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This Dragon Quest VIII Nintendo 3DS Poster Shows New Characters


A lot of us were rather pleased when Square Enix announced that they were bringing the well-received Dragon Quest VIII to the Nintendo 3DS. A recent poster for the game showcases two new playable characters in the game, Gerda and Morrie. The remastered Nintendo 3DS version features additional features which include new scenarios, full voice-overs, and music provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. Check out the poster in the image, above.

Thanks, Peter D

18 thoughts on “This Dragon Quest VIII Nintendo 3DS Poster Shows New Characters”

    1. It’s one of the best Dragon Quest games imo. It brought the series into the modern age while still keeping itself true to the classic style.

  1. Great they just made my favorite dragon Quest game even better and I’ll never be able to play it in the US how spectacular -_-

    1. It’s not like Europe is gonna get this either you know. They just don’t sell very well in the west. Because people rather play “RPGs” like Skyrim, The Witcher and FPS RPGs. Blame them for not buying these as well.

  2. I would like to see what the game is about. I thought there was one that played sort of like a MMO on ds. Can’t remember which it was. But this game looks sweet.

    Also the Monster Hunter Stories is pretty wicked looking as well. I hope they can get states side. °[》.《]°

    1. think your thinking of DQ 9

      ya it had co-op type gameplay and an online weapons shop (both was 100% optional though)

  3. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    If Square Enix didn’t have their balls chopped off long ago, they might actually have had the nerve to release this outside of Japan.

  4. I hope they change Gerda’s name back to Red if we get a Western release. On second thought, I hope more than the name change that they DO release it over here, otherwise I’m going to be getting a Japanese 3DS for this…

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