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Official Sonic Tumblr Adds Sonic Boom 2 Image With Hilarious Tags

It’s exactly what the world needs — a sequel to the *cough* masterful Sonic Boom!

E3 season is always full of surprises, but let’s be honest — Sonic Boom 2 on 3DS was NOT on anyone’s radar… or wish lists. The original was a genuine lemon, and even Sega themselves admits it. Seriously, check out the tags in the picture! Do you believe that #its going to be way better than the first one?

30 thoughts on “Official Sonic Tumblr Adds Sonic Boom 2 Image With Hilarious Tags”

  1. I actually liked Shattered Crystal. Wasn’t great but it was good.

    So I don’t mind Sanzaru Games getting another shot.

  2. It’s like they’re setting themselves up to say ‘Sonic doesn’t sell on Consoles.’ Then they announce Sonic Adventure 3 exclusive to iOS! JUST WAIT

    1. I hope sonic adventure 3 comes to andriod not ios oh miii oh miii,,,i cant wait….oh miii…like Metal gear creatir said smartphone gameing the future of gameing u bastard.

    1. Really… I really don’t like the use of “I” and incorporating own opinions on articles of this site, but hey, that’s my opinion.

  3. We wanted original sonic, they gave us this.
    We wanted speed, they gave us a jog.
    We wanted Warren and Graff OFF the writing staff… and they gave us this…

    Avvvveee heeeddgehog

  4. People are too easy on the 3DS version of Sonic Boom (Shattered Crystal was it?). Just because it wasn’t as broken as the Wii U version doesn’t mean it wasn’t bad. It really, really was. Bad and very boring.

  5. This is the saddest thing in the world. It wouldn’t be so bad if Sonic didn’t appear to be making the best comeback ever with Colors and Generations. It’s like they wanted to give us hope before destroying Sonic completely.

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