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Leaked E3 Trailer For Hyrule Warriors 3DS Analyzed

Hyrule Warriors is coming out for 3DS, and we aren’t supposed to know! ;)

And perhaps you’ve already heard, but an E3 trailer for the game leaked online. Its since been pulled, but that hasn’t stopped the whole world from acknowledging its existence. So much so, that GameXplain has taken the liberty to dissect and study every detail for you, and present their findings in video form. They are quite the detectives!

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

38 thoughts on “Leaked E3 Trailer For Hyrule Warriors 3DS Analyzed”

  1. How would wanna play this version someone in poverty or a little kid….i can afford a Wii u sons….and if u dont like it u can kiss my duke ho.

    1. They should make a Kingdom Hearts Warriors game. Play as your favorite characters slashing down hoards of heartless with different keyblades etc etc…

          1. The Wild guy is a Pedaphile Who thinks the Nintendo 64 was a good system…..little does he know gameing died in 1995

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              1. Little did the wild guy know im a black belt i could kick his wild ass….and sega rules and has many diehard fans you son ofab

                1. Keep telling yourself that bro, if it keeps you from crying, just like how sega losers wanted, sega fanboy

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      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        I wouldn’t say that it has “enough” games, because consoles always need MORE! However, this was a Wii U exclusive and it would be nice to see the Wii U keep its limited amount of exclusive games. It loses them left and right. Rayman Legends, Zombie U, Smash Bros (the franchise has always been console exclusive until this gen), and now it looks like they are losing this game as well.

            1. And the fact is the Sega Genesis was better than the Snes…son just part of history but to a kid like you a mystery

      2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        Sadly, this port just shows that even Nintendo is slowly giving up on the Wii U. At this point, the only games for Wii U I expect will be ones we’ve already heard of, filthy party games, & indies that apparently a majority of gamers just don’t care about. Even when the game they make is fun or offers a challenge or is both.

    1. I’m only interested in this release because it has most of the dlc on cartridge. Preserving games has to start somewhere I guess and Zelda is of the utmost importance.

      I wish Nintendo would release a ‘Complete’ edition of this for Wii U somewhere down the road.

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        *snickers* Don’t hold your breath. From this point on, it’s just the slow burial of the Wii U for Nintendo. It’s Wii’s last two years all over again.

      1. Nintendo is A Big Japanese Pussy Cop Company….and the Wii u has last gen specs…The damn Ps3 has better grapics than the Wii u..

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