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Swedish Newspaper Thinks Nintendo Should Ban Senran Kagura 2

It has come to my attention that a journalist over at Sweden’s biggest newspaper Aftonbladet believes it’s Nintendo’s responsibility to ban Senran Kagura 2 as the game is on their family friendly platform. The journalist believes that the game objectifies and has a unnatural view of women. Kersin Alex says that everyone who developed it and buys it should be ashamed and are part of this objectification. She has complained about things in the past and a notable incident is she claimed that the colour of Lego Bricks in Lego City Undercover are not gender equal.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

133 thoughts on “Swedish Newspaper Thinks Nintendo Should Ban Senran Kagura 2”

    1. The nintendo magistrate

      And I think they should shut the fuck up ! i think the anime is fun well the dub at least the games good too bet its just bible bashing soccer mums

        1. The nintendo magistrate

          Wow, bit over the top there ! yes she’s a feminist but that doesn’t warrant behavior/language like that.

          1. What, so your defending feminists ? That’s just laughable like they would even thank you anyway. Probably bitch for attention like they always do women are only good for taking our shit , giving us pleasure and giving us something to gloat about all in all women are pointless!

              1. Fine by me punk ass! Like I said before girls are only good for being whores and taking our shit other than dat they is worthless yo. Ya get me? ent nice getting served is it?

                1. The nintendo magistrate

                  Judging by the way you act your obviously a immature prepubescent teen who is picked on in high school or college and has no friends so you let it out on people over the internet, either way you look at it that’s pretty ridiculous.

                    1. The nintendo magistrate

                      Once you learn to act your age and something your not Please come back and i’m sure you will make some friends.

              1. The nintendo magistrate

                I’m usually not one to side with things like this but Cheesukan is right, as-well as everybody else who is against your little hatred on women. I for one even though being a man found your statement of women offensive and im sure the women here did as-well yes the game has ecchi content but not everybody that busy it are perverts! I’m just happy they are localizing these games in the first place , plus don’t fans of Nintendo cry out for more mature content and when we finally get it there’s people that get upset I see both sides but i’m a gentleman first and a gamer second plus i know games a lot more worse than this title but im not going to ramble on over that topic.

    1. She’s on drugs. Gender equality in Legos? Everyone plays fucking Legos. The woman is mad.

      People like this are the reason why people look at nintendo systems are kiddie systems.

  1. just let people buy whatever the fuck they want. People like different things and no it doesn’t create an unrealistic view of women because people with a brain know the difference between reality and fantasy.

  2. You think I’m going to listen o someone who tries to find gender equality in Lego bricks?!

    I agree games like Senran Kagura are awkward for their over the top fanservice. I wish the developers would focus less on trying to make breasts enormous and 3D naked girls punching other 3D naked girls, and rather focus their efforts into making a game you can take seriously. But you know what? If the developers want to create something like that, and some players want to get the game, then let them! It’s not rare in any kind of media (games, books, movies, TV programs) to have a fanservice title full of women or men in less clothes doing stuff that would be considered objectifying them. It’s not up to anyone but the audience to determine if they’ll consume those products or not!

    But seriously, who complains about Lego bricks being gender equal?!

  3. Don’t worry. The swedes in that comment section think the same about that statement as the rest of us.

  4. How dare she say the developers and buyers should be ashamed of themselves. She should be ashamed of saying such a thing. And I’m sorry but, lego bricks with no ‘gender equality?’ it’s just lego and that’s how it’s always been.
    I’m sick of people like her trying to ruin fun for others, may it be playing a mature game of women with big breast or playing a game with a strong female character who happens to have big breast or short clothes. Why should it matter, as long as the game is good and people enjoy the gameplay cos that’s kinda what games are for?

  5. No it shouldn’t be. Let people play what they want to play. And just because the 3DS is a family friendly platform doesn’t mean the game should not come. There has to be games that cater to everyone.

      1. Actually, I never bought the first one, on account of my friend steering me clear of it due to gameplay being a bit shallow.
        If the second follows the first, then I don’t think I’d get it.
        After the kind of deep and meaningful romantic interaction I got from the Ar Tonelico games, a lot of games that use fanservice just don’t feel as interesting anymore…

  6. I’d buy games like these but my parents basically say the same things as this lady. “Everyone who buys it should be ashamed.” “These games are degrading towards women.” People never complain about games like GTA, so I don’t see the problem here.

    1. “People never complain about games like GTA”


      Wasn’t GTAIV the most widespread controversial game since Doom?

    1. Of course you dumb Norrmän would make a song about that. But you’re the ones building round houses so that dogs wont piss inside.

        1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

          So stupid, at least in my territory they go a long just fine, learning from each other and all that human nonsense…

  7. While I think there could be more women in Lego and slightly less effort into making the perfect schoolgirl boob, the writer of the article seems to go a bit far with her statements.

    Then again, people telling her she should go and die aren’t being very mature in response.

  8. Bad translation is bad.

    She never said that it should be banned.

    She said that she thinks “it’s a shame” that these games are being developed and bought”, not that the developers and consumers should be ashamed.

    Just let people critize the things that they think is important, it’s not the end of the world that some people finds games like this disgusting.

    I haven’t read her text about Lego City Undercover, but considering how bad this article was translated, it wouldn’t sursprise me if that also were badly translated and taken way out of context.

  9. Well, the lady is clearly insane, because she believes in “girl colors and boy colors” which do not exist. Then she is complaining about someone’s creativity. If the style of the game is to have these clearly objectified women, then that’s the style. If people want to buy it and are interested in the style, then NO ONE should be “ashamed” of what they like.

    What this woman is doing is trying to mess with people’s minds and FORCE them to believe what she believes. That is an even bigger issue in the world right now.

    Nintendo’s console is kid friendly, because of all the safety features it possesses and because of the ability to find games that are kid friendly. Competing consoles do not have such a selection available. HOWEVER, that does not mean that non-kid friendly games can’t appear on the console. That is ridiculous! Age restrictions prevent kids from getting games they should not own, nt the console manufacturers.

    Look at Netflix. It is kid friendly, as long as you take the appropriate steps to making it so, but that doesn’t mean Netflix can’t be fun for teens and adults.

    This lady’s opinion sucks…. in my opinion.

    1. “What this woman is doing is trying to mess with people’s minds and FORCE them to believe what she believes. That is an even bigger issue in the world right now.”

      That’s just ridiculous. In what way is she trying to “FORCE” people to belive what she believes?

      1. “She doesn’t like muh anime tiddie simulator games and thinks they’re harmful stereotypes against women #gamergate help me!!!!”

        She’s honestly not, but of course this type of over reaction to saying anything about sexualization in video games gets this type of response. It makes nerds uncomfortable when you point out their garbage, naturally.

  10. There’s a lot of people arguing about “Nintendo is for kids” and “No, Nintendo is for mature people as well! How about this: Nintendo is for both kids and mature gamers. Period.

    This girl’s probably another anti-gamergate social justice warrior spewing out nonsense.

        1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

          So any game that has big breasted women fighting & getting their clothes torn off, which can AND will happen in real life, should be banned? Big breasted women do exist, by the way, so it’d be just as wrong to ban any games that feature them getting their clothes torn off, over exaggerated or not. Besides, no one ever bats an eye when a game comes out that objectifies men with all of them being muscular. With that said, I think the people that only get upset over objectified women are just as sexist.

          1. When’s the last time you saw a big-breasted woman get her clothes torn off? Not that it’s never happened, but it happens more frequently in a video game character’s day than in your day, I’m sure.

            Muscular men aren’t being sexually objectified. Muscular men are powerful and are therefore being seen as subjects of action rather than objects.

            1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

              True… but it can & does happen. Just because you don’t witness it yourself doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Women can & will fight each other in ways that results in clothes getting torn.

              And muscular men aren’t sexualized? lol Women can be just as shallow as men when it comes to looks. Not to mention in some, if not most, action movies with muscular men, they always end up with a hot ass chick. To some people, this can send the message that the only way to get the girl is to be big & muscular which strongly ties in with sexual attraction. So think again.

        1. Nope. Bayonetta 2 is amazing. Let me guess. You “personally couldn’t stomach it” because of Bayonetta’s character, right? The gameplay doesn’t matter at all to you?

          1. I played the demo and found the gameplay boring, but I will admit I haven’t been into action games since PS1 basically. The character design just made the decision not to buy it easier, for me.

            1. Thanks for explaining. Well then, Bayonetta just isn’t your cup of tea. I can understand that. However, I do not think that this game should be banned. I don’t even play them and don’t particularly like them either, but I feel that people have the right to play them. I can admit that this is definitely objectifying women a little.

              1. Yeah, I don’t agree with censorship of course, and Nintendo wouldn’t be able to “ban” it, they’d just be able to decide not to allow it to be published for their hardware, as they’ve done in the past for other titles. I think the Swedish person who wrote the piece has a good point, though, and I’m glad they’re sticking up for trying to end the objectification of women. I would be happy if Nintendo shared that stance.

    1. -_- what purpose? To serve gamers of all kinds? The first one was on the 3DS anyways so I don’t see this one being banned on the 3DS.

  11. “you shouldn’t shame a girl for wearing tiny clothes, but you should be ashamed of yourself for playing something where girls wear tiny clothes”-SJW moto

    1. Because someone, who is an adult can make the choice to wear “tiny clothes” THEMSELVES. Girls in these games who wear “tiny clothes” are normally made to do so to appeal to males and not due to some choice (like bayonetta)
      But of course we can cherry pick all day everyday.

      1. bayonetta was designed by a woman. Kamiya asked to the artist to draw a powerful woman. What you see is the “a powerful woman ” as seen by a woman

      2. who cares, fictional characters are not real. Their mindset is made by the creator, and that technically means the character would choose to wear them.

  12. Does this not seem idiotic given the fact that games have their own ratings and should not be able to be obtained by children anyway? It’s the parents fault if the kid is able to play the game in the first place.

  13. And this is why I hate living in Sweden. I’m a woman. Bring on the tits if that’s what people want. It’s a fucking anime game, who cares. It’s not meant to be realistic.

  14. I normally don’t take part of this but that sounds ridiculous. Nintendo is accepting of any kind of “mature” games on their system if they didn’t then this game wouldn’t have existed in the first place. Nintendo will/already publish 3 mature games on Wii U known for their view on women yet no one had a problem with that because it shows the strength in women not easily vulnerable which she must be thinking about this game. I lost it at the Lego part i’m not an idiot who can’t tell a female brick from a male. What she’s saying we need boobs on Lego figures?

  15. Um. Okay. I was with the article up till the Lego bricks not being gender equal part. How do you find gender inequality in the colors of Lego bricks?

  16. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

    My goodness hahaha. Buying this game because it is awesome. hate towards big breasted women should be curtailed.


  17. Since Nami was stated by Oda to be Swedish if the Strawhats were to have real world nationalities, I can tell this woman would have a problem with her due to her “ways of business” and many sexual attire. XD

  18. Lego USED to be gender-equal. But lately they’ve been doing a lot of segregating. Using licensed properties that boys are most into, and relegating girls to the super-girly “Lego Friends” line full of pastel pinks. It’s sick and gross, actually. Lego was much more gender-neutral in the old days, when it was just a big ol’ box of bricks to build whatever you wanted.

  19. I get her point about it being objectifying in a way, but she is going too far when she says the buyers are immoral for buying a game they enjoy.

  20. I’d probably buy this game myself if it released here in North America. Even though I hate anime. Hehe.

    The problem with anime girls is that they look better than real life girls (talking about their faces). When I dwell in anime girls and all of their cuteness, all real girls seem boring and uninteresting. Though if a real life girl had eyes as big as an anime character, I’d probably take off running from thinking it’s an alien. LOL!

    1. Wait…….it IS coming to North America? Looks like I’ll have to put my money where my mouth is and support this game.

  21. The misogyny within the gaming community really comes out when articles such as this pop up. I believe in freedom of speech, but just because something is legal doesn’t make it moral. There is a difference between sexy and sexualization. One is empowering and the other is degrading. This feminist/bitch/dyke/cunt–whatever you idiots want to call her is right. Objectification of women is shameful and harmful, and I can only imagine being a woman and being bombarded with this imagery every day…and then called names if I dare speak out against it. Grow the fuck up, people, and think of the women in your life who deserve more from you. I don’t agree with her reasoning that it goes against Nintendo’s family friendly image, because Nintendo has taken steps to shed that image, but sexual objectification is offensive and wrong no matter what the audience. In the end, game developers/publishers will do whatever they think will net the most cash, but when the hell are they going to realize that there is such a thing as girls who play games, too, and it would benefit them to reach out more to this largely untapped market. Again, there is a difference between sexy and sexualization (sexy is something you project, sexualization is something that is done to you). By focusing on the former it is possible to appease every potential audience.

    1. What would you say to women who like/enjoy these games?

      The only people who need to ‘grow the fuck up’ are the morons who find this offensive. Who the hell is forcing those people to even acknowledge it? calling for censoring is utterly pathetic.

  22. Welp, Japan has sexualization issues out the yin-yang, but this lady’s obviously the kind of feminist whose ideal world would be one entirely without men, so I’m pretty torn here.

  23. Nobody who likes these games need worry about the evil’s of feminism, as they well never come in contact with a human woman due to their repulsive appearances and visible stink lines.

  24. If your an adult and like anime girls your probably a pedo. Fact, its weird and is even evidence it can lead to full pedophilia. You yourself who like it ptobably know your filthy secret yourself.

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      >.< There is also "evidence" that violent video games like GTA can lead someone to become a full blown criminal. But last time I checked, there aren't millions of people committing the crimes of what they see in a video game, just a very small minority. And that minority was most likely already fucked up in the head long before they touched that video game. So should stuff like this be banned from everyone because there is the occasional loser that goes out & commits a crime because of it? Hell fucking no! Better go buy a huge plot of land, get a ton of like minded people to move on to the land with you, & block yourselves off from the rest of society. THEN you are more than welcome to ban whatever you see fit.

    1. Fuck all these morons. Trying to censor something that isn’t harmful, or being forced down their/anybody’s throats?

      I’m disgusted by these people. Low down trash.

  25. See where the problem of Nintendo’s maturity came from? You have dumbass sensitive parents here complaining about mature games like these trying to come to Nintendo platforms. It’s no longer Nintendo’s fault for having to uphold their “kiddy” image because of overly pretentious dickheads like those parents.

  26. Well, it looks like the die-hard supporters of ‘art’ like this are a buncha misogynistic ‘holes, gauging by the comments. I consider myself a feminist and do agree with the sentiment behind disliking these games, but I also believe in the freedom to make them and for others to buy them. I tend to steer clear of unnecessary artificial sexuality, since I prefer to express my sexuality with people. Still, some have troubles with ‘real’ sexuality, and that’s why I think fun sexual diversions like these games are OK…it would just ease my heart if men who played these games understood that women ARE being objectified and that you may have warped or skewed standards towards women and real sexuality. Do what you want, but stop hate-mongering towards the good feminists out there fighting for equality. Plus, if you think feminism is primarily man-hating, then you are plain wrong and ignorant. Anyhoo, everyone have fun out there and quit perpetuating hatred and sexist violence. Peace!!

  27. What’d you expect ? Their feminists . They’ll just their SJW nonsense to ruin Video Games . They have an opinion too .

  28. What did you expect ? They are feminists . They’ll try their SJW nonsense . They do have a opinion but they don’t need to be berks about it .

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  31. Studies and common sense indicate clearly that we humans are visual creatures. We are also very sexual. Put two and two together and you make money. That is why sex sells, it’s in the logic of our species. I do not believe entertainment should be judged by morals, that’s simply too regressive a stance for rational people to take.

    You are free to judge whatever/whoever you want, but… unless you approach human nature with empathy, you will never understand it.

  32. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    I really do dislike feminists like these. Unless every single person that plays games like these go out & mistreat women, it should not be banned. Just because there is the slim chance some loser, yes a loser because only a loser would take what they see in a game or movie or whatever & think it’s right to go out & commit whatever they saw in said game or movie or whatever, might take this game to heart & get some fucked up sense of reality in their heads doesn’t mean the majority of those that don’t should be punished.

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