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Here’s The Hyrule Warriors Ganon & Boss Rush DLC Trailer

The final downloadable content pack for the action packed Hyrule Warriors is soon to be upon us so it makes sense for Nintendo to showcase what to expect in a fast and furious trailer. The Hyrule Warriors Ganon & Boss Rush downloadable content is due to be released on March 12th and should certainly be a lot of fun.

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30 thoughts on “Here’s The Hyrule Warriors Ganon & Boss Rush DLC Trailer”

            1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

              Samus Aran = Chozo/Human Female with now Metroid DNA…

              Meaning, she is far superior to any of you apes…

              She isn’t human anymore, she is way better than the cattle you all are…

  1. I liked Hyrule Warriors for a good month or two, but after the first DLC pack, I feel like everything else just started feeling rushed out, clunky, and way too…*ahem* “fan-service-y.”

    At first, I said “Yeah, you know this game isn’t really that bad.” But after a good month of playing off-and-on, I realized how absurd the grinding became and how every single Scenario or Mission felt the same as the other. I think another issue I have is with the lack of different locales (Scenarios) to play in. Legend Mode is over way too fast and the Adventure Maps get tedious after the very first map that was available since the launch of the game. The narration of said story is irritatingly atrocious, and it makes me remember why I don’t want a Zelda game to have voice-overs for characters other than Link if it means I have to listen to terrible voice-acting like that that seems like a fan dub more than anything else.

    That being said, I do realize this is a Dynasty Warriors game…but I feel like the mediocrity and repeititious nature of this game made me want to play Zelda games to get this eyesore washed away from my memory and it made me realize why I never touched a DW in the past:

    When it boils down to the core of the game, it’s about the combat. And the combat is so bare-bones that the tedium sets in after just a few hours of playing the game on-and-off. There is little-to-no strategy involved in defeating the hundreds of enemies chasing after you, and it usually ends up being the same objectives repeated over a hundred times of 1) Capture keeps that are all shaped the same and have the same types of enemies repeat again-and-again-again, 2) Protect allies that can’t fend for themselves and, literally, do anything to avoid killing a Keep Boss when it should be clear as day that that’s what they need to do, and 3) Run like a mad-dog to each strategic point on the map as nothing else matters in-between those points until a boss appears—oh, and speaking of: 4) Each boss serves as an annoyance than anything else. They aren’t hard to beat, and this game isn’t hard either: it has poorly implemented mechanics that make it extremely tedious just when you feel like you should start getting invested into it.


    I don’t know what it is about Team Ninja that Nintendo likes so much. Other M was a disaster, Ninja Gaiden 3 was still sub-par with its combat and is largely outclassed by Bayonetta 2 (which is arguably the pinnacle of the climax action genre of games), and now Hyrule Warriors (though it sold well) is a game that tries to sell on namesake alone.

    Other M is the story of another day…but I want to believe that Yoshio Sakamoto was the one who made the bad decisions for that game and decided that he wanted to try and cut the Prime series from the timeline as well as contort each 2D Metroid game’s storyline and even the character of Samus Aran to make Other M into a drama about “the baby, the baby, the baby” and Samus’ apparent cowering in fear and mental breakdowns that she clearly had before in other Metroid titles. YUP.

    Samus Aran cries like a little baby and breaks down each time she sees Ridley. That’s why the Prime series isn’t relevant. Because we “know” Samus Aran, the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy, would cower in fear at anything and everything instead of being strong.

    This is the same woman that blew up Zebes, eradicated Metroid Prime and Phazon from known existence, exterminated every Metroid on SR-388, finished off Mother Brain, and despite being corrupted with Phazon and infected with the X-Parasite, she never gives up. She’s strong-willed and doesn’t stand idly by waiting for orders to activate parts of her suit that she obviously needs.

    I’m done with Team Ninja. Other M wouldn’t have been bad if it weren’t for Sakamoto, but Team Ninja amplified the tedium and linearity of Other M to the point that you’re not even playing a game…your’re just wathing an interactive movie, really. You are just running a straight path to your next goal constantly in Other M; there is no sense of exploration of
    atmosphere like in past Metroid titles, whether 2D or 3D, and the gimmicky motion controls didn’t help. Hyrule Warriors almost made me hate my favorite gaming franchise because it built upon the tedium of Skyward Sword to an even worse extent.

    1. So, what I’m getting from this is…you hate Hyrule Warriors because you hate Other M? Yeah…okay. Pretty retarded, but okay.

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