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New Commercial Does A Decent Job Of Explaining Amiibo

Amiibo have proven even more popular than we had ever anticipated, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has jumped onboard. For those not really in the know, Nintendo of America has produced a new television commercial detailing amiibo, their uses, and some of the games that they’re compatible with. Be sure to check it out in the video embedded above.

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18 thoughts on “New Commercial Does A Decent Job Of Explaining Amiibo”

  1. Stop catering to little kids im a grown man, start making more mature advertising like Sony PlayStation

    1. Amiibo is more aimed at kids, so that their parents can go out and buy it for them. If they aimed at a less kid friendly commercial, then it woukd completely miss the point…

    1. In other words, the ones that they have a good amount of supply of in stores across the country…:D

  2. At the end, tue voiceover said that it was compatible with Wii U and the New Nintendo 3DS, does that mean that Nintendo will no longer release that perifaral stand for the Amiibo for the older 3DS models? Or does this only mean that they are trying to push Amiibo compatibility on the New 3DS to raise more awareness that the Newer model is out???

  3. Wow. This does absolutely nothing for there kiddie image whatsoever. I cannot stand the amiibos. Cheap toy gimmick. It’s a shirt term fix for a long term problem. this will not encourage parents to buy a wiiu for their kids.

      1. The Wii U isn’t required for amiibo. You can just buy them for display. So in a way, he’s right. It won’t.

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