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Nintendo And Platinum Explain Their Relationship On Star Fox Zero For Wii U

One of the announcements that pleased a number of fans at this year’s Nintendo E3 Digital Event was the fact that Platinum Game’s were developing the new Star Fox for Wii U, which is titled Star Fox Zero. Polygon managed to catch up with Nintendo EAD’s Yugo Hayashi and Yusuke Hashimoto from Platinum Games to find out just how the exciting collaboration came to be. Hayashi says that the team at Nintendo didn’t have enough resources to make the game, but they were certain that an acclaimed action studio such as Platinum Games would be a perfect fit for the title.

“Internally, we thought we maybe didn’t have enough resources to make it. So we started looking outside for a good fit.

“We already had some relationship with Platinum Games and in thinking about who would be be a good company to make a Star Fox game, obviously Platinum Games are very good at making action games, they’re very good at making games that are visually exciting. So we thought they would be a perfect fit.”

– EAD’s Yugo Hayashi

“When I was getting into the project it kind of started up for me as how do we use this to make stages that will be fun to play. How do we create extravagant, exciting situations. Basically, as the development has gone forward it has been the two teams passing it back and forth and talking about that kind of thing.”

“When you get to the boss and it switches to the target view and you have that kind of extravagant cinematic view, flying around the boss with a first-person view,” he said. “That was the first time I thought we were kind of getting at what I hoped to achieve with this project.”

“I think the reason for that is because it’s a cinematic scene, a cinematic effect, but you’re able to control it and create these kind of action moments while flying around in the way you attack.”

– Platinum Games, Yusuke Hashimoto

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29 thoughts on “Nintendo And Platinum Explain Their Relationship On Star Fox Zero For Wii U”

    1. It looks like a Starfox game, Starfox is NEVER a OMFG GRAPHIX game. Miyamoto said he is proud of the look and likes it the way it is, as do millions of other SF fans. Graphics are NOT IMPORTANT. Granted it will look more polished by release, but it’s not going to be delayed so they can help you graphic whores orgasm.

      1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

        Gamers aren’t graphics whores if they expect something better than GameCube graphics, which isn’t a joke. These are not up to par with what Platinum has done in games like Bayonetta.

          1. Starfox looks like shit. Plan and simple. I’m tired of people bitching when others don’t like the graphics. Let’s stop being fanboys and admit that when Nintendo fails on graphics, we like to always make this “graphics aren’t everything and you are a graphic whore…” Etc. Nintendo beat out Sega because of what? Graphics, sound, gameplay, games. Nintendo loses to other companies because Nintendo doesn’t have what? Graphics, sound, gameplay, games. No graphics, no games. No games, no gameplay. Let’s be honest, we respect the different route Nintendo takes with games but their system sucks and starfox is showing it.

          2. I like good gameplay ang graphics. The Wii U is capable of more and I paid full price for it. With your kind of attitude they may as well release it for the Gamecube.

            1. I can admire a games graphics, but if becomes the main issue then don’t buy the game. Just be happy star fox is back if this game does not sell because of it’s graphics, and not the gameplay, then Star Fox will be gone, and nintendo will have even more reason not to make Star Fox

            2. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

              Yeah sure WiiU is capable of more, but at what cost? Are you asking them to reduce framerate in order of achieving better graphics, i know i wouldnt.

              Have you seen w101, character models look like from Ps2 game and its because they cannot be too detailed or the game wouldnt run at 60fps because its so fast paced and action packed game. Same applies to StarFoxZero, im sure theres stages that have lots of enemy hordes coming at you and objects on screen etc. they have to keep the graphics lower to have this game at 60fps and dont bring up MK8 because its not nearly the samething as an spaceshooter that has screen full of flying objects.

                1. That was a big step for gaming, but if the game sucked it kinda would be just tech demo. I still play the two star fox games

                  1. “if the game sucked it kinda would be just tech demo”
                    Good luck it didn’t, then. The original Star Fox is every bit as good as SF64.
                    “I still play the two star fox games”
                    There’s five, not counting SF643D, Zero and Star Fox 2.

                    1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

                      This game will be awesome. And to those complaining about the length of the game, just fuck off. 2 Hours of gameplay until you reach the credits in the StarFox game is actually pretty long, considering that SF64 can be beaten under 1 hour. And playing to the credits has never been the point of StarFox games, its about improving your skill and beating high scores, collecting medals etc. stuff like that which makes REAL STARFOX.

                      Those who complain are probably the ones that never had a chance to play good StarFox games and instead played that shitty DinosaurPlanet re-skin or Command. In worst the ones complaining are Jrpg weaabos who think every game should have boring fetch quests and 300 hours worth of walking till you reach final boss and after that you will never play the game again, YES fuck off with the shitty anime Jrpgs. StarFox is so awesome that you actually replay it.

                      Sorry for the rant, had to get this stuff sorted out before those anime freaks come crying.

                      1. I sort of agree with you, I agree that StarFox is gonna be AWESOME, but I love big long RPGs GO XENOBLADE CHRONICLES X!!

                    2. I don’t want this game to be a disappointment. I hope it is fine tuned before release and sells decently and is received well enough to warrant a sequel.

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                    4. So that confirms that Platinum and Nintendo are on good terms? I hope this mean that Kamiya thinks about making that Murasame Castle reboot in the future.

                      1. Or any future Bayonetta titles on Nintendo platforms.

                        I just finished playing the first Bayonetta on the Wii U, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s one of the greatest games I’ve ever played.

                        1. Bayonetta 3 is something I wouldn’t mind either, but we don’t know if the 2nd game’s director would reprise his role. It would be a miracle if Kamiya gets to take the helm for the second time since the first is a masterpiece (thought the second isn’t that far away from it either).

                      2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                        With all this talk about the cinematic feel of the gameplay, I hope they are also taking a cinematic route with the game’s story for once. And that includes the story being longer as you travel to every single location in the game instead of one straightforward path. Star Fox 64 is great if you like arcade style games and I enjoyed Star Fox 64 for what it was, but I’d be lying if I denied the fact I would have loved it if the story was longer & allowed me to travel to every location in the Lylat System. But with Miyamoto being involved, I should really keep my expectations for the story to a bare minimum as he’s old school & thinks story should take a back seat to gameplay as it’s not a necessity.

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