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Grab One Of These SEGA 3DS Classics On Sale For $2.99 In NA

If you are a SEGA fan living in North America then you are getting a steal — there are a slew of titles out on the Nintendo 3DS eShop going for $2.99.

These titles include:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
  • Space Harrier
  • Street of Rage
  • Echo the Dolphin
  • Altered Beast
  • Super Hang-On
  • Galaxy Force II

Which one will you be picking up?

24 thoughts on “Grab One Of These SEGA 3DS Classics On Sale For $2.99 In NA”

  1. I already got the sega genesis collection PSP on my Vita for 4$ this week and it has at least 4 of these. No 3D but w/e

  2. Nintendo Dark Jester Kooweek

    //The only SEGA I want is Ristar, and I see none, so you don’t get these €2.99 of mine

    1. Probably not, especially if you come from the West. Unless you like getting crappy Sonic games one after the other and what decent games they do have. They keep most of the time in Japan only. Yea…these reasons are pretty much why Sega only has old school gamers as fans who remember them in their limelight . Well they also have modern day sonic fans…but we don’t talk about them. *shudders*

      1. What are you talking about? Get your facts straight before saying prejudice crap like that. First off, there’s only a handful of Japan only Sonic games, most of which, are on the Sega Game Gear. Second off, Sonic games are still great! Main game wise, there’s only Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic ’06. Games like Secret Rings and Boom are spin-offs. Third off, blanket statements are NEVER right. Most of the Sonic fanbase are honestly the best fans ever! You only see them as bad because of the small percentage that’s very vocal about the franchise. When it comes to the good part, look at all the fan games, movies, animations, remixes, and mods!

        1. Actually my apologize after re-reading my comment I see where the misunderstanding stems from. I wasn’t saying that Sonic games where kept in Japan, I meant Sega keeps most of their other decent franchises in Japan. Not saying all of them of course but even then those games take a hell of a long time to localize for the most part. Still no word on, still no word on Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to the West. Which is bullshit if you personally ask me. Regarding Sonic games…mmm personally lets see. I think Generations is great, colors is good, lost worlds got off track, and thennnnnnn soinc boom. Just too many miss or hits with sonic, Pick a formally that works (aka Sonic Unleashed, Colors, and Generations) and just keep improving on it. Like that did with Generations too much experimenting with the Sonic franchise (Once again if you ask me personally.) Regarding the Sonic fanbase it was mostly a joke maybe in bad taste but a joke none the less. However personally after knowing some sonic fans…it’s just not a fanbase I would want to get involved with. No prejudice here mate just expressing the dislike that Sega thinks we Westerns only want Sonic over and over again…

          1. I see, sorry I acted that way, it’s because a lot of people genuinely believe that about the fanbase, and it bugs me to no end. I do agree Sega should release their other games, and maybe focus on other IP’s. It’s not good to put all your eggs in one basket.

            1. I would also like to point out I do have a sense of humor, when it’s obvious it’s a joke. A good example is I remember seeing a video “How to deal with a Sonic fan” I thought it was funny because it was pretty clear it was a joke.

              1. I totally understand mate, no reason to apologize. :) I can understand how frustrating it is to be apart of a fanbase that people see in a negative light. Personally as a mother fan, I HATE how many people think everyone in the Mother fanbase are “autistic.” I agree that putting all your eggs in one basket…is foolish at best, come on Sega! I will try my best to make any joke I make in the future obvious. Have a great day mate!

                (On a semi unrelated note, looking back at all the mistakes and typos I made in my response to you absolutely DISGUSTS me. I typed that response too fast. Please forgive me for all those typos and once again my apologize for offending you with my Sonic fanbase joke if I did. I meant no intended offense.)

            2. Streets Of Rage is such a ripoff of Capcom’s Final Fight. Even some of the enemies look the same. But Final Fight is superior in every way.

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