simply basing my viewpoint on what I’ve experienced through the gaming industry since 4th gen. But I got my toes wet w/ an Atari, arcade cabinets, & Game & Watch, DK jr.

        I was unaware that I claimed Nintendo had a golden year. Bayonetta 2 & DK Tropical Freeze, 2 brilliant games, failed to top the charts, even if those charts were horrifying. Those should’ve been a huge help, such a win for gaming, but where were the gamers?

        “Smash and MK8 were the only things floating Nintendo’s Wii U boat. ZERO other games.” Which is sad indeed when Nintendo & other publishers released more than just those 2 games since Wii U launched. Its library has variety & quite a few qualitt games. Apparently, games, quality, & efficient power count for squat nowadays.

        Yes, Ninty’s marketing is horrible. But the core gamer should’ve been enough to make a difference, if our #s were enough. @ least, that’s how it worked in the past, even the days when internet was scarce. But the majority of consumers these days still mostly use commercials & store shelves, plus peer libraries when buying games. Fine, yet naïveté of what games & consoles are have retarded the industry. I know gaming mags are fairly dead, but gamers should be active about their research & the internet can be a great tool. Yet, most are just casual about it &/or all about the peer prrssure. Happened before gaming was institutionalized, but @ least actual consoles & games were the norm.

        And finally people are waiting for a better inevitable Wii U with more storage space better online infrastructure et cetera People are really waiting for that? Wii U needs to be successful for that to even be a possibility. Nintendo doesn’t have a PC division to rely on when sales are bad; they rely on what they put out. They also can’t cheaply add a larger internal hard drive; it’d cost way more than the consumer picking up an external.

        I might’ve left Nintendo’s mistakes out of my previous post, but I didn’t ignore them. & I don’t blame gamers for retiring. But I do blame much of the industry for corrupting gaming & the potential to garner gamers.

    2. You are absolutely right about gaming going the way of the movie industry… everything but Nintendo is all action games (like movies) with commercials covered in cut scenes and no gameplay…

  6. hum, the situation for the wii U improving compare to last year. So I don’t really understand those analyst to be honest. OK I won’t go and say 2014 was fantastic but it was better than 2013.

    2015 seems to be the year where the Wii U will carry on with the same number 4.5M worldwide. I have a good hope the wii U will achieve the 25M worldwide by 2018-2019. Which would not be a great success but good enough to get everyone going.

    Also Nintenod has become a niche market within the video game industry, if I was those analysts I would make the same comment about xb1, which is supposed to be the machine killer with all hardware, 3rd party support and the multi-media setup. but did not sell as much as the wii u cause xbox360 is still very popular (same apply for the wii and the wii U).

    I also see 2015 for nintendo to surf on the amiibo success while delivering more software than 2014. Just 2 gamed every 3 months and nintendo will be fine (not great but fine)

    Finally of course the 3DS sell will decrease but it’s not a disaster yet. For me the only things which prevent the wii U to explose is the price of some games. I still found amazing that one peice is sold @ £60+ for wii U but £25 to £35 for PS3. The same could be say for watch dog PS3=£25 and Wii U=£40. Any Mario is £35 minimum while a lot of titles on PS3 or even 4 can be see @£14. hence why games like COD, GTA, minecraft, or Assassin’s creed sell well.

  7. These self proclaimed “analysts” are likely on a rivals payroll. Either that, or they are just bias. Anyone with half a brain knows Nintendo had a better year in 2014 than they did in 2013.

    These “analysts” keep bringing up lacking 3ds sales, but fail to mention the fact that people might have been holding back for the New 3ds. And for anyone to claim the 3ds is anything but a success is clearly delusional. The 3ds is on track to sale 70-80 million lifetime units and people still have the nerve to call it a failure..

  8. they have completely ignored that Nintendo is back in profit and even the New 3ds is selling well. sales are slowly climbing for the Wii U and up coming the legend of Zelda Wii u is looking up to be one of the most anticipated games of this year. yes Nintendo made some mistakes one was marketing the other was releasing during the height of a global economic down turn, but you cant really blame them for that.
    they just need a better marketing strategy

    1. Actually you can blame them for bad marketing, and you should. We should also blame them for releasing the Wii U with absolutely NO good launch titles. Could you imagine the Wii U’s success if they would have launched the system with MK 8? Or SM3DW? Or Both??

      They need to learn from these mistakes so that it will never happen again. And they need to hear it from their fans.

      1. i agree over the marketing it was terrible as well you right over the games they should have pushed a popular game at launch. the fist year was pretty anemic when coming to game releases also the DLC problems ie lack of it

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  9. Whether or not the Wii U has improved yet, it’s still only at 9.1 million sales. And that was after 2 full years on the market……not saying it has bad games, or that it’s a bad console….but the analysts are simply analyzing the god awful sales thus far and using it to predict it’s future, that’s how business analysts do their work, whether or not they have proof, or a proper argument doesn’t matter, as if you don’t think they’re right, don’t believe them, it’s a prediction, that’s all. In my personal opinion, it feels as though the Wii U could have sales between that of the GC and N64 by the end of it’s lifespan, but only if it’s given an equal lifespan to either of those consoles. If it’s cut off in the next couple years, it may not even reach GC levels….

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  11. It’s funny these “analysts” make their career predicting the outcomes of mega companies, sort of like the weather man, they’re really just guessing or assuming half the time. Opinions are like A-holes, everyone has them and they ALL STINK.

    1. So explain how the analyst it guessing or assuming? Wii U hardware and software sales plunged “47 percent and 43 percent on year, respectively, in the third-quarter.” If that isn’t hard facts what is?

  12. ….. This is wrong and ever soul knows it… Sales been rising steadily, not rapidly, and probably won’t for a while… Not until Starfox comes out.

  13. You really can’t compare this gaming era to other gaming era’s. It’s a different market and Nintendo is actually doing relatively good. They are in a transaction fase from the living-room-console back to a real gaming console. The Wii U really is an awesome gaming console, but lacks the support from mainstream gamers. By the time the next Ninty console arrives they will have more mainstream gamers by there side. They’re coming little by little, it’s a long proces:P

  14. We’ve all heard this weak ass “Doomed” story before and they usually are stupid, wrong or hypocrite with predicting Nintendo’s future and I could’ve sword that they were praising Nintendo’s rebound performance a minute ago. My thoughts exactly. They don’t know WTF they’re talking about. Focus on the future of the market who’s moving towards the dark side with microtransactions and rushing crap and overhyped games for profit instead of satisfactions of gamers for long term success which Nintendo is the only gaming company on Earth who hasn’t done the most fucked up moves yet. They’re playing safe and it should stay that way because when they release the next console that’s unlike what they’ve done before and something the world wants dearly, they’ll be changing their minds quick.

  15. So, first you have an article saying that Wii U sold more than it did when it came out, and now saying that it has been selling 40% less every 3 months? You people really need to decide which one to believe… lol…

  16. I could imagine years from now someone makes a YouTube video on hidden gems on Wii U. And that would ANYTHING (at least from Nintendo)

    1. I could call this instead the one of “worst generations in the history of Video Games” because of 3rd parties PS4,X1, and PC owners have to face “online DRM, Micro transactions, buggy releases, re-skinned sequels (same game as the year before), high marketing to rip off consumers*cough*Destiny*cough*. Honestly anyone who still owns just a PS3 and 360 also don’t have it any better if the game also releases on the 8th gen counterpart

  17. It’s not the weakest console, the Virtual Boy was! And it’s not getting worse, it’s getting better! And heck, amiibo are selling like crazy! This last quarter has got to have given Nintendo a pretty good profit!

  18. Pfft. Nintendo will be fine. Sure the Wii U and 3DS haven’t sold amazingly well and the odds are against them making an epic comeback, but the next console cycle will be another story and Nintendo will survive just fine until then. That said if I was Iwata I’d stop waiting for games to fall from the sky and start employing a lot more games programmers.

  19. Nintendo are fine. They could lose $250,000,000 a year and still be around for a few more decades.

    If people want to worry about a company, look at Sega.

  20. Sony has in major problems if they coax “analysts” in believing Nintendo is in trouble so Sony can gain Nintendo as a 3rd party publisher to boost their very weak game library. I see Sony out of the video game business by 2017.

    1. They won’t leave either. None of the big 3 are leaving anytime soon. Leaving means giving billions of revenue to the other two. The closest we have seen one of the big 3 leaving is when one of the board of directors tried to get microsoft to stop the support for Xbox.

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  22. We are all watching the slow death of the current video game era. Nintendo has been unable to drive the market since wii. The only gamers left are graphics whores. It’s too bad. Gamers themselves are entirely to blame. If nintendo fails, the whole industry will disappear.

  23. If this is Patcher rest assured he is always wrong. 2015 has arguably the strongest lineup yet with Starfox, Splatoon, Xenoverse, Zelda and those are just the announced titles. There’s also Pokken on the horizon(it’ll most definatly come to home console) more Mario Kart DLC , and that’s just Wii U , the weakest Nintendo console according to moron analysts. Yeah investors can run like bitches but the ones that stay will bank. Also mynintendonews is so anti Nintendo it’s laughable while its comments section is a joke full of self proclaimed analysts with “facts” and “proof” whatever …. I’m going to a real Nintendo site with intelligence in their readers and its writers not looking for drama and pointless discussions

  24. Morons saying sales have plummeted while Nintendo is saying it’s the strongest the Wii U has been since launch…. Hmmm who am I gonna believe ?

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