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Wii U Accounted For 1% Of Ubisoft’s Sales From 2014 To 2015


It’s probably not too surprising that recent Ubisoft titles have skipped the Wii U as the company has provided a breakdown of sales by platform and region and it clearly shows that the Wii U only accounted for 1% of sales in 2014 to 2015. In fact the original Wii shifted more software for Ubisoft than the Wii U. You can check out the sales breakdown in the chart uploaded above.

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    1. Valkyria Chronicles was a very late release on PC and still manage to get into the top selling Steam games. A game being late means little if the gamer cares to play it at all.

      Three games though, and to contradict your point: Assassin’s Creed 4 was a late release on the PS4/XB1 and still outsold the total Wii U sales of the game relatively quickly…. It doesn’t matter how late a game’s release is so long as the game has interest.

      1. I agree to an extent. Seeing as no advertising was done for the Wii U version of assassins creed 4 they really didn’t allow much interest to be had in it.
        When people don’t even know there’s a Wii U version of your game, you failed to market it for the Wii U.
        If you delay the game and release it after every other system has had it, and global interest has waned, then release it with barely a peep while hyping your other releases instead, you failed to market your game.

        Their marketing is supposed to help create the interest. If you walk into a restaurant and the waiter says “oh hi didn’t realize you were there, want pie? Probably not, it’s not that good anyway, you been to Lorenzo’s? Now they got good steak!” You think sales will skyrocket?

        1. Black Flag Wii U actually received a modest amount of advertising. The game featured the Wii U logo in trailers and boxart in commercials on TV, although the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions were central highlights. The PC and Wii U boxart were featured at the end of the commercials, a few seconds after the PS3 and 360 boxart. Even with that noted, the PC versions still got sales too. It’s a major market for Ubisoft, at least according to their sales data above.

          Sales won’t go up unless people start to understand that they need to actually give a crap first. If you walked into that restaurant with a chicken hat on your head and the restaurant happens to be a high class, 4 star, restaurant, and expected them to seat you and take your order without complaint… Maybe that’s not such a good idea. They ask you to either take off the hat or leave… If you knew full well that they would do this to you, then you shouldn’t have done it in the first place. If they (the Nintendo fans) don’t care, as many people claim when a game is announced to be skipping the Wii U, that is a CLEAR message to the developers and publishers that these fans do not care and will not purchase this game…. There’s no point in bringing a game to a system where the fanbase clearly rejects it. It’s a waste of time, resources and money.

          Personally, if I walked into a restaurant and saw they were too busy to take my order, I would either wait because I like their food or I would leave and come back some other time. If my waiter sucks I will either deal with them for the remainder of my meal or I would ask to see the manager for a minute about another matter and ask for a different waiter…. The one thing you forgot to mention in your analogy is whether or not this restaurant was something you have visited before. If you know what it’s like there, it’s easier to say “I won’t go there” or “I will go there”. You can easily say Ubisoft’s restaurant is a place with bad service, but delicious food…. It only gets repetitive if you go to eat there too often.

          1. My analogy was only meant to highlight the correlation between bad/non-existent marketing and salesmanship, and low sales.

            And the vocal minority who say things like “good, they’re crap anyway” etc shouldn’t have much effect on platform development decisions since these remarks are coming from hurt fans after said game is already announced to be cancelled, and should be treated the same as “well I didn’t want to go out with you anyway” type of remark from someone who’s just been rejected. Market research should be the bigger deciding factor for that.

            1. My apologies, but I didn’t really think of that as a very straightforward analogy… I pretty much missed it entirely. Ok so… If you’re a customer going into a restaurant, then it’s obvious that you knew the restaurant existed, so it’s not to say that there is a lack of advertising if you were aware of its presence to begin with. Your point on salesmanship is a good ones though. A waiter/waitress that does not follow through on what they are suppose to do does not communicate effectively with the customer, but… Even if communication is ‘meh’ or nonexistent with this waiter/waitress, you can still take aside a different one and get better communication with this new waiter/waitress, but that is assuming you cared enough to stay around after all this time. The thing is though: This kind of makes point on what I’m noting here.

              To your point: Advertising is indeed important, and a lack of it does not help sell a product; however, that doesn’t mean it is the only important point. The consumer also needs to have just as much attention towards this sector of business (checking gaming news websites) to actually receive the news. If they do not care for the company to begin with, then advertising is pointless. They will just ignore it and move along. And that is kind of where this problem begins with Nintendo fans.

              The vocal minority speak louder than a majority that say nothing…

              I’ll raise a point here on advertising though: Valkyria Chronicles had practically no advertising when it was released on Steam…. First it was rumored the game was going to be released and on the same day Sega confirmed its release…. A few days later they confirmed it would be released in 2 weeks and that was pretty much it! The fact that it sold so much should be contradictory to advertising a game, but it wasn’t them who advertised it, it was the fans and the media. People cared enough to talk about it and pre order it.

              Even if we take out the atrocious actions of fans, ‘market research’ would still determine the Wii U unsuitable for most third party games due to previous examples. Games that had advertising still did not perform to an acceptable degree. Nintendo HOSTED a conference specially to show off Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on the Wii U. It was a small conference, but it still got people talking including some big (at the time) Call of Duty YouTubers. That does not happen, but even with that kind of advertising, the game still sold an underwhelming amount. ZombiU, which had even more advertising than Black Ops 2 Wii U had sold quite a bit more than it did, but it got absolutely thrashed by a DLC rehash title that I’m pretty sure received just as much advertisement from Nintendo (New Super Mario Bros. U).

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    1. Watch Dogs and Just Dance. There could be more, but I think that’s it. Though they’ve still got some quality titles on the platform including Rayman Legends and Child of Light (which I enjoyed)

      1. It’s too bad the games Ubisoft puts out with real quality, like Rayman, Child of Light, Valiant Hearts, get next to no marketing in comparison to their “major” franchises.

        1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

          Although nobody wanted Watch Dogs anyway, it was still an utter farce. Ubisoft Mexico actually announced the release date, followed by two tweets a few weeks later on the main account. That was your promotion.

          I think the gave IGN a sneak preview, neither of the guys in the video wanted to be there, either.

      2. WatchDogs was delayed for Wii U. Rayman Legends exclusivity was taken away and delayed so it could come out on other platforms. Child of Light was 720p because it was a lazy port. So bascially…Just Dance would have been the correct answer

  2. I didn’t know they released anything.

    The only decent game from them in recent memory is Child of Light (played on Xbone for free). Got bored of it pretty quick though. Just not my thing I guess.

  3. That might be more IF ANY OF THERE GAMES CAME TO THE WII U. They stopped putting them on the Wii U like late 2013, almost all Ubisoft games skipped Wii U, or came late so they didn’t sell well. It’s not the Wii U’s fault, but ONCE AGAIN Ubisoft’s.

  4. To say it’s not surprising they skip Wii U because sales on Wii U are so low almost seems apologetic or letting them off the hook for bad business decisions.

    The sales are low due to their lack of game releases, support and advertising. 1% seems pretty good when you consider Wii U hasn’t had any recent AAA release from them. While Wii U owners browse the aisle and consider the few games such as Rayman or watch dogs, Ubisoft had been busy releasing and hoping their assassins creed games, the crew, Tetris for the leisure players, and so many other games.

    1% based on all the facts is very good.

      1. Wii U still has a large libray to be honest.
        PS4 and XBox One games you can basically get on PC, even some mid range to low end gaming PCs beat them out.

        PS4 only really has 2 good exclusives.

  5. That’s what happens when try to sell shit to people over the last year and try to disguise it as games

  6. You also need to put Quantity into consideration. A console that has more different franchise gaes released on it, will naturally have a highier percentage of sales than a console that barely has any different franchise games released on it.

  7. Ubisoft needs to hurry up and realize there is money to be made on the Wii U if they would support it with good games.

      1. But its use to Ubisoft’s own highest of stupidity for treating Wii U and fans like a third wheel over nothing but imaginary BS excuses that they wanna avoid Wii U even during its very first 2 months after all of the “we’re Wii U’s best 3rd party supporter” lies that are far more transparent than Politicians.

  8. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>Too bad it wasn’t 0% so we could get rid of those imbeciles and their garbage>>>

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>One of these days the cattle will get tired of the same garbage they spit out, once that happens, the Sonyans and Xbots will begin to crumble into oblivion>>>

        1. Yup, even cattle get bored of eating in the same spot of grass ;). The cattle will probably move on to the next thing they believe is cool and the Sonyans and Xbots will fall along with their third party companions.

  9. pink0crystal0midbus

    To be fair, though, there weren’t many Ubisoft titles on Wii U anyway. Not that they would have sold a lot, but if you have two games on the Wii U compared to 10 games on Xbox One and PS4, it’s not a very bold statement to make.

  10. Ubisoft just die along with EA, and capcom you very rarely put out a good game and when a game is complete shit you blame us…Fuck you

    Sincerely magaman

  11. They just want to justify their decision on why they had been ignoring the Wii U.

    1% is indeed good enough for the titles they released anyway.

  12. Makes sense. Many Nintendo fans have a niche taste that Ubisoft doesn’t fulfil (except maybe with Rayman)

    1. Or maybe Ubisoft treated them like shit for long with pointless delays to gimps to lies, the fans have had enough up to a point and stop buying their late, overpriced gimp POS.

  13. UbiSoft games are rubbish anyway.

    Of course it will be a small percentage if you don’t release any games for Nintendo consoles.

  14. That’s all they deserve after delaying the Wii U version of Rayman Legends for no reason and essentially treating us like second-grade gamers.

    1. Good and when NX comes and if it becomes a huge success that it’ll make Ubishit beg us to buy their games, it’ll be our turn to say “fuck you” to them. The perfect payback for their years of crap.

  15. Of course Wii hardware sales helped. However, so did the type of titles Ubisoft released on Wii & how they were handled, compared to the titles Ubisoft released on Wii U & how those were handled. It goes beyond black & white charts, beyond the bottom line.

    Wii U’s hardware sales @ launch were better than 360’s hardware sales @ launch. Wii U was off to a strong start, though not as strong as Wii. Yet out of Ubisoft’s launch lineup, only ZombiU catered to Nintendo’s userbase, & actually utilized the Gamepad in less obvious ways than the standard Off-TV Play & 2nd-screen map. Of course, M-rated titles are still on the fringes of Nintendo’s userbase, even if they’ve always been w/ Nintendo.

    Ah, but Rayman Legends was also promised as a launch title AND it too was supposed to be an exclusive. Alas, neither of those promises were fulfilled. It was stripped of its exclusivity (not even given timed-exclusivity), &, even though finished, was delayed during a software drought. I played RL @ a Wii U event before Wii U’s launch. I was impressed, but then sorely disappointed.

    @ Wii’s launch, I bought Rayman Raving Rabbids (despite the broken promise that it’d play less like a party game & more like a 3D Adventure). I also bought Red Steel (as well as Twilight Princess). Subsequently, I bought Red Steel 2, Prince of Persia: TFS [which was watered down], Tenchu, No More Heroes, & NMH 2.

    Compared to Wii U, I bought ZombiU, Rayman Legends (but @ $40), & Child of Light. Cloudberry Kingdom is the only other Ubisoft game (Wii U or otherwise) I have any interest in, & I’m unsure if I’ll ever buy it.

    Like most 3rd parties, Ubisoft has shifted into focusing on AAA & multiplatting, but their multiplats heavily favor the Sony/Microsoft/PC userbases, so of course Ubisoft sales will suffer on a Nintendo platform. If I really wanted what happen to be Ubisoft multiplats, chances are I would have bought them already on a non-Nintendo platform. Aside from Rayman, Child of Light, & Cloudberry, what active Ubisoft game would fit Wii U’s style & tone if it was exclusive to Wii U? If, say, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate were a PS4 exclusive, or an X1 exclusive, wouldn’t its style & tone fit better on PS4 or X1?

    3rd parties will naturally cater to the largest demographic, & PC/PlayStation/Xbox converged in 7th gen. Perhaps all a part of 3rd parties’ plan. 6th gen & back, consoles did have commonalities, but Nintendo, SEGA, Sony, & even MS had their own niches. Now it’s PC/Sony/MS vs. Nintendo.

    Most 3rd parties are all in w/ AAA, & multiplats are necessary to sustain them (along w/ lack of included content, cutscene filler, DLC [good or bad], microtransactions, annual releases, & trojans like U-play & Unity). & all that equates into supporting homogenized platforms, & “traditional” controllers. PC set the standard: Devving begins their, x86 is common (though not ideal for gaming), & graphical output. & thus 3rd parties dictated Sony & Microsoft’s platform standards, though still slightly w/ in the standards of consoles (retail price & ease-of-use), as well as the consumer’s tastes (amazing how far gaming has deviated from 6th gen’s path).

    Otherwise, Ubisoft (& others) would jump on Mario 3D World’s success, releasing a 3D Rayman, or if Splatoon does well we’d see Red Steel 3. If 3rd parties were conservative, if power & strong comparisons to PC were less important, they could once again open their catalogs & make more games in other franchises & genres. They could cater to 2 userbases; Hel, 3 if Sony became their selves again. & every platform could get exclusives, & 1s that catered to the userbase & were optimized for the respective console. & 9 times outta 10, console (PowerPC &/or customized), look & run better than PC exclusives (x86, un-optimized).

    But that’s too hard, not streamlined enough & won’t bring in the über profits like the shareholders want (they’re pulling the real strings). Meanwhile, THQ followed the AAA dream & went bust. SEGA’s heavily investing in the mobile sector while retreating from the console & PC arenas. Konami, if rumors are true, might scale back even further & invest more in gambling (especially when Kojima, another prominent figure in gaming, leaves the company; after all, MGS was supposed to have ended long ago (story-wise & artistically), but w/ each sequel, the budget increased exponentially while sales have declined; no way they can invest in new IP); Silent Hills was cancelled. Irrational Games went bust last year, due in part to Bioshock Infinite’s budget & the lack of needed sales. Capcom & Square-Enix are tredding water, & their output shows an unhealthy situation.

    Meanwhile, Nintendo still upholds the fundementals of console-gaming. They might not be the most popular, but they are still profitible, & w/ out giving in to trends, or going the cheap route where it really counts. Yeah, they have room for improvement, but @ least they’re conservative when it comes to budgets. I do hope there are more new IPs on par w/ Splatoon, though. & while they’re entering into the mobile arena, they do so more w/ a more calculated approach. Amiibo is paying off. Nintendo still has strong IPs. Wii U shows that Nintendo is not so dependent upon 3rd parties, AND that 3rd parties no longer rely on consoles. Nintendo really should strengthen their console empire through partnerships & acquisitions of studios & IPs. Their catalogs, diversity, & output would increase, elevating console-gaming to a larger position it is now. Nintendo used to be synonymous w/ consoles themselves, but w/ out true competition there, they could be synonymous w/ the console-subculture.

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      Nintendo can easily be even more like the Disney of the video game industry. They already got the family friendly thing down. Now they just need to acquire a few big 3rd parties. Capcom & Sega, who own Atlus, will do nicely.

  16. *I was impressed w/ RL, but then sorely disappointed WHEN ITS PROMISES WERE BROKEN & @ SUCH A CRUCIAL TIME FOR WII U.

    **…(despite the broken promise that it’d [Raving Rabbids] play more like a 3D adventure game than a mere collection of party games).

    ***Aside from Rayman, Child of Light, & Cloudberry, what active Ubisoft game would fit NINTENDO’S style & tone if it was exclusive to Wii U? If, say, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate were a PS4 exclusive, or an X1 exclusive, wouldn’t its style & tone fit better on a Sony or MS platform?

    ****…(amazing how far gaming has deviated from THE PREVIOUS path, WHICH MOSTLY ENDED IN THE 6TH GEN, BUT WAS UPHELD BY WII IN 7TH & WII U CURRENTLY).

    *****…& while they’re [Nintendo] entering into the mobile arena, they do so w/ a more calculated approach, & LOOKING @ WHAT MIGHT BE THE BEST WAY W/ OUT GOING THE QUICKEST ROUTE.

    ******Nintendo used to be synonymous w/ consoles themselves, but w/ out true competition there, they could be synonymous w/ the console-subculture BY FILLING IN THE GAPS LEFT BY SEGA, SONY, & SO MANY 3RD PARTIES; APPARENTLY INDIES ARE INSUFFICIENT.

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