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Nintendo’s Bill Trinen Will Be Participating In Evo 2015 In The Smash Bros Wii U Tournament

It’s true, Nintendo’s very own Bill Trinen will be competing this year at EVO 2015. Trinen tweeted confirmation that he would be participating in the Super Smash Bros Wii U tournament. The EVO 2015 event kicks off on July 17th and ends on July 19th. There’s going to be plenty of games played, and more importantly, plenty of fearsome competitors. It should be a good show this year.

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31 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Bill Trinen Will Be Participating In Evo 2015 In The Smash Bros Wii U Tournament”

  1. Trinen actually isn’t that bad at Smash. However, there’s no way he’ll win. He doesn’t play 40 hours a week like it’s a job.

  2. I would love to see him kick serious ass in this, but I doubt it. At the least he’ll do better than Reggie.

  3. “Plenty of fearsome competitors”

    If ZeRo or a melee veteran doesn’t win I’ll eat my hat (symbolicly).

  4. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>As long as Supreme Ambassador Trinen can jump back into the stage when smashed out then he’ll do better than Lord Reggienator>>>

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  6. Bill is actually pretty bomb with Rosalina and Duck Hunt. I’ve seen him take on other competitors, so I wouldn’t write him off yet.

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