An Earthbound Arcade Cabinet Exists — Where Can You Play It?

Earthbound is a cult classic, mixing excellent RPG gameplay with a purely nostalgic 90s-Americana style. So how better to evoke that latter feeling than by being able to play it on an arcade machine? Thanks to Camp Fangamer, that option is now a reality — running on a ROM hack that randomizes everything in the game (be it enemy names, items, or NPC sprites), the cabinet game (seen below) plays more like a roguelite RPG. Most importantly, the only way you can play the cabinet is at Camp Fangamer on Jul 18-19 in Tucson, Arizona — all proceeds will be going to charity.



    1. However, THIS is a clear error on my part — fixed as per your suggestion, thanks for the edit!

  1. Why would you want to play it on an arcade cabinet? It’s not like you can just play through the game in 20 minutes.

  2. I would love to have one of these in my home… what a fun way to personally play the game.

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