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Nintendo President Admits That The Wii U Probably Isn’t People’s First Console Of Choice

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confessed to Time that the Wii U probably isn’t most people’s console of choice. However, he does say that the majority of people will use it as a secondary console to play all the Nintendo exclusives. Iwata says that he isn’t satisfied with how the Wii U has been received by consumers and I suspect he wishes to change this with the Nintendo NX.

The comparatively weak response to the Wii U isn’t lost on Iwata. “Certainly I’m not satisfied with the current situation,” he says. “It may not be [people’s] first console of choice, but they recognize it as perhaps the best second console,” he adds. In truth, the Wii U may turn out to be a placeholder. “I think they’ve bought themselves time to figure out what that next monumental step forward is,” says Digital World Research analyst P.J. McNealy. Adds Yves Guillemot, CEO of games publisher Ubisoft: “The challenge for Nintendo now is to make sure their hardware continues to be convincing enough for people to buy.” Guillemot is confident the company can do that.

114 thoughts on “Nintendo President Admits That The Wii U Probably Isn’t People’s First Console Of Choice”

  1. It wouldn’t be mine either! Still, I won’t have an Xbox Won or a PS4 yet so in a way it was. We all chipped in for the Wii U so it worked out pretty well. Smash Bros dominates everything anyway.

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      Guys, if QOL isn’t mentioned at this years E3, I don’t think it’ll ever be mentioned again. There is so much stuff going on right now, I’m wondering where the focus is.

      1. QoL isn’t game/entertainment related, so I doubt they’ll talk about it at E3. And if they do, it won’t be much. E3 is all about them news around entertainment!

  2. Nintendo needs the NX to be a home console but if they make it a hybrid… that’d be so freaking sweet.

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      Bought it for Xenoblade X. Loved it For Bayonetta 2, and shared it with Smash and Mario Kart.

      1. Just reading that reminds me of why I love it so much. I can’t wait to experience what is yet to come.

  3. That would be 1: PS4 2: Wii U 3: PS3 ( not kidding ) 4: Xbox 360 maybe and then Xbox ONE ( Because it’s sales is shit in Japan. ( It ain’t got a chance )

      1. Same here. Minus the last one. I would want it for the first two. Wish that Kingdom Hearts III came to the Wii U though. That would pretty much give me everything I want or have time for.

    1. Yeah right. Atari Jaguar calls. It said it had “the best graphics” but all the games sucked ass. “Where did you lean to fly?” Where did you learn how to make games that are FUN? Nintendo has that! Always did.

      1. you know what’s the problem? the games on PS4 can be both fun and good looking…better hardware does not only provides pretty graphics, it also provides better AI, more enemies on screen, bigger worlds…. you know…things that could make the game more fun….

        1. How many more enemies do we need? Some games have hundreds some thousands on screen at once, do we need hundred of thousands, perhaps ww3 will not be fought on the battle feild, but occulus rift.

        2. Better hardware is great, and Wii U should have had more power (equal to XBone imo), but traditionally the most powerful console has never “won” a generation. The current one is looking to become an exception.

  4. I think that Wii U is great but PS4 and Xbox One was made to cater for faster and easier development of games with all the PC architecture and engines and languages supported. Also, these freaking third-party developers are so lazy to think of something innovative and take extra time to develop on Wii U. Wii U will go down as one of the best consoles in video game history that didn’t have its full potential unlocked.

    I would really like to know why Nintendo’s going mobile. This will really hurt their IPs and their ability to sell hardware. Sure it will rapidly help them in the short amount of time but in the long run it won’t especially on the hardware side. Why should gamers buy their handheld thinking it will be possible for them to release these games as mobile games anyway? Third-party exclusives are especially strong on their handheld business as well but it isn’t far-fetched that they may follow what Nintendo will be doing.

    I was expecting them to release a Nintendo phone at least to attract mobile/ casual gamers not go this path. Also, with this decision, they will have to ramp up significantly and I mean a very huge significant rapid development of games and more new IPs along the way.

    Oh well, but I’m just a Ninty fan here. Here’s hoping they’ve learned their lessons and not just pressured to go mobile.

    Also, I want to know the Commander’s thoughts on Nintendo going mobile. It will be a tough pill to swallow after all their stubbornness before and believing they’re right until they changed their mind.

    1. I honestly think the best we’ll get mobile wise (or at least hoping) is some sort of miiverse app. Even if they bring IPs over I don’t think they’ll be huge games because the 3DS is essentially the “Nintendo Phone”.

    2. You are right about PS4 and Xbox 1, I read again an article about the tear down of the Xbox and PS4. The design of each was to make a customised PC (customized if you live in north america) by them and easy to develop for studio.

      On the other hand Investor/stock holder like to make money. Iwata-san was pressured to go mobile for a while and if he wanted to keep his job, he had to make that choice. Look at the market share and all the so call financial experts who are happy about it.
      On the top of that Nintendo being a japanese company in the first place look at their step door and see the way people play games in Japan. I am pretty sure Nintendo has a very good knowledge on the japanese/Asia market , OK market intelligent market for America (no limit only to US and Canada) but mediocre market intelligence for Europe which to be fair is a region with at least 60 countries. Hence why the wii U is not doing great and go to mobile market

    1. My Wind Waker Is Bigger (I.A.B.A.B)

      I do too. Let’s hope it’s far better than Wii u and even more powerful than ps4 and xboxone. If it’s not powerful than people will hate it and bash it for being weak again. You should know what comes after that.

        1. That’s incorrect. There are more examples of weaker consoles being successful. The gameboy, DS and wii had weaker hardware than competitors. The DS is the second best selling console of all time, the game boy is third and the wii was the best selling console of last generation. The Gamecube was as strong as competitors but didn’t sell well.

  5. My Wind Waker Is Bigger (I.A.B.A.B)

    Maybe if the fucking 3 party company develop some damn games for it people would probably want one. Hell the only main reason why I bought a Wii u was for smash,splatoon and zelda. I’ve never played star fox so that would get me to buy a Wii u as well. But after all of that what’s even fucking left? I hate to say this but the Wii u will die if Nintendo don’t pull out the rest of their big guns.

    1. Yeah, but after they DO get the third party, they still have to convince people that their console is the best choice to play the games on.

      1. My Wind Waker Is Bigger (I.A.B.A.B)

        Exclusives is what the Wii u needs, add good non kiddy advertising to that mixture and bam! The wii u could and would have been a succuss. But it’s far to late for that shit to happen.

              1. My Wind Waker Is Bigger (I.A.B.A.B)

                Say if call of duty became exclusive to Wii u. Which will never happen, but could make a major difference.

        1. No. There’s more to it than that.
          *Online experience
          *Overall system performance, etc.

          1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

            Sony doesn’t advertise the PS4 compared to before it came out and it still is 100k a week. Online experience have to do with power and CPU so agree power sells. PS4 doesnt need exclusives to sell it has power. Performance has a lot to do with power. So you basically reword ed everything I said.

            1. 1: They already got the advertising right. Tons of people know what the PS4 is.
              2: Know it doesn’t. Power of the system has absolutely nothing to do with trying to visit the online store. Lmao.
              3: Yes it does. Exclusives are always needed. It helps to differentiate your console from the competition. Why do you think people that own gaming PC’s aren’t all that interested in it? They already have “power”. There’s just a lack of exclusives they want to play. Which is why getting more exclusives is a good thing.

              1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

                Power doesn’t have nothing to do with online? Yet my Wii U gets kicked off Netflix sometimes and it can’t handle 100 pikmin and 3 charact r rs or 8 player smash.

              2. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

                Wii u has the most exclusives and yet COD, GTA, Fifa, are still top 10 yet Smash nor 3D world or MK8 or Toad’s treasure tracker ir Bayonetta 2 or…..should I continue? Power sells consoles PS4 proves that. If not then why isnot the Wii U outselling PS4?

              3. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

                Exclusives don’t work you said it yourself against me 6 months ago. 3D world didn’t save wii u, Smash didn’t save wii u, tropical freeze didn’t save wii u and Knack didn’t save PS4. Power saves PS4 something wii u lacks.

              4. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

                Also HollowJ if Exclusives are so important than explain why people want the NX out by 2016 when Wii u has exclusives coming then huh?

      2. And these third party companies have got to do their part too. They have to advertise these games to let people out there know that these multiplats can also be played on the ” NX “. The ” NX ” will certainly by default be more powerful than the PS4 and the Xbox One so that alone may peak the interest of the hardcore gaming crowd but Nintendo has definitely got to massively advertise this system…….I’m talking Apple like advertising…..especially if this is a home console/handheld hybrid system. It will sell like hotcakes if they do everything the RIGHT way

  6. It’s my first choice :) I own like 3 games on PS4 that I bought myself even though my bro has a few games too – The Last Of Us Remastered, Metal Gear Solid V and WWE 2K15: Hulkamania Edition and picking up Resident Evil Revelations 2 on Friday along with 6 amiibo! :D May have to get 2 more Mario amiibo to spray paint them Gold and Silver lol

  7. It was my first choice out of the new gen systems. Right now nothing exclusive on the 1 or 4 impress me enough to even want to own them, let alone be my fist choice.

  8. It was my first choice. Mainly because it came up first, but also because Nintendo focus mainly on the quality of the games and not the quantity of them. Also, I really wanted to finally buy a console at launch…

  9. It was my first choice. I just bought a PS4 last month. Haven’t ventured away from Nintendo in close to 10 years. The original PSP was my last non nintendo console. Having said that, I feel horrible because all I’ve been playing lately is the PS4. Beat the Last of Us Remastered and was amazed. Been playing Entwined, Valient Hearts, and Shadow of Mordor. I was really upset when SoM skipped Wii U. It is such a great game!!! Highly recommend. The main reason I got a PS4 was for Kingdom Hearts 3. Can’t wait.

  10. The console is indeed struggling but it’s still selling. Also Nintendo said they weren’t leaving the console market which is a good decision. There’s always room for improvement.

    1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

      It may be the best console ever made but 20 million PS4 owners don’t think so.

  11. To commander. Not really your week is dear Pleb. And the problem with Nintendo. Is iwata and Reggie. They announced NX and the next announcement should be new Blood

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      You’re looking pretty confident. Too bad Anonymous opinions only count for 1/3 of a person on here.

  12. The U was clearly my first choice of this gen, don’t let them get to you Nintendo yall have always came out in the end

  13. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

    Of course Iwata you didn’t think of 2015 in 2008 when making Wii U. If you did then it would have sold like PS4. You were stupid into thinking a more powerful PS3 wold take off like wii. Dumb in not realizing Sony was also working on PS4. So why would the Wii u be the last choice?

  14. Actually, it was my first, and in fact only choice from this generation of home consoles. With the Wii U and the 3DS I’m completely overwhelmed by all the quality titles available. So far I’ve had absolutely no need to buy a second home console from this gen. Perhaps that day will come, but not just yet.

    1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

      Yeah will you are one of the 9.2million wii u owners vs. The 20million PS4 owners. So at least over 10 million extra PS4 owners don’t own a Wii u. Therfore it proves power attracts consumers to hardware over games and it has even been proven Wii U’s graphics can be on par with PS4 if they wanted and the game would still sell better on the PS4. why? BECAUSE POWER SELLS HARDWARE regardless how SHITTY 3rd party games are.

      1. Processing power doesn’t sell jack shit. Obviously you have absolutely no knowledge of the history of video gaming before the PS4. This is in fact the first console generation, where the console with the most processing power is winning. And that’s not due to processing power but because Sony had the most coherent package of hardware, branding, price policy, communication etc. The Wii U suffered from poor branding, non existent marketing and a confusing, underused concept. The games are fantastic, tho

        The general consumer doesn’t give a rats ass about framerates, gigs, pixels etc. They buy what they consider fun and attractive, at a competitive price. If you put say Mario Kart 8 running next to a PS4 game, the general consumer couldn’t tell which console packs more power, unless they were told, and that’s a fact. All this talk about processing power appeal to the young, technology conscious males, that man the video game related boards of the internet.

  15. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

    So NX is a 2018 product. It needs between 500 to 700gigs. It needs 6gigs for the OS and 5 gigs for gaming. This way Nintendo can make plenty of updates with plenty of gigs. Wii U has too few gigs for Wii OS to operate with Wii U controllers. If they added 4 gigs it could handle it. Wii U OS is too weak to handle Wii and needs another OS for Wii. If Wii U had more than 1 gig it could handle it. Wii U OS is slow because it’s too weak to go fast. If Wii U had more than one gig it could be faster. That’s why it’s not selling like PS4. It lacks power.

      1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

        Don’t get mad at me because the PS4 proved power sells over weak consoles. Sony used common sense and played PS4 in R&D 6 years ahead. Nintendo only thought about out performing the PS3 when Wii u was in R&D.

      1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

        not a good idea to release it next year. A rushed product is a mistake. They need more R&D and have to estimate how powerful it can last 6 years from now.

  16. He speaks as if there only exists core gamers. But in reality, they have a huge potential to sell the console to people who don’t really play a lot of games, but would like to have one around for fun multiplayer / party games.
    I know some people that have a Wii U just because it’s fun to play with people (be it Nintendo Land, Mario Kart etc.), and I’m certain they have a lot of ground to cover on this area. More of these kind of games, more marketing and public stunts, making the word of how fun it is to play Wii U games with others.
    Way too few people know what this console has.

    1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

      The core gamers bring in hardware sales. Wii U and PS4 sales comparison prove that.

  17. The Wii U is my first and only choice. Theres nothing on the PS4 and XboxOne that really interests me. And if there was a game that I really wanted to play, I’ll just play it on my brothers dusty PS4.

  18. My Wind Waker Is Bigger (I.A.B.A.B)

    Just had the craziest fucking idea ever. What if the Wii u was just a prototype of the NX. Knowing the NX is will probably be a handheld and system put together. What if Nx was what the Wii u was meant to be. If you really look at Wii u and how it’s menus are it just like a updated version of the Wii.

    1. Sorry guys pressed post when I wasn’t ready. Anyway Nintendo has a hard time getting non Nintendo fans. Nintendo just needs more variety in their game library and more game releases per month.

  19. You guys are stupid third party will not make games in any Nintendo system, even thought they make it powerful, they think Nintendo needs to die.
    And Nintendo’s down fall is they need to think that they need to put multiplayer online modes to there games. Gamers this days cant play by themselves anymore
    Put multiplayer online in Mario, donkey kong, star fox I mean all of them. it’s fun playing with other people you know
    Just think about super Mario 3d world playing it with other people online it will be fun.

  20. Most gamers see the PS4 and Xbox One as far more future-proof. They won’t drop their scarce dollars on last-genish hardware. I am not most gamers and buy based on games, thus the Wii U was a must-buy. IMO last gen graphics are still amazing having been through every era since the Atari 2600. I just appreciate everything more. Same reason the low resolution of the 3DS doesn’t bother me at all. I am playing an enhanced Ocarina of Time on a portable device in 3D and it is practically a miracle to me. Now developers have to waste so much effort wowing people with graphics we have hardly any highly rated “next-gen” AAA games.

  21. I don’t know if this sounds nice or not but I’ve always liked Nintendo when there under pressure. They just know they have to try harder when there console is failing and they have to make more amazing games for people to want it!

  22. “It may not be [people’s] first console of choice, but they recognize it as perhaps the best second console,”
    Some people don’t recognize it at all.

  23. It was my first choice but I got mixed feelings towards it. I mainly bought it because of the games but there better be a better online infrastructure. Add a game invite option and add voice-chat in your games and I’d be playing till the sun is up every morning ^_^

  24. And he didn’t realize this 2 years ago when no one was buying a Wii U and yet PS4 sold a milli day one?

    I feel bad for the people who do say that Wii U is their first choice console. Obviously, they don’t have the money to afford a PS4 / XB1, otherwise, they would’ve jumped ship long ago like most people.

    Fyi, that lame excuse of PS4 / XB1 not having games has been old for over a year now. PS4 has more games out for it right now than Wii U will in its lifetime. Not to mention it has the two highest rated games of this gen on the console (Last of Us and GTA V).

  25. So says the faggot who took his time to cum on a Nintendo website to piss Sony semen all over as troll bait, fyi Wii U has more games rated above 90 then your Ps4 which is in reality a ps3.2

  26. Nothing wrong with the wiiu I own one it’s the third party companies like Konami squareenix and capcom that use to produce amazing games for nintendo decided to get mentally challenged and go all out to mobile devices and other consoles because they developed a phobia of Nintendos incredibly large game pad must be controller envy or something but all kidding aside I don’t blame nintendo I blame these great companies that use to make great games for nintendo not nintendo,nintendo is still making amazing games people don’t see it because the third parties went away!

  27. @RickNash I’d rather save up for a gaming PC rather than a PS4/XBONE. There is a reason so many people love to use “PC Master Race”. Not to mention I get to save more money in the long run which isn’t stupid, that is smart coming from a consumer.

  28. Want good quality games with great replay value? Get a Wii U. All you want is power? Build a PC, don’t waste your money on a PS4/XB1 because PCs can always be upgraded to the next generation. *Eats popcorn* problem solved. Come at me bros

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