Splatoon Currently Sits At 81 On Metacritic

With only 2 days to go to the big release, reviews are flying in for Splatoon and so far Metacritic has it on a Metascore of 81. There’s been 26 reviews so far, 21 positive and 5 mixed, but nobody outright dislikes Splatoon at the minute. It’s a great score, but with all the hype I was expecting a little higher. For some comparison, other Wii U games that also achieved a Metascore of 81 are: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Affordable Space Adventures. Although, there is still time for it to increase! Here are some of the critic reviews:

The Escapist
The game’s single player is surprisingly in-depth for a title that has been marketed as a multiplayer game, combining elements of platforming and shooting in a style of game that reminds me of Ratchet & Clank or Jak & Daxter.
A strong emphasis on its online mechanics means that most of Splatoon is to be experienced on a multiplayer basis, which would be at a higher level if all future options and contents were already available. Given the importance of cooperative online play and team work, it’s also difficult to understand why there’s no voice chat but despite this shortcoming, Splatoon has all conditions to become a must have classic, once all the contents are made available.
NF Magazine
I think I’m addicted to ink. [Issue #15: Making a Splash! – May/June 2015, p.68]


  1. Decent amount of reviews, such as IGN, haven’t been added because they’re waiting to see how the games’ online holds on non-review copies (which I believe were on their own server or something).

  2. >>>Let the voice chat butthurt peons begin complaining once again about it for the gazillionth time>>>

      1. >>>Next generation feature, you Xbots are so laughable>>>

      2. splatoon proves otherwise. gamepad has plenty of information available and gameplay is straightforward.

        also, i played destiny without voice chat. i resurrected players, players resurrected me, we took down bosses; zero voice chat.

        if a game was more complex, than voice chat is important.
        if you cant keep up in a simple game like splatoon or destiny, than maybe you need voice chat but not the game.
        i can understand if you want voice chat. but its not needed to coordinate or have fun. butter on your popcorn is not the popcorn.

      3. It’s not needed, but it certainly adds a lot of depth, just like in the games you listed. Nothing is ever needed but food water and shelter. Everything else in life is a bonus. Popcorn without butter is pretty bland. Oreos without milk is just blasphemy.

      4. Oops! I’m a blasphemer then because I rarely, if ever, use milk with my oreos… lol

      5. “people need it to interact with other persons”, you clearly didnt play Splatoon.

    1. See there you go lol. You make fun of the people who have their complaint, thus sparking those same people to come against you. So of course the argument will continue.

  3. It’s fair honestly. The game lacks enough content to really give it a boost to 8.5+. I think 7.5-8 is a really solid score, the game hasn’t reached it’s potential, and won’t till August probably. Amazing concept, which isn’t backed enough.

    1. Well, the game is really cheap, though, so I’m not expecting Xenoblade Chronicles amounts of content.

      1. Very well, that’s your opinion. Though, I haven’t played the game, so I’m not going to comment on the amount of content in the game.

      2. I said the same thing in my mind….$60 is regular retail price for WiiU games so I don’t see how it’s cheap…

      3. It doesn’t cost $60, does it? In Norway, a normal game costs 500 NOK, while this costs (on the eShop) 329 NOK. That’s almost 200 NOK cheaper, so I just assumed it was cheaper in other countries, too?

      4. Nintendo announced ton of free content through the whole summer. Too bad you didn’t try Test Demo, so much fun and great game!

      5. Sadly, I missed both demos. But still, cannot wait for the game, playing it ASAP! And realøy excited for the extra content.

  4. I think Splatoon is AMAZING, but I think it’s also somewhat of a test run for Nintendo, and that Splatoon 2 will be the full potential of this game.

    1. Nintendo never push test runs so much, this game have marketing on pair with Mario Kart.
      Full potential of this game will be in september, till than Nintendo will release all free content they announced.

  5. The important reviews arnt out. Didn’t recognize any of the sites that reviewed it already.

    1. children hating fun…hating for the sake of hating…cant stand a winner…

      how sad and pathetic.

    1. That annoys me, but it also annoys me when people use it to boast about a game as well.

    1. IGN’s review: 2/10 No blood, no massive explosions, and no voice chat. Disregard the extreme fun of this game and you’ll se it for what it really is: a pointless, kiddy, no voice chat (because we just looooove squeakers and adults cussing at little kids and asking for addresses) hole of bore

    1. Yeah, I was wondering what the “F” stood for as well. If it is what I think it is, then they might not be the most reliable source.

      If it stands for “Fantastic” or “Fun” or “Fans of-” then I guess I could give them a pass.

  6. Hey guys just a heads up from the UK. Check your in boxes cause I just received an email from GAME that they have cancelled my pre order because they stole their lorry with the splatoon stock.

    1. Yeah, MNN just posted an article on the situation. Seems like, in return, you are getting a discount, they are paying for the shipping, you get the whole game and two of the amiibo’s still.

      I think, in the end, you are missing only the Green Squid amiibo. From my understanding of course.

      1. Well they only thing they said to me that I can get the regular game with a 10£ discounted price… -.-” I just pre-ordered it from Amazon

  7. 81 is a great score considering we all knew it would receive some lesser reviews due to reviewer misunderstanding about voice chat being “necessary” and how some of the modes are not offered yet and will be coming at a later date (thus the game is unfinished, but will be completed with FREE DLC).

    Nice to see it is holding up well, though. I believe that whatever score it finally gets in the end should have an extra 5 points to the score to make it fair. If it ends up with an 81, then I’ll assume it is an 86 in my head.

    1. Or it got a lower score not because of the misunderstanding that it’s necessary but because people would like to actually SOCIALIZE with their friends online while playing a fun game if they can’t be in the same room together.

      1. Or has Nintendo changed their mind about wanting us to be more social in our gaming lives? I could have sworn that was the point in the Wii U. I mean, they did add a mic to the Gamepad after all.

      2. Socializing is so overrated. If you are that obsessed with it, there are plenty other ways to do it without it being an in-game option.

        How is Splatoon any different from a single player game if you think of the other players as just enemies to defeat. You do the SAME thing in Mario games and Zelda games and Metroid games and Kirby games, but no one is clamoring for voice chat in those situations.

        When you are playing real players it all of a sudden becomes necessary?!?

        I don’t think so. It is only necessary if a game was BUILT around voice chat. Splatoon was not built around it at all. Therefore it is not required.

      3. *facepalm* I’ve heard that bullshit before. “If you care so much about voice chat, just use skype or something!” How about I call Nintendo out on being the pussies that they are & are too chicken shit to add in a feature that some people would actually like to use so they can socialize without having to go through the trouble of using an external device? But hey! I see how it is. It’s a feature you apparently don’t give a damn about so screw the ones that actually do want it. Ugh! Some of the anti-Nintendo people are right. Some of you guys are nothing more than damage controllers.

      4. I’m a Nintendo fan, not a Nintendo fanboy. No voice chat was a bad idea because there are tons of people that would have appreciated it. Now they won’t be able to enjoy the game with their friends online to the fullest extent. Last time I checked, interacting with people socially online is still being social so your entire comment is not only wrong but stuck up. Not everyone has the luxury of being social with their friends in person. ESPECIALLY if they live in another town that’s a good drive away. Not everyone can afford to pay for gas to visit people every single day.

      5. Not to mention I have a kid. I can’t just throw my money away on gas. That & having a child actually does limit the amount of social interaction you can do. ESPECIALLY when they are a baby.

  8. GameXplain just did their review with a Loved It :D Do I really have to wait two days :(

  9. On one hand, the game looks completely idiotic, pointless, and stupid. Like a bunch of little kids running around with their supersoakers and spraying each other.

    On the other hand, I suppose it’s not fair to judge a book by it’s cover. Or in this case, game. I do plan to buy the Splatoon amiibos. But not the game. At least not until it’s half price.

    1. I’m guessing you were the kid who always stayed out of physical activities when at a friends’ birthday party, preferring instead to stay inside and stealthily steal stuff the host will never miss anyway?

      1. You’re actually half right. Aside from the stealing and birthday parties part. I never went to birthday parties (or ever had one of my own).

  10. nintendo stated they will update the game with more content in the future. so lets not jump to conclusions as reviews might be outdated soon.

    1. The last Splatoon Direct already confirmed there’ll be free content updates during the summer.

  11. I’m dismissing every review that lowers the score because of no voice chat, the developers clearly stated that they didn’t want it in the game, you should review the quality and fun of the game, not features it has or doesn’t have that the developers didn’t want to put since the beginning but your egomaniac attitude thinks they should’ve put it because YOU want them in the game as if it was you who did the game. It’s as if I complained of it not having also a camera for me to see the other players playing or not having Mario int he game. Features I would like but the developers who have the right to choose what they want or not in their creation, didn’t see fit to their art.

    1. And the ones that think voice chat would bring absolutely nothing to the game don’t have an ego maniacal attitude? I’ve seen more of an ego maniacal attitude from people that are anti-voice chat than I have from those that are pro-voice chat on here. Some of these anti-Nintendo people are right. Some Nintendo fans can be stuck up selfish gamers.

      1. I’m not anti-voice chat, actually I would like to have it for friend’s only chat to not have to listen to stupid random people. But I respect the decision of an artist and a creator even if I agree or not with it, it’s just that the gaming community is all about me, me, me, me, and not about just deal with what you got. You never hear these complains in music or movies, you just see people buying or not buying. This community has become very toxi and pro-complaining all the time.

      2. I agree. There are too many selfish people here. If the situation had been reversed & a 3rd party brought a game with little to no options for people to choose, everyone for Nintendo would be wanting those guys’ heads on a platter. But when Nintendo does it, it’s suddenly okay. Is voice chat necessary? No. But neither are video games so I guess Nintendo should just stop making them & go all in with mobile gaming. We’ll see how fast Ingsmasher, pink0crystal, Quadraxis, & others soon quickly do a full u-turn & hate on the very people they are defending now. Then they’ll know how the ones that want voice chat in Splatoon feel.

      3. >>>The difference is, the imbeciles gimp our versions, our empire never said anything about having voice chat, therefore they didn’t gimp nor lie about anything, that’s the difference>>>

      4. I know but since this game is being marketed as being a shooter genre game, with online being the main focal point, voice chat should have been in at least for friend matches. Like it was in Smash 4 & Mario Kart 8 (of course, it was only in lobbies but least it was better than nothing for those that want voice chat.)

      5. >>>A shooter in the non traditional way, I think people should stop comparing Nintendo to the others because they are not like them and never will be>>>

  12. 1. Jackyanne once again eats shit
    2. An 81 is extremely good now of course for the people who base their option to buy the game on reviews which is dumb still have to wait for certain people to give a review
    3. Of course more content is coming to the game

  13. The people who don’t like it is still bitching about no voice chat get over it an us skype damit

    1. Or you can stop being a bitch & acting like Nintendo should only cater to people like you that apparently can’t handle voice chat. Or are we just going to pretend Nintendo should get a free ride & be allowed to do whatever the fuck they want?

      1. Of course Nintendo does and does not do what they want the fans change very little of what the company does lol duh

  14. I’d rather not have voice chat and use the extra bandwidth to have a smooth online experience. When voice is included, I still end up using skpye anyway, so makes no difference to me. The only people it makes a difference for are people who have no friends who want to play it and would like to talk to randoms online.

  15. (bad english inc) you ppl crying about the stupid voice and no1 is complaying about the local co-op for online matches? realy? no1 have a brother or a friend who wanna play with ? becouse the best think on mario kart 8 and smash is that you can play with your friend-brother too…so thats why you ppl are crying for voice suck because you are alone at the house in your the command “help me here” is not enough? what else you need to say well lets see the top played game what is it league of legends isn’t it? who have used the voice chat there? im diamond 2 or i was atlest i have to play 7 mounths:P and i never heard on my 3k games + some1 talking on that voice chat becouse no1 is using voice chat becouse the commands are enough or like all you prefer to use skype.. nintendo games is family games isn’t it? and family games doesn’t have multiplayer co-op is bullshit:P still i could give the game 8/10 for solo player game on online

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