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New V Jump Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Video Gives Extended Gameplay Look

It’s a great time to be a Dragon Quest fan like myself, especially if you haven’t played the 2005 classic, Dragon Quest VIII. Perhaps one of the best (if not the best) installment in the legendary series, DQVIII was an amazingly anticipated title upon its release in Japan. The game had everything — full 3D graphics, the original design team, and a modern touch on the classic gameplay. It was a treasure chest of gold for the fans.

And now it’s coming to 3DS, with a few new enhancements! The video above has V Jump editor, Mr. Saitobui, and DQVIII producer, Mr. Fujimoto, give us an extended look at the game in motion… but you might need to learn a bit of Japanese for the full effect! Players will enjoy on-screen enemies (no more random battles!), a world map on the bottom screen, new animations, new voice acting elements, and the soundtrack will be the gorgeously composed orchestrated North American version! Here’s hoping for a world-wide release!


24 thoughts on “New V Jump Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Video Gives Extended Gameplay Look”

    1. Nintendo Sage Asuno

      why have a hype we know this wont see anything out of the land of the rising sun like that gundam game on the 3ds or the 7th game or dare i say it the tenth one japan think we like this game too much to translate it. And this people is why piracy and fan translators are here

              1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

                Thanks I’ll say this it wasn’t easy to do as i’m not much of a programmer/hacker(unless you count the modded gamecube portable im building (Gc-P_0)

                    1. The nintendo magistrate

                      thanks normally i dont use emulators but with my ps2 no longer with me i had to resort to using one

                      1. Come on SE, your RPG’s do good here in the west, specially on the 3DS. This is also a game that not many Nintendo gamers got to play so localize it already, Also DQ7.

                      2. Dragon Warrior 3 is the best in the series. Dragon Warrior 4 is next. Then comes Dragon quest 8, followed by the original Dragon Warrior…

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