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English Sub Video Appears For The Xenoblade Chronicles X Battle Presentation

The recent Xenoblade Chronicles X battle presentation which was showcased on Friday looked awesome, but unfortunately it was all in Japanese. Now YouTube channel iYakku has provided English subtitles for the whole thing. The video goes over a number of elements including Battle Basics, Arts, Soul Voice, Battle Tactics, Auto Attack, OC Gear, Enemy Icons, Equipment, and Allies.

Thanks, strider_124 and dee

22 thoughts on “English Sub Video Appears For The Xenoblade Chronicles X Battle Presentation”

    1. The nintendo magistrate

      i really hope we get an english track for the game im sick of the weeaboo types of games even if it’s cheaper to do i dont think people that played the original would want japanese only

      1. I’m sorry but either, A. you never played Xenoblade 1 with the English cast, or B. your dub standards are lower than most.

        1. The nintendo magistrate

          no i played and beat xenoblade 1 and i dont want to play a game i got to read! if i did i go back to college games are for enjoying not hearing “ching, ching,ching, chong ching!” im not paying for that crap. i live in a english speaking country not land of the rising sun so english or no money from me.

  1. I can’t wait or this game it’s going to be so good I like how at the end of each stream they throw in more story to let you know it’s serious in the world of this game.

    1. It has a somewhat steep learning curve to it, but once you understand every mechanic you’ll love Xenoblade.

      1. For a boy band movie, you’re right. But the complexity and learning curve of the combat system including assisting your allies are true gems in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Kojima and Takahashi have truly made epic improvements in this game… and it’s already surpassing the original Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii and (coming next month) New Nintendo 3DS and Xenosaga Episode III.

  2. im the only one thinking that the lip sync is terrible? when the character talk to you they just make one movement with their lips and repeat the same movement over and over….also..the eyes…. i have no problems with the anime eyes..but why the are so static? they look like lifeless corpses

    i know is just a minor thing… i would still buy the game eventually but damn…they really could use a face overhaul…..

    1. Dude, in the first game they didn’t even move their mouths at all! LOL this is a vast improvement in my opinion..

      But I seriously think they are making a mistake by marketing this game at different times in different regions. This should be a worldwide release. It’s kinda bullshit that all the reveals and trailers and directs have all been Japanese only. I know eventually they will come to the West, but by then they will have lost their flair. This game should be Marketed worldwide at least, and not Japan now and the West later..

  3. From this point on I think we should all focus on the AI intelligence. If teamwork is such an integral function as it’s being made out to be, they’d better have done their damnedest to make your ally AI at least not functionally brain dead, and able to make decisions for themselves.

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