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Yooka-Laylee Surpasses Stretch Goal Of £1,000,000 In A Day

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Kickstarter for the upcoming game Yooka-Laylee, you’ll know that they reached their funding goal of £175,000 within 40 minutes of it starting. Now, it’s only been a day and they’ve reached their utmost stretch goal of £1,000,000– they’ve had to make up more! Making all of the stretch goals means they can add features like 2-4 player local multiplayer versus mode, transformations into ‘unexpected things’ (whatever that means!) and most importantly, a Wii U release of the game on day one. It became the fastest game on Kickstarter to reach $1,000,000, which just goes to show how much fans want this kind of game. Their new goals since reaching £1,000,000 are:

  • £1,100,000– Goin’ Old Skool! N64 shader mode plus a credits “GK Rap + video” written by Grant Kirkhope
  • £1,200,000– Let’s Play! (Tonic) Developer walk-through and commentary video

62 thoughts on “Yooka-Laylee Surpasses Stretch Goal Of £1,000,000 In A Day”

      1. I know, I made that comment a while ago and didn’t do some research before hand, sorry for the confusing comment.

        1. Kind of funny, seeing how I’m only 21 years old, play on all platforms (Including tablets and Smartphones), studied Broadcasting Journalism and Game Development at College, have A and A* in my ICT in Secondary School, and had an amazing family to help me through. Oh and also the ability to cook my own meals, living at home with low rent that I pay every 2 weeks, and own a nice 4K TV I got for only £899 by Samsung.

          I’m rather enjoying life really, I work to pay for the stuff I want, I enjoy giving to others rather than taking, I love to see indie devs create more games like this rather than another Brown and Grey shooter and so on.

  1. I hope they’re prepared to make even more stretch goals! This thing was predicted to easily make double-digit millions!!

    With past Kickstarter projects, does more money usually mean it’s released faster?

    1. I doubt it would, just because you get more money, doesn’t mean you’re physically capable of working faster, and with what they’ve shown so far, it seems they’ve been working as fast as they possibly can.

      Getting more money might make it take longer to release. The more features they add to the game due to reaching stretch goals, the more development time they need to actually implement them.

      1. That makes sense too. I was thinking they might be able to hire more people or outsource certain aspects.

        1. Yeah, they can, and I’m pretty sure much of the kickstarter is for this. But for any project, there is a number of tasks to be performed, and those tasks can not be divided infinitely. So at a certain point, adding more people doesn’t make the project go faster, at best it just means you have a bunch of people sitting down doing nothing, and at worse can slow down the project.

          For example, let’s say you want to dig a grave, Only so many people can dig one grave at one time. If you hire 50 people, the grave won’t be finished faster than if only a couple people dug it, since everyone’s shovel will get in the way if they try to go dig all at once. If you really want to optimize it, all you really need is about 4-6 people, where 2-3 people are digging at one time, and the others stand by for when they get tired and just keep taking turns.

        2. Thats a horrible idea, don’t bring in people who never touch Banjo Kazooie in the past, then you will clealr find part of the game that lack the magic of these guys.

          1. Not necessarily! You do know that only three out of the seven worked on the original Banjo-Kazooie? Some of them weren’t at Rare back then and were credited for games like Nuts ‘n Bolts and Perfect Dark Zero. Check out their kickstarter page if you don’t believe me.

            Why can’t you have newer developers developing this game? It’s clearly being managed by the ones who originally created BK but there’s absolutely no harm with new fresh ideas from people who didn’t work on the original.

            And before you object to what I’m saying, what if they hired an ex-Naughty Dog or Insomniac employee who worked on either Jak or Ratchet to help them make this game? Would you object to that!??

            Do some research next time kid

  2. I personally kinda find it weird that it takes £100,000 for a developer walk-through to happen, and I’d much rather have that money invested into actually improving the game, such as making worlds bigger or simply adding content. But that’s just me.
    Either way, it’s really nice to see the project is getting so much support, I hope it will turn out as promising as it sounds.

    1. Yeah, I thought that was a weird stretch goal too, should have been much earlier if there at all, but whatever.

    2. I’d rather see something like New Content or even hiring new staff members on board the help out with the project. But this is their first time on Kickstarter so I can see why they’re struggling with making ideas for goals.

    1. Well see as that it already hit a million in just a day you can bet that with more money pouring in , that it’ll definitely be a physical release.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        I hope so. They might be able to maximize profits by staying digital, though. Physical releases cost more money and if the price does not outweigh the potential sales, then they won’t go for a physical release.

        Best way to tell is ask who would be willing to buy a physical release of the game. If they get a good response (which, I bet they would) then they could go for it.

        Another reason might be that it is just easier to do digital and maybe they don’t want to add on yet ANOTHER thing to the development process…. though, I’d doubt that coming from the former employees of Rare. They are dedicated developers!

  3. Awesome. I hope that this game succeeds in every way possible. Also, that ‘G.K Rap’ yo!!!!!!!

    1. Nah, you’re talking about shovel ware games like Battlefield or Call of Duty, those aren’t quality games you silly billy.

    1. Personally, we need more games like this.
      Microsoft are rumoured to be helping Rare develop a real Banjo-Kazooie game rather than a sequel to Nuts’N’Blots (which I didn’t mind, I thought of it more of a spin off)

      1. Why? All the staff is with Playtonic. Microsoft has no experience making games that doesn’t have to obey the laws of nature. If they do make a Banjo Kazooie, and reviews are 9/10, I will buy an Xbox One.

    1. Price from Playtonic says he’s in love with Nintendo so maybe the stretch goal could be “Please buy us Nintendo before Microsoft does” XD

      1. Nintendo is too dumb to think of that. They let Microsoft take Rare and didnt do nothing about it. Why would they think to buy Playtonic? Nintendo doesnt even think futuristically in their R&D for gosh sakes.

  4. I wonder how much money they would need to hire enough people so the game can come out this year insteaad of next year.

    1. You don’t rush games, be fucking patient. Also ONLY Playtonic devs should touch their games don’t bring in others who have never worked on Banjo and such in the past, they lack the “magic” these guys have.

    2. I don’t want it to come out this year. Look at the game? Its boring. There is nothing but empty fields with simple enemies.

  5. If they pulled a “Mighty No 9” and released a physical version . I’ll buy 2 copies day ZERO …

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