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Be Quick As The Toad Amiibo Is On GameStop

Yeah, you need to be pretty quick about this, as the Super Mario Collection Toad Amiibo is available for pre-order once again at GameStop. He is one of the hardest Amiibo to find at the moment, so if you are considering adding him to your collection then you’ll need to be super quick about it.

Thanks, Pat S


  1. toad is probably the most worthless amiibo they’ve released yet. However he does posess a certain charm so I can understand why people want him for their collection.


  2. This guy you need be quick you need to be quick about this about that how dose this guy know that they will be sold out everywhere lol


  3. I’m telling you, super secret character Toad for Super Smash Bros. His up+B could be the flying carpet, tossing poisonous mushrooms and maybe the Red Potion bottle that would warp another character to further away. It would be damn EZ.


    1. except toad is already used as one of princess peach’s moves. I agree with you that toad could and probably should be a playable character or at least an assist trophy but it ain’t gonna happen for smash bros 4


      1. Her custom Toad is much better, the one that puts people to sleep. Nobody sees it coming lol and free smash attack after. Nailed my friend yesterday with that tactic!


      2. I’ve always thought that too! who uses another person as a human shield, honestly what can Mario see in her! XD


  4. I tried to preorder it but the damn website won’t accept my card. It says the billing address doesn’t match to what my bank has in record. I obviously know my address and I’ve used my card countless times on Amazon and eBay.


    1. @ARTPOP,
      That sounds similar to what I was told once when my credit card was maxed out and I was unaware of it. Wait……..unless it was when I was trying to use a pre-paid gift card, but it didn’t work because I needed to register the card first? Hmm… was one of those times.


      1. I have a real debit card and my balance is more than enough to buy the amiibo. I just have up, I hope I get one when they’re in stores sigh


      1. True I did, it’s pretty sweet all the way through. The final board is the only real challenge, but it’s not terrible. Had fun with the whole game, enjoy it.


      2. Or beating all star on hard and crazy challenges like that in other games lol. I love how it was just enough challenge to keep you on your toes but you can enjoy it and relax like you said. Relaxing is the word I use most often to describe it.


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