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Red Goddess: Inner World’s Cinematic Trailer Is Badass

In anticipation of the Kickstarted game’s launch on PlayStation 4 later this week, Yanim Studios has released a cinematic trailer for their multi-platform indie, Red Goddess: Inner World.

Red Goddess: Inner World is targeting a Wii U release window of Q1 2016 and revolves around a young goddess named Divine who is haunted by her own subconscious. Something unknown is tearing her apart from the inside out, destroying her mind and her soul. Deciding to right this wrong, she enters into her own subconscious and discovers a planet within her own mind. Filled with trees, mountains and caves, she will journey this world and discover what her true connection to it is. And more importantly, who she is. Check out the trailer below:

23 thoughts on “Red Goddess: Inner World’s Cinematic Trailer Is Badass”

        1. Good catch — I commented, re-read what I wrote, and then realized it didn’t match up completely! My bad :P

  1. At the end of the trailer it says “For the PS4 System” what a weird way to put it. Plus it’s also for the Wii U and other consoles.

  2. “Badass” may be overstating it. You should also be taking about the Wii U version not advertise the PS4

  3. Whoever did the sounds for this game should be fired. It sounds like she is walking on Doritos even though she is in a stone cav, and those punch noises are terrible.

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    By badass you mean it looks like it came from ass. You know like shit…..

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