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Platinum’s Unannounced E3 Game Will Likely Be Nintendo Exclusive

It’s only been hours since we discovered that Platinum Games is planning on revealing a new title at E3, however we may now know it is a Nintendo exclusive.

Yusuke Hashimoto Platinum Games E3

Who does this mysterious Japanese Twitter account belong to, you may ask? Yusuke Hashimoto, lead game designer of Platinum and the director of Bayonetta 2! So while this is still speculative, there is a good chance he is promoting Nintendo for business reasons. However, we cannot truly be sure until E3.

What are you hoping the game is? A follow up to Bayonetta 2? Maybe Wonderful 102? Or how about something different altogether?

79 thoughts on “Platinum’s Unannounced E3 Game Will Likely Be Nintendo Exclusive”

    1. A game with no voice chat
      Yehey to everyone
      Yehey to everybody
      Let’s celebrate
      *doing the cabbage dance*
      Oh yeah oh yeah
      And now shut up

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>That’s nice, I really like Bayonetta 2 as well, it’s my most played game so far overall I think on the Wii U>>>

          1. Probably he is replaying the game, shocking i know, but japanese games have something called “replay value”, it means that you don’t have to throw the game after playing it once, it was a thing in the 90s but after the dominance of western titles it got lost in transition.

            I don’t blame you from not knowing what this concept means.

  1. Another exclusive from Platinum?

    Wow, guess they really like working with Nintendo. Looking forward to what they’ve got.

  2. Please be Wonderful 102! I already have a storyline planned for the game and I’m sure it would build upon the great things (and fix the faults) of the first one! I loved the first game and they should totally make a sequel!

    1. you saw the faults on first one and yet you love it and those faults didn’t destroy your experience :)

  3. As long as it is not a PS4 exclusive, I’m fine. I will already have to buy a ONE for Scalebound, don’t wanna buy the “same” console twice…

      1. Yep, that’s what I mean, a ONE is not a PS4, even if I can understand why you mix up the two consoles.

  4. Part of me wants it to be a Mysterious Murasame Castle reboot directed by Kamiya while the other part knows that it won’t happen. Sucks being extremely desperate for another retro revival at an event like E3.

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    1. Nintendo. Platinum doesn’t own any IP they’ve worked with that I know of (with MAYBE the exception of Bayonetta, which is in a very weird position).

    1. Could you cry into this cup for me, I heard Xbot tears taste like sweet honey because of all the Mountain Dew you guys drink

    1. For that last part, I can only see that being Murasame Castle since Kamiya had been interested in the idea and he gave up on Star Fox due to annoying fans.

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  7. I’m hoping for something new or Bayonetta 3
    Platinum Games so far seems to have made more exclusive games for Wii U then any of the other consoles, heck the PS4 and Xbox One don’t even have a remastered version of Bayonetta 1.

    1. That would be a great idea only if Kamiya did say this in the past.

      “I’ll ban all Star Fix idiots!”

  8. My wish is that they’re developing Star Fox.

    Either that, or Bayonetta 3.

    Hopefully it’s something good, regardless!

  9. In some of the dev videos for Bayonetta 2, they mentioned working with Nintendo on another game that they couldn’t really talk about at all. The way it was worded made it seem as if some of them were just starting work on this other game while the rest finished up Bayonetta. If that’s the case this new game could very well be that.

  10. A Retro tease? And now a Platinum tease? I don’t know if my body is ready for all of this potential excitement…..WOOOWWW!!!!!!!!

  11. Hm… sounds interesting. Nintrendo could help Platinum fund their games and Nintendo itself is in desperate need for 3rd party developers. Their collaboration seems to work pretty good, seeing how W101 and Bayo2 turned out. If they can continue to produce great games together, I certainly hope for more offsprings from this partnership.

  12. I REALLY hope it’s Bayonetta 3, or Star Fox.

    I finally caught up on my backlog and began playing the first Bayonetta on the Wii U a couple of days ago.

  13. Seriously. This developer has some attitude issue. He needs a fucking visit to therapy. Or prisoned. He thinks he’s a God or something. He is a fucking developer who will never surpass Call of Duty, Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto, and League of Legends. He is freaking Tier 3 cry baby developer with some attitude problem. He needs to be prisoned to calm himself down.

  14. It’s the new Star Fox Horizons for sure.
    Even on official website says Nintendo x Platinum Games. (You don’t say?)

    1. There’s only one thing though, Star Fox was already announced and Platinum’s tweet is saying that they’ll be showing a new ” unannounced ” game so that automatically eliminates Star Fox from the equation

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  17. It is obvious that is star fox…
    They mentioned before that they wanted to make a star fox game, and on top of that they did a minigame of star fox in bayonetta 2… Sooooo….

  18. This was coming from a mile, Platinum and Nintendo are becoming synonyms, if the investors and directors are smart they’ll ask the heads of Platinum to join Nintendo for good.

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