Ubisoft’s “Hero” New IP Storyboard Trailers Leaked


Looks like someone has let the cat out of the bag early at Ubisoft as concept trailers for their new IP which is being dubbed Hero have found their way online. We heard earlier today that Ubisoft is developing a new IP which they hope to release before March 2016. Hero could well be the one that was mentioned. Ubisoft is apparently scrambling to remove the videos and the image. Guess it was a project that was due to be officially announced at E3 next month.


Thanks, Adrian F


  1. I’ll bet my lifetime earnings that it won’t be on the Wii U because of Ubisoft’s stubbornness…….smh

    1. LOL don’t say that! Because if it actually does come to the Wii U, you’ll be broke and homeless!

      1. We can’t even get bullshit games from Ubisoft like Tetris and Monopoly so what makes you think Wii U owners will have any chance at getting this game?……smh

        1. I don’t know. But I’m guessing why they keep avoiding Wii U is because of sales. They’re not getting enough money.

  2. I really hate when people leak games. Honestly, how do people even find this stuff before it’s officially announced?!

  3. Can we stop reporting on Ubisoft right now? They are non factors to Nintendo at the moment.

  4. I am gonna randomly guess this is going to be a retro/indie style game similar to Child of Light and will be some sort of RPG taking place in a modern setting/modern characters that mixes with elements of fantasy/traditional RPGs.

  5. This is not coming to the Wii U and even if it does, I would ignore it.

    They can claim 1% sales for all I care, I won’t support them even when I get my PS4 this week.

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