Project CARS 2 May Already Be Confirmed

project_cars_2_confirmed_ian_bell_slightly_mad_studios_wmd_forumRumour has it Project CARS 2 is already in the works, even though the first Project CARS isn’t even out yet. Project CARS is a new racing game developed by Slightly Mad Studios, with a pretty unique development process. People could buy “Tool Packs” that allowed them certain amounts of access to the development depending on how much they bought, contributing to fundraising of the project. The release date for Project CARS on the Wii U is sometime later this year, while for other consoles it’s early May.

Well before the release, Ian Bell, Head of Studio, has updated their forum revealing plans to set up Project CARS 2 which were leaked, as you need special access to the forum. Although, I wouldn’t say this is “confirmed” as much as the studios setting out their intentions assuming Project CARS 1 is successful. Maybe they’re getting ahead of themselves a bit.

A very short update for now as I’m jet-lagged to hell and back but the good news is that we will be continuing the WMD setup for pCARS2.We will open new forum sections when the game (pCARS1) ships to support the new users and you WMD experts will all have access and we’d greatly appreciate your assistance advising new users.

I’ll be implementing a new non-profit return form of WMD for pCARS2 (to avoid the FSA hassle) and will set a purchase time limit of 2-3 months for those who want to take part. Following this, involvement will be closed. The tiers won’t have the higher cost options that we currently have (probably capped at 100 pounds with excellent benefits) and those who want to approach me personally to invest in the new game can do so providing it’s at or above 50k.

I planned to release the above information with a new web page explaining the details of each purchase tier but we’re insanely busy and haven’t found the time. I’m aware though that I promised an update so here it is.

In short, we want to continue and extend the community involvement in the pCARS brand which has proven to be so very effective and we want to ensure this great community lives on and thrives into the future.



  1. Before anyone bashes them, it’s like movies. They plan ahead with what they’re doing even though they haven’t gotten a movie out yet. If Project Cars 2 is actually in the works, it can also be cancelled if Project Cars doesn’t do to well….. Or they can go to kickstarter. But regardless many people do it especially game companies including Nintendo so I don’t want any hypocrites on here bashing these developers when nintendo does the same.

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    1. I agree completely. I only feel it’s in… poor taste I wanna say to talk about their potential sequel to a game that hasn’t released yet. But you know I just find it more eye brow raising then shrugging it off worthy than frothing at the mouth and suspecting them of ill deeds and intent. I’ll wait for all versions of the game to release to start that speculation, lol.

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    2. >>>Like the empire, they said they were developing the new next generation console when the Wii U was revealed, whoever doesn’t agree with your statement is irrelevant by default>>>


    3. Yeah, that is true. But I just hope they don’t release the sequel too quick; they probably should wait at least until the middle of 2016 to officially announce it and maybe release it in 2017, all if the first game is as good as it should be.


  2. Hopefully they have enough cash to make it without kickstarter.
    If they try again what they did last time (add Wii U as afterthought only to reach their goal), it might not go so swimmingly this time.
    Also they burned a lot of people by dropping ps3 and 360, and delaying rest of their target platforms.

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  3. 3rd party at its finest! It may tank but hey lets make it a franchise anyway. Also passes day one dlc per order bonus too plplease!!


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      2. Yeah, I don’t game but I have a PS4 and the piece of shit Wii U. But you are right about my existence here, I do get entertained from you fuckboys.


      3. Awww your harsh words pierce my heart like an icicle. I’m baffled, you have stumbled me. I can’t come up with a decent comeback, oh wait! I don’t give a fuck :)


  4. Fuck U plays games like 5 nights at Freddies and games from steams green light like the ones made by 13yr kids thats just steal textures and character skins.


    1. That’s why the Wii U got meme runner which was made by a 12 year old right? But it won’t green light games like The Binding Of Issac: Rebirth.


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    1. Lol you know nothing about me XD

      I bought my PS4 and Wii U with my own money because I had a job. If you don’t believe me then that’s your problem.


      1. Nice troll guy, I wonder how that many people got into this pointless discussion. Congratulations, Nintendo fans, you’ve all shown your inteligence.

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      2. You mean Xbox One which you begged your mother to buy and then exploded once plugged. That’s low end PC for you; runs like shit similar to Windows Vista/8


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  7. I implore everyone who even remotely likes racing games to buy this on the Wii U, if Nintendo owners can show a new game can sell well chances are we will get Project CARS 2 either on the Wii U or the next home console depending on the release date for PCARS 2. Now they just need to show some Wii U footage!


    1. If it’s another Watch Dogs fiasco, I am under NO OBLIGATION to support them for trying to give me a lesser version of the game other consoles got. I’d rather have no games at all than get shitty games just for the sole purpose of so called “support.”


      1. Then tell me exactly what’s different in Project CARS that stands out from other similar games?


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