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Free Pokemon App Now Available In Japan On Android Devices, Later For iOS

The Pokemon Company has released a free Pokemon app for mobile devices today in Japan. Currently available on Android, though later will hit the iOS play store too, the Pokemon app lets users download a number of themed wallpapers and icons to stylize their smartphone – similar to the 3DS home menu themes. According to translations, the Pokemon Style app will feature a range of free backgrounds, including a sleeping Pikachu, as well as premium wallpapers for approximately 200 Yen.

New Pokemon-themed wallpapers will be available on a fortnightly basis each Thursday, with backgrounds based on various Pokemon, merchandise and so on. Japanese fans can purchase a number of Eevee themes, along with Hoenn starter Pokemon and X and Y legendaries Xerneas or Yveltal for 50 per cent off until February 25. Hopefully we’ll see a similar app launch for western audiences soon. You can check out the app on the play store, here.

13 thoughts on “Free Pokemon App Now Available In Japan On Android Devices, Later For iOS”

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  2. So Apple users can have free themes, but we loyal Nintendo fans have to pay almost £2 for each one on 3DS. Sorry, but fuck you.

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