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Nintendo’s Scott Moffitt Says America Won’t Be Getting The Standard New 3DS Anytime In Near Future

One of the biggest peeves of North American Nintendo fans is the fact that the company decided against releasing the standard New Nintendo 3DS in favour of the larger New Nintendo 3DS XL. People want to be able to decorate their New Nintendo 3DS consoles with the innovative faceplates on offer to European consumers. The executive vice president of sales and marketing at Nintendo of America, Scott Moffitt has said in a recent interview that they don’t feel that the market in the United States needs the standard New Nintendo 3DS right now, but if they feel that they need to introduce it later on then its something they will consider.

“With Nintendo, every market and every region makes their own choice of what their hardware lineup ought to be for their market and makes the best guess they can for what will satisfy the needs of gamers in that market,” Moffitt said. “So I’ll never say never, but if we see a consumer need for that and fill out our portfolio of hardware offerings on the portable side we will consider bringing them in. But right now our lineup, we believe, satisfies the needs of the widest variety of gamers in our territory.”

84 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Scott Moffitt Says America Won’t Be Getting The Standard New 3DS Anytime In Near Future”

    1. The problem is that less people would buy the smaller one than the larger one. Think about it, samsung and others introduced the phablet, and its a global success. Bigger is better.

        1. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just release the new 3ds XL with faceplates and colored buttons… Lazy.

          1. There’s another good point! To which I don’t have to argue because it is 100% truth and it makes sense!
            I don’t get it either, it would make a lot more people happy.

            1. I understand that there is a price difference but in the long run where multiple fames are bought, the minimum price difference is 30 dollars.

              1. Either models will still make a lot a money for their own reasons. But the point of the faceplates is that it will generate a lot of attention towards younger audiences and spread the word to their peers which is what they’re going for so it would make sense to release it and still make tons of cash from them.

            2. Guess they’re not getting any sales from me regarding the new 3ds then, I want the damned smaller one, stop teasing us!

              1. I want the smaller one so it fits in my pocket. Being portable kind of loses its purpose if I can’t carry it around easily.

              2. A “Moron” who would rather have the game look nice than look big. I don’t wanna spend an extra 30 bucks when I can get an identical experience for less, plus the faceplates.

              3. Especially when the larger one is more costly and still has the same stretched pixel resolution which makes no sense to drop $212 for. Smaller, more compact, cheaper, has faceplates for customizing (one favorite thing about Android users) and actual SNES colored buttons plus if it comes with a charger around $180, who the fuck would say no to that deal? Fools like you obviously.

              4. What moron would seriously listen to another N3dsXL fanboy?
                What moron can’t grasp the fact that “not everyone wants an XL”?
                What moron can’t understand that the XL will never get the same faceplates they so love to insult?
                Seriously, STFU?

            3. Reggie just hinted that the new 3ds would be coming. Now, they’re contradicting themselves again (aka damage control). Up yours, Scott Moffitt!

            4. While I see some advantages in the XL model, I reckon that the faceplates have a big appeal.

              I personally prefer the XL model (grip and confort wise), but my original regular aqua blue 3DS outputs better graphics. Maybe due to the smaller screen.

              All that being said, why didn’t Nintendo released a HD handheld in 2011? I’m aware about the costs and blablablah, but… The 3DS did not age well.

                1. Dang. That comment wasn’t meant towards you… But oh well, guess I may as well add my thoughts. I would like to see the standard New 3DS over here because I like that games look better on it due to the smaller size. And the faceplates would’ve definitely been nice to have. Also, the colorful buttons are really cool too.

                      1. Thanks jackass. Guess I’m not buying a new 3DS then. Maybe I’ll import one from Europe and buy myself a copy of Cubic Ninja. Either way NOA misses out on a sale.

                      2. Fair enough. I don’t really need to upgrade from my standard 3DS I got back in 2011 yet. The smaller New 3DS would have convinced me though! I can understand why he says that though. Despite a cadre of people like us, most people in NA region want the XL. This has been shown in sales info.

                        1. Actually numbers show that the original counts for atleast 25-30% of 3DS sales even after they stupidly decided to can it.

                          1. Well….it did kind of come an entire year and a half before the XL and had the advantage of first day sales…..They likely got their numbers from 2013 when they released quite a few of the limited consoles for both sizes, and quite a few of their best 3DS titles.

                        2. Here’s my thinking: The XL should have been the standard everywhere. The new 3ds itself should have been big as the xl with coverplates and a pouch to make the thing easy to carry for the people claiming ‘it’s too big’. Simple

                          1. My thoughts exactly man. The N3DS XL colors are soo fricking lame, I have not been able to purchase one. If it had the ability to switch faceplates, then, I would definitely swoop one, so, I can put custom DBZ plates on it.

                          2. I carry an XL WITH the nerf armor protector (which is huge) and it still fits in some pockets, without the case it fits pretty much any of my pockets.

                            1. Yep, I’ve never had any problems with the transportation of my XL…..but I guess I don’t exactly wear skinny jeans or track pants like so many people on here seem to.

                            2. Nerf armor completely scratches the paint off the regular 3ds xl. Is it the same Iron Madien treatment for the New 3ds XL?

                          3. I am not from America and therefore cannot comment too much on it. But it will be surprising that Nintendo of America hasn’t consider the standard size. From my experience the USA market has that mentality that bigger is better. And it make sense they decided not to sell the normal 3ds. In Europe Nintendo always thought that European don’t like RPG how wrong they were. For those who really want the normal size I will suggest you to buy it from UK.This will prove how wrong is Nintendo of America.

                            1. It wull do absolutely nothing to import a smaller New 3DS because it will more than likely count towards EU sales. And no, Americans don’t like things “bigger” and they could have easily made a bunch of bank on face plates alone.

                              1. we in europe used to buy SNES US or JP to play final fantasy 6, chrono trigger and other games we did not have the chance play with. Did I care if the sell count for US or Japan? Let’s me think about it……….. NO at all, I could not give a shit about it. At the end of the day you have to decide for what best for you and not best for nintendo. Globalisation is the buzz word media like to use, so why not using it for your own advantage.

                              2. What does it matter that it’s an EU sale? If Nintendo can’t provide, i’ll gladly take my money elsewhere.

                            2. It’s because of the old 3DS XL in U.S. Was met with greater success due to the old version’s design flaws like the screen sizes, battery and stylus. But now that the newer smaller version increased the screens size (like DSi to DSLite), has better battery, better designed stylus, same improved specs like XL but with faceplate for accessorizing including making the smaller model’s SD card to be easily accessible without using small screw drivers, the demand for the smaller and cheaper model is greater than the XL. But they refuse to offer it because they’re greedy and know that the smaller 3DS will eclipse the larger version. But they’re also stupid enough to think that because the faceplates will attract more attention and buyers thus making up for the missing $20-30 from unsold new XL models. So excluding the cheaper end for that reason is fucking dumb. Either models will still make money.

                            3. In my opinion, the dude is pretty wrong, thinking he knows what the US market needs/wants. In my opinion, bringing over the new 3ds and replacing the 2ds would only boost sales. Most people who are in the market for the 2ds or the New 3ds l have probably already brought it right now, if not atleast by the end of the year.(Christmas season) Me, personally, I really want the smaller version. It would be cheaper, more portable, and honestly just looks nicer to me.

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                            5. NOA is absolutely clueless. They’ve seen the reception for the Amiibo which is based almost entirely on collectables and yet don’t think this would be received the same. So dumb. I bet more people would buy this as it fits in the pocket and you could collect faceplates.

                            6. Yeah, you made your best guess and your best guess ended up being wrong, so where is it then?
                              You can’t acknowledge 6 months worth of want, demand, and outcry, and then tell us no one ever wanted it. At Reggie told us never say never followed by a reassuring “stay tuned”. He seems to be the only one that actually wants to see everyone satisfied, everyone else just avoids the problem telling us we’re wrong and confused.

                            7. I can with almost 100% certainty tell you guys that we’ll be getting the smaller version by holiday this year. Reggie will also come out with a bullshit statement like; we do it for the fans. -_- I can’t wait till that piece of shit get fired.

                              1. More like “We tried to suck up as much money as possible with the XL version and then released the standard version as leftover scraps to suck up a bit more money.”

                              2. Hey. Hey, Scott Moffit. Hey.

                                Fuck you.

                                Fuck you, fuck Fils-Aimé, fuck Baker, fuck Trinen, and fuck everyone else at Nintendo of America who was part of the New 3DS “business decision.” You’re all a bunch of tools, you make incredibly lousy choices, and you should all be fired and replaced ASAP.

                                (P.S. – Fuck you.)

                                1. Only people with stretched assholes like you would want stretched pixels too. I want the standard N3DS, not because of stupid fucking faceplates, but because of the poor resolution. Also, because it has visually pleasing colored buttons and it is available in white– a much nicer color than matte black and whatever donkey color-matched ballsack red the XL comes in.

                                  Good, Nintendo. My wallet will continue to remain closed. I also won’t be purchasing another god damn game in the meantime as I still have nothing to play them on because of how cheaply built your shitty 3DS XL’s were.

                                  1. Cheaply built XL’s?

                                    I don’t recall the original or new XL’s being cheaply built whatsoever. I had my XL from the day of it’s release, all the way until the new XL’s release, where I passed it on to my younger brother, where it continues to work like a dream.

                                2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                  >>>Obviously this is just plain stupid not to release the normal version of it in the US territory considering more and more want it for some silly reasons and so on, I think that maybe they like doing this to the US Nintendite inhabitants since the majority of the crybabies and Tourettes infected cattle are from that area, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did all of these decisions just to watch you cry everywhere since it might amuse them just as much as it amuses me, of course it’s just a theory>>>

                                3. I am tired of getting screwed over with the EXTENSIVE list of things that we get excluded from including awesome games, special collectors edition systems, and now a BASIC FUCKING CHOICE to buy the regular sized New 3DS that EVERYONE ELSE GOT!!!
                                  I have small hands and it’s time to replace my original 3DS (which again we got screwed over with by them dropping the price 1 or 2 months later, AND the stupid two colors that were available at launch for us while other regions got a variety) and I have no desire to buy a New 3DS XL because of the fact I have small hands and don’t wish to have the pixels of my games stretched out.
                                  EVERYONE else got both so why do we always get the short end of the stick here in America? Scott Moffitt needs to fuck off and let someone else who will actually listen to the consumer base do the job of choosing what should be released. Clearly there has been a HUGE demand for the smaller original version (that we were told we would get last year) or else this topic wouldn’t keep coming up.
                                  Quit screwing us over in America, most of us won’t tolerate stuff like this for very long.

                                4. Why do people make such a big deal out of wanting the small new 3DS just because of the changeable face plates? You can buy 3DS XL covers on eBay with TONS of different designs. They’re cheaper made, and don’t work quite the same way (and break easy if you’re rough on the system). But they achieve the same results.

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                                6. Kinda sick of hearing this, kinda like your girlfriend constantly reminding you you won’t be having sex in the near future. WE GET IT!!!

                                7. Just fucking release it here, for fuck’s sake. I would have bought one already and at least three face plates. How did we not get this? How did the option not to bring it to America come up in the first place?

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