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Rumour: Sega’s Twitter Apparently Says Sonic’s Amiibo Is Compatible With Hyrule Warriors


Not only did Hyrule Warriors 3DS leak today, presumably earlier than expected, but it seems like Sega may have revealed some information they shouldn’t have and quickly took down the tweet. The rumoured tweet from the Japanese Sega account apparently said that Sonic’s amiibo would work with Hyrule Warriors and that Sonic would possibly be playable in some form or another. The tweet was accompanied by the image above. Guess we will find out next week!

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

67 thoughts on “Rumour: Sega’s Twitter Apparently Says Sonic’s Amiibo Is Compatible With Hyrule Warriors”

  1. The hype is real!! Adding Sonic into the game will be a pretty big deal. I’m satisfied with my Wii U copy, but it’ll be cool to see other people hopping on. Nintendo should consider porting more of their Wii U exclusives to the 3DS as it would help a lot with sales thanks to the big install base.

      1. Nothing beats having a guest star around right? It feels like we’re slowly getting closer to a time where guest stars will be more frequent in all video games and characters like Mario can be downloaded for games like Madden. That would be a fun future.

    1. that sonic toy in the photo above is really gross. the owner should have been embarrassed to post it. theres like little hairs and grime all over it. fucking clean your house. jesus

    2. Yeah and in return 3ds also ports there exclusives to wii u… Cause everything can’t be one sided

      1. I don’t know….I’m not sure it would be worth it to port 3DS games onto the Wii U. A smaller install base there so it wouldn’t be worth it.

        1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          Very true. But I’d rather they just wait for the NX & move these games to it but with updated graphics or gameplay or whatever. Fuck the 3DS! It’s doing just fine with the games it does get that aren’t Wii U exclusives.

  2. Probably worth pointing out there’s no amiibo support icon on the boxart of the 3DS, and the text says it’s specifically for adding Sonic to the 3DS (“Hyrule Warriors: All-Stars”).

    1. Both box arts are there so most likely being added to both versions. And also there was no amiibo icon for the Wii U version as well. But then again that was because Hyrule Warriors came out before amiibo did.

    1. Also, Sonic fanboys are autistic, just look at Mariotehplumber and some of the loser fanboys on here.

    2. I’m not going to even try and defend any of the Sonic mishaps that have happened lately but the Zelda DLC for Lost World was pretty awesome.

      I think he should be able to make a cameo in Hyrule Warriors since Link made a cameo in his game.

  3. The thing is, we’re assuming this game is not New 3DS exclusive cause of the box shown in the first picture and in the leaked video. But that same artbox says nothing at all about amibo (it usually has an amiibo icon if they have such support). So… This is tricky, because it can still be New 3DS exclusive, have amiibo support or not … I guess we’re in the middle of nowhere till Tuesday.

      1. Regardless of what the rumor is, it’s fake. There’s no denying that.
        The “rumored tweet” does not exist.

    1. Not saying it is real, I don’t really believe it myself, but why create new art when you have artwork that fits the bill perfectly already?

  4. I can’t help believe that this is fake, mostly because there is no amiibo icon on the box art of the game. The image definitely looks real, but why would sonic be ported over into a game like this as a playable character, doesn’t make much sense!

    1. Because last year Sonic Lost World had a pretty cool Zelda level?
      Maybe it doesn’t seem as much, but I’ll take Sonic over Tingle any day.

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        Hell yeah! In fact, I’ll gladly allow Tingle to be entirely removed from my game if it meant getting Sonic instead.

  5. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

    I thought all amiibo worked with hyrule warriors. Samus works on hyrule warriors. Even though it gives me 1 fucking rupee each time I scan it. But it still works.

    1. You’re right they do all work with the game and give you bonus items. That means that this IS probably fake unless they switched some codes around.

      1. Aren’t they making it so you can transfer Zelda and Daphness to the Wii U game? Isn’t it possible to add Sonic too with an update?

        1. I never said it wasn’t possible. It just seems very out of place to put Sonic in there versus a lot of other characters. FE characters would have been nice, although I really want them to have their own “Emblem Warriors” game.

  6. Fake. The artwork is from Sonic Lost World’s DLC pack and also the 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors doesn’t support amiibo.

    1. Really? You would think they would add Toon Link, but nope!

      Koei Techmo JP: Just add that crazy motorcycle from Mario Kart 8’s DLC! That will be great!

  7. I actually like the idea of Sonic in Hyrule Warriors. Except for the fact that he’s wearing Links outfit.. I mean, why? Why dress SONIC up to look like Link? Jesus Christ that is stupid. For that reason alone I will not be buying the game…

  8. You know, it’s not like Bayonetta. Bayonetta dressed up like link, and that was ok. For one, it was dlc, and optional, and for two, Link was not in the game! Link is in Hyrule Warriors! Why would I want to dress up like Link when I could just play as LINK! You fucking idiots!

  9. I love Sonic and all, but why is he in Link’s costume!? I could just play as Link instead of a Hedgehog in the Kokiri outfit screaming every time he gets a hit, “Gotta go fast!” Anyone want to riot with me?

  10. It’s like you people can’t spot a half decent photoshop when you see one. the art is from Sonic Lost World, and it isn’t hard to put a picture of an amiibo on an image. 100% fake guaranteed.

  11. Sega is really going all out with Sonic on Nintendo consoles. But they don’t seem to have any other IP for the Wii U… Hhhmmmm

  12. it is easy to do just look at Kurisu he did the exact same thing as the leak just take offical artwork an amiboo and BAM INSTANT LEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, and sega posted that ha the leaker used Google traduction to speak japenese

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